Rain got hitched.

…and he got hitched in the most unexpected way.

After years of having marriage rumors once every quarter, Rain and Kim Tae Hee finally got married.

You’d think I’d be depressed about it. Nope. :smile: In fact, once I learned about the confirmed marriage announcement, I found myself screaming, “FINALLY!” :clap: I guess the wedding-rumors-once-every-quarter had prepared me for the inevitable. I finally have closure from THAT era in my life when I was once a delusional shipper of a loveteam.

Hey, not that I’m regretting that era. For one thing, said era led to the birth of my monicker AGENT P and this blog being famous – or infamous, depending on which side are you on – in the Rain fandom. (In the Alden fandom, too, albeit for entirely different reasons.) It is also from that era where I learned the hard way never to get too personal when you ship a showbiz tandem. It will hurt like hell if your ship ends up sinking. :neutral:

Anyway, I’m just happy that the wedding was held in Church rites instead of something secular. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s just that I am Catholic and I’m happy to see someone who used to declare that he doesn’t believe in God having one of the most important milestones in his life in the presence of God. For that alone, I thank Kim Tae Hee. :smile:

Congratulations and best wishes to the newly wedded couple!




When we first saw Song Hye Kyo attending – and eventually winning the Daesang at – the 2nd APAN Star Awards, most people had the impression that she looked like a blushing bride with her gorgeous gown.

Thanks to Dispatch and the translated article by Songhyegyo.net, we learn that the gown is, indeed, a bridal gown. To be exact, it’s part of the 2014 Bridal Collection of British designer Jenny Packham.

In a way, we’re getting a preview of what Song Hye Kyo would look like on her wedding day, whenever it will be. :smile:

She certainly looks like she’s walking down the aisle on this photo, doesn’t she?


All eyes and gadgets on her!


(image credits: Dispatch, Naver search)