Manang and me.

Second blog entry in a row. And there’s a third one coming up. I’m on a writing mood and I’m taking advantage of it. :hihihi:

I’ve just finished watching Dear Uge: Manang and Me featuring Alden Richards, Odette Khan and Lloyd Samartino. This episode basically proves two things: (1) that Alden Richards is quite capable at being effective in comedy, and I’m going to be fair here and say that his being part of Eat… Bulaga! and Kalyeserye played a huge role for that; and (2) Alden Richards has chemistry with EVERYONE he is paired with, and that includes Odette Khan. (And Eugene Domingo, too, even if they only had one short scene together.) I just love seeing him and Ms. Odette together onscreen. I’m not sure if they’re close in real life, but they truly made the relationship between the Brian and Manang characters very believable. That last part where ‘Manang’ made a surprise appearance for ‘Brian’ and they were hugging as if they truly missed each other? That was just lovely. :drool:

I wish for Alden and Ms. Odette to have a another project together, preferably something longer like a movie or drama.


My Korean Jagiya.

I’ve been out of touch with anything Korean these days. To be quite honest, I never expected that the one who would push me back towards it is this guy.

A bit of back story: since I’m more in touch with local entertainment these days – Kapuso Network, to be exact – I’ve been hearing a lot about this breakthrough Phil-Kor production called My Korean Jagiya, starring Heart Evangelista-Escudero. The network has been hinting that Heart’s leading man is a Korean idol, and people have been guessing who this idol will be. The two most popular guesses are Lee Joon (I don’t know why?) and Alexander Eusebio (because UKISS, and he’s been here many times before both with the group and as a solo artist). Yesterday, the network has made a formal announcement and yep, it’s him! Alexander Lee (Eusebio)!

Those who have been reading this blog before the Alden era would know that I have been extensively following Xander since the UKISS days. I have a long history with this guy. It is but natural that I will be following his new journey as an actor in a Philippine-made drama. I’m already excited about My Korean Jagiya, and knowing that Xander is the male lead made me anticipate it even more. :thumbup: Congrats, Xander, and welcome back to the Philippines! And advanced Happy Birthday, too!


Finally: Descendants of the Sun.

I don’t need to put a **SPOILER ALERT** on this, right? Since I think I’m the only one on my side of the fandom who hasn’t seen DoTS until now? :oops:

Thanks to the four-day weekend and the fact that I’ve finished all my reports, I finally found the time to watch Descendants of the Sun in its entirety. I’ve seen it here and there when my niece watched it, but this is the only time I managed to sit down and watch it religiously.

Since everyone has seen it and I’m very late, I’ll just do my usual bulleted list of random comments.

1. The production values are definitely top-notch. :thumbup: They didn’t scrimp on the budget for this, and it showed. The cinematography, production design, even the camera angles were well-thought out.

2. The story is actually quite simple if you remove the disaster/military conflict aspects of it. It’s just couples bickering here and there, as normal couples would. The fact that the characters involved have complicated jobs allowed the story to move to 16 episodes. Having said that, I think the simplicity of the plot and its execution are the ones that lured the audience hook, line and sinker. The script was very relatable; they spoke like they’re normal people, just like the rest of us.

3. Song Hye Kyo has definitely cemented her mark as a prolific actress on this drama. I love that the Kang Mo Yeon character has a strong personality. She’s not a damsel in distress. SHK has truly moved on from her old characters where she’s always weak and helpless. All of her roles since Full House are that of a strong woman, and she definitely has the chops to pull them off.

Some of my favorite scenes in the drama are those of Dr. Kang trying to control her emotions because she is in the middle of a situation where she cannot afford to break down. There’s this one scene during the earthquake rescue where all her facial muscles moved as she was on the brink of tears but she tried to control them. It’s very raw and natural, as if she really was in distress. And then that other scene when she finally broke down after she finished attending to all those patients. Hye Kyo was able to convey the grief that she kept all along in the most heart-wrenching way.

4. I know you’re all waiting for me to comment on Song Joong Ki. :hihihi: First of all, I get it. I get that his charm was like, level 100000000 on this drama, reminiscent of Full House‘s Lee Young Jae. I still think he’s too pretty, though, so I didn’t fancy him that much. I fancied Jin Goo more.

I must commend him for his delivery of English lines. It’s not perfect, particularly on the delivery (it could’ve been more natural), but at least we didn’t need subtitles and he didn’t sound like Donald Duck. I didn’t cringe at all. :clap: He’s not a native speaker, but I’m not surprised that he has that skill because I am aware that SJK is one of those Korean actors who not only has high IQ scores but is also street smart. His Running Man stint showed me that.

5. Truthfully, the one couple that I liked most on DoTS were the old doctor and the nurse. They’re so cute. :drool:

6. Is it just me, or Kim Ji Won has a strong resemblance to the-princess-that-must-not-be-named?

7. To sum up, I understood why this drama is a hit. I’m not sure, though, if it will warrant a repeat-viewing from me. It did suffer the K-Drama Fatigue on me because everyone has demanded that I see it, so I kinda expected a little bit too much. To be fair, it’s one of those dramas where I can actually recite scenes and dialog even if I’ve only seen it once. It’s like a pop song that will stick to your ear whether you like it or not.

8. PS: I know people will bomb me for saying this. Nope, I didn’t feel any electricity between the leads. They’re more like best buds to me. Yep, feel free to throw stones at me now.


Baliw-baliwan mode.

Random conversations with myself, because Saturday was… eventful. :err:


– My gulay this first few minutes of Imagine You and Me – The Journey, recapping the history of AlDub. The feels! One year na pala talaga akong unproductive. :lmao:

Tamang Panahon! A moment I will never forget. 12,000 steps ba naman ang nilakad ko tapos kendi lang ang breakfast at lunch ko. Jusko.

Ayun ako oh! Dun, sa tabi ng second stage. Hindi lang nakita sa camera. hahaha #baliwbaliwan

– Seriously, though. That day was simply amazing.

– Wait lang. Alden is sporting the unshaven look. And he’s wearing blue. #TeamAlembong Himatey. :stretcher:

– I love how Direk Mike has acknowledged his actors’ strengths, especially Alden’s. One of the things I’m looking forward to with Imagine You And Me is seeing Alden do an acting piece again. It’s been a while, you know.

– May I just say, ang ganda ng rehistro ni Alden talaga sa movie ha!

– Good call on Kakai and Cai, Direk Mike. I love them both.

– My gaaad Como is so beautiful. :drool: Kelan kaya ako makakarating dun. Iponing muna! Kaso pano mag-iipon kung may fangirl duties? :cry:

Lupit talaga ng Team Abroad. :arrow: And I love how their efforts were rewarded. Hindi sila na-hopia kahit merong ilan sa kanila inattempt iligaw ng ilan. :kilay: Unlike dito. Naturingang nandito na lang nga ang AlDub, hirap pa rin ang karamihan na makita sila at malapitan. Oo, humahanash ako. Bakit ba, blog ko ‘to and I’m conversing with myself. Nakikibasa lang kayo. Cheret. :P

Jusko ang kilig ko. Hindi pa pala nawawala. :drool:

– “Si Alden ang naglinis ng kuwarto niya…” Ang OC lang. :lol:

– I love how not only did Direk Mike made them laglag. He also testified to the gentleman that is Richard Faulkerson, Jr. :clap: Ano na nga yung humanash nung isang araw porke’t may isang picture na si Maine ang may hawak ng payong sa halip na si RJ? Eh sa mas malupit na gentleman si RJ pag in private at hindi for show lang, bakit ba? Mas marunong pa kayo kay Menggay. :nono:

– (This one, I Tweeted) “Hindi ko sya ginamitan ng utak… kusa syang lumalabas galing sa puso…” Meanwhile, yung katabi nya ngingiti-ngiti na may meaning, ganern. :naughty:

– Who was that person(s) who said, “it could be any random cute guy na naupo sa Broadway, sisikat pa rin pag napartner kay Yaya Dub”? Ayan oh, si Yaya Dub na rin ang nagsabi. Crush nya si Alden kaya nag-react sya ng ganon, at hindi ganon ang magiging reaction kung hindi nya crush yung guy. Any Random Cute Guy nga pero di naman crush ni Maine, wala lang yun noh. Alden just happened to fit that bill. And the rest, as they say, is phenomenal history.

– Aah. Memories of Team Hagdan. Pero parang ano… yun. #ibettershutup :shutup:

Yung pagkatapos ipagbalibagan si Maine sa prod number, saka sya nalaglag nung mag-isa na lang syang bumababa sa hagdan. :hihihi: Meanwhile, people on Twitter were like, “akala ko tatakbo rin si Alden… tapos sabay silang madadapa.” :lmao: The Nation knows these two so well.

Sana may first anniversary celebration rin para kay Lola Nidora.

Mabuti naman at natutunan na ni Maine na iwasang mag-wacky face during prod numbers. :thumbup: Although apparently, most people like it that way. Ako lang ata ang may ayaw. :razz: Anyway, it’s just my view that at some point, Maine will have to prove that she’s more than just the wacky faces that she makes, which I also think was the point of her mini-concert yesterday. Kaya natuwa ako na wala na yung random wacky faces n’ya.

Teka, bakit ba ako nagpapaliwanag eh random thoughts ko ‘to.

Uhm… teka ha. I know it’s Maine’s anniversary special and all that, pero sana… SANA. People would keep in mind that the one that trended was ALDUB. Not just Dub. :scholar: Para kasing ano eh… afterthought lang si Al. :shutup: Wag ganun. That’s not fair.

– Parang biglang naawa naman ako ng bongga kay RJ. #SakoMe #wagkayonghumanashfeelingskoto #walangpakealamananngfeelings

– Buti na lang mukhang masaya naman sila in real life. :hihihi: :thumbup: Mas importante naman yun kesa sa mga hanash ng mga bitchesang netizen na katulad ko.


Team Kaladkarin, again.

Sunday has officially become my Kaladkarin Day.

I reached home from spending the entire Saturday at Alden International’s first charity project/Concha’s date at around 1:00am-ish, Sunday morning. You can say that I was dead tired and sorely lacking in sleep.

Around 9:00am, I woke up and checked my phone. I got two messages: one from our founder and the other from the Team Leader of Team San Diego, CA, telling me that I should be at Sunday Pinasaya that morning to accompany our guests from Team California as they don’t know what to do.

The thing is, I really was supposed to be at SPS along with Team NCR, but we were all dead tired from the activities of the previous day not to mention that it’s Father’s Day. We all decided to skip it. (Seriously, though, who in his right mind would refuse the opportunity to watch Sunday Pinasaya live at the studio? My fan club is weird, really. :hihihi: ) I totally forgot about Team Cali.

I could’ve just said that I can’t go, right? Since I woke up late and everything. But NOOOoooo…! I’m a true-blue, certified Kaladkarin! :lmao:

I took a very, very quick shower, wore the first shirt and jeans that I pulled out from my closet, stuffed Blackie Lou (batteries of which were fully charged, thank goodness) in my bag and literally ran out of the house. I reached GMA Studio 7 at around 10:30am, just as they were letting people inside the gates. *whew!*

When we were finally let inside the studio, there was some confusion as to where exactly are we going to be seated. At first, we were asked to go up the second floor with the rest of the walk-ins :kilay: which was perfectly fine with me even if we’re not exactly walk-ins. You can sit me at the roof for all I care, I have zoom lens. :evil: But we were told to go back down again. Long story short, we ended up here:


Check out my literal ‘woke up like this’ look. :rotflmao: I even forgot to put on some lipstick. Just when I was not camera-ready, I got front seats. :wall:


So anyway… this is one of my better – no, AWESOME – Sunday Pinasaya stints, for a number of reasons. The prime reason being something I, unfortunately, cannot openly talk about because one blog mistake is enough, thank you very much. :blink: Here’s another reason.

(c) Agent P

I was floored at how thin Ai Ai Delas Alas has become since the last time I saw her (and that was just what… a little over a month ago?). Since I was seated too near the stage, I was able to tell Ms. Ai during commercial break just before the Star Buzz segment, “Miss Ai, ang payat mo!” :shock:

That one remark led to Ms. Ai Ai Delas Alas extensively discussing her diet with us (by ‘us’, I mean me and my companions). Even if she was interrupted by the writer or FD from time to time to give her some last minute instructions, she would resume her chit-chat. This went on until the FD made the countdown to resume broadcast.

Honestly, never in my wildest dreams did I envision myself talking casually to someone like Ai Ai Delas Alas and the topic is about losing weight. :hihihi:


The problem with being too near the SPS stage is that sometimes, the cameramen gets in the way.

I barely was able to take photos during Alden’s Chef Boy Next Door segment because (1) it was Jerald Napoles who was facing my way for the most part (not that I mind taking photos of Je); and (2) this:

(c) Agent P

AARGH!!! :aargh:

But I’m persistent. I will not let this be a setback. I figured, since he’s blocking me, I wouldn’t have to take photos by stealth. It’s like what happened two weeks ago when I had a built-in hiding place. :hihihi: But other than that, who would’ve thought that the cables and the cameraman’s LEGS could be used as a nice framing device? :grin:

(c) Agent P(c) Agent P(c) Agent P(c) Agent P(c) Agent P(c) Agent P

P is for para-paraan. :thumbup: