Alden at 27 – Sunday Pinasaya.

Here’s another #latepost. :oops:

If the Eat…Bulaga! gig was last minute, this one was VERY last minute. :hihihi: Without a confirmed slot, we decided to take our chances at Sunday Pinasaya the night before. I got there at the studio around 11:00am (the show is at 12:00nn). My friend did not arrive until 12:30. Thankfully, we were let in even if we’re late and didn’t have any tickets nor reservations. We almost missed the opening number, though.
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Team Kaladkarin, again.

Sunday has officially become my Kaladkarin Day.

I reached home from spending the entire Saturday at Alden International’s first charity project/Concha’s date at around 1:00am-ish, Sunday morning. You can say that I was dead tired and sorely lacking in sleep.

Around 9:00am, I woke up and checked my phone. I got two messages: one from our founder and the other from the Team Leader of Team San Diego, CA, telling me that I should be at Sunday Pinasaya that morning to accompany our guests from Team California as they don’t know what to do.

The thing is, I really was supposed to be at SPS along with Team NCR, but we were all dead tired from the activities of the previous day not to mention that it’s Father’s Day. We all decided to skip it. (Seriously, though, who in his right mind would refuse the opportunity to watch Sunday Pinasaya live at the studio? My fan club is weird, really. :hihihi: ) I totally forgot about Team Cali.

I could’ve just said that I can’t go, right? Since I woke up late and everything. But NOOOoooo…! I’m a true-blue, certified Kaladkarin! :lmao:

I took a very, very quick shower, wore the first shirt and jeans that I pulled out from my closet, stuffed Blackie Lou (batteries of which were fully charged, thank goodness) in my bag and literally ran out of the house. I reached GMA Studio 7 at around 10:30am, just as they were letting people inside the gates. *whew!*

When we were finally let inside the studio, there was some confusion as to where exactly are we going to be seated. At first, we were asked to go up the second floor with the rest of the walk-ins :kilay: which was perfectly fine with me even if we’re not exactly walk-ins. You can sit me at the roof for all I care, I have zoom lens. :evil: But we were told to go back down again. Long story short, we ended up here:


Check out my literal ‘woke up like this’ look. :rotflmao: I even forgot to put on some lipstick. Just when I was not camera-ready, I got front seats. :wall:


So anyway… this is one of my better – no, AWESOME – Sunday Pinasaya stints, for a number of reasons. The prime reason being something I, unfortunately, cannot openly talk about because one blog mistake is enough, thank you very much. :blink: Here’s another reason.

(c) Agent P

I was floored at how thin Ai Ai Delas Alas has become since the last time I saw her (and that was just what… a little over a month ago?). Since I was seated too near the stage, I was able to tell Ms. Ai during commercial break just before the Star Buzz segment, “Miss Ai, ang payat mo!” :shock:

That one remark led to Ms. Ai Ai Delas Alas extensively discussing her diet with us (by ‘us’, I mean me and my companions). Even if she was interrupted by the writer or FD from time to time to give her some last minute instructions, she would resume her chit-chat. This went on until the FD made the countdown to resume broadcast.

Honestly, never in my wildest dreams did I envision myself talking casually to someone like Ai Ai Delas Alas and the topic is about losing weight. :hihihi:


The problem with being too near the SPS stage is that sometimes, the cameramen gets in the way.

I barely was able to take photos during Alden’s Chef Boy Next Door segment because (1) it was Jerald Napoles who was facing my way for the most part (not that I mind taking photos of Je); and (2) this:

(c) Agent P

AARGH!!! :aargh:

But I’m persistent. I will not let this be a setback. I figured, since he’s blocking me, I wouldn’t have to take photos by stealth. It’s like what happened two weeks ago when I had a built-in hiding place. :hihihi: But other than that, who would’ve thought that the cables and the cameraman’s LEGS could be used as a nice framing device? :grin:

(c) Agent P(c) Agent P(c) Agent P(c) Agent P(c) Agent P(c) Agent P

P is for para-paraan. :thumbup:


The ‘P’ in Agent P…

Yesterday, I was at Sunday Pinasaya on short notice. I’ve been watching this show at the studio on a semi-regular basis and has had some pretty amusing experiences, but yesterday was one for the books.

Under totally unexpected circumstances, I ended up being seated here:


To illustrate more clearly (something that I seem to be consciously doing since… you know), here’s a wide shot, courtesy of Manilyn of Alden International:


I was the one on front row center, right inside that square in the middle of the extension stage.

However, the ones who were really supposed to sit on the first row did not show up, so they called on other people to fill those seats. And for whatever reason, the seats directly in front of me were taken by two… erm… not-so-small people. My super-perfect view turned into this:


You’d think I’d be pissed off, yes? No.

Trivia: The P in Agent P stands for many things; one of which is PAPARAZZI.

No, not really. :lmao:

Seriously, though. You’d think this small set-back will affect me in a negative way, but noooo…! I have Blackie Lou, and it has never failed me. Years of doing concert photography – and we’re talking Rock and K-pop – has trained me to make do with whatever situation I have, no matter how much it sucks. Thus, despite that set-back, I was able to take pics like this:

(c) AgentP

…and this:

(c) AgentP

…and the ones I’ve already posted (and will be posting) on Instagram. At some point, my lens being sandwiched between two shoulders even made for a nice framing device.

(c) AgentP

P is for Para-paraan. :naughty:

Also, since taking footage while the show is on-air is actually prohibited (there goes another meaning for the P in Agent P: pasaway), being covered by two big guys became an advantage for me as I was able to take lots of photos by stealth. :naughty:

Therefore, to whoever had that bright idea of letting them sit in front of me: thanks so much! :hihihi:


What happened two weeks ago…

Two weeks ago, I hinted about a history-making event that I cannot write about at the time because we were told not to. (And then Daddy Bae spoiled everything by Tweeting about it the very next day. :boinkself: ) It’s not really the award, per se, that I considered to be history-making. It’s this part:

(Re-uploaded from AlDub Pilipinas’ Tweet, because embedding of Twitter videos does not work on my blog platform.)

It might not sound or look particularly special now because Alden has been constantly mentioning his other fan clubs (or using “fans and supporters” to address his fans; see: his 24 Oras interview at Ynares Stadium) whenever he gets the chance. This particular moment, filmed two weeks ago at Sunday PinaSaya, was technically the first time he mentioned other fan clubs aside from ALDENatics and AlDub Nation (and he even went the extra mile by thanking Maine’s fan club :hihihi: ). Boy, you can bet that we were ecstatic to have personally witnessed this pivotal moment in the Alden Richards fandom.


Trust Agent P to be caught on cam with her on her cam. Again. :hihihi: By the way, Kuya Cameraman, sabi mo tarp lang ang naka-focus. Parang hindi naman? :kilay: :grin:


Anyway… congratulations again, Alden. You can bet that we, your fans and supporters, will always have your back no matter what. :thumbup:


On a totally random thought…

Could somebody please stop my finger from pressing that REPLAY button of Maine’s Surprise! and Bora Escapade videos? Laspag na laspag na sa akin eh.