Hye Kyo got hitched.

The world-famous SongSong Couple – Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki – got married today in what was supposed to be a private ceremony in Seoul. The amount of paparazzi footage is dizzying, to say the least, but what can they do? Everybody wants to witness what is touted to be the Wedding of the Century in South Korean entertainment. Fans are just thankful that they got more than just a glimpse of this monumental event.

As for me, this marks the other bookend of my journey as a once-upon-a-time believer of the BiKyo couple. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, it’s kinda amusing that my closure for this loveteam came on the same year, 2017. I can now close that chapter in my life as a fangirl in peace. :smile:

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! :clap:

(Image credits: Official wedding photos from Blossom Entertainment)


Song-Song is real, y’all.

Do I still need to put a link on this? The news is everywhere. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are getting married this October. :clap:

And my poor BiKyo heart doesn’t feel bad at all. :hihihi: I mean, I’ve already made my peace when Rain got married early this year. Having Hye Kyo married, too – and to a man I “approve” of, no less (duh, as if they need the fans’ approval :lol: ) – is just the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Yeah, yeah, I do seem to remember that in my review of Descendants of the Sun, I mentioned that I only got buddy vibes from SJK and SHK. I guess it’s because I was on cautious mode then, having been badly burned by BiKyo. I tried my very best never to ship any onscreen couple since then. Yes, that includes AlDub, for which I am thankful now that I didn’t fully immerse myself in that pairing. I would’ve been a total nutter by now if I did.

Anyway, I digress.

Because practically all of my BiKyo friends have become KiKyo shippers after DoTS, I’ve been constantly updated with the latest happenings on Song-Song behind the scenes even if I’ve been out of touch with Korean entertainment these past two years. I should say that today’s big news came to no surprise to me when it broke this morning. We’ve been monitoring the events since the Bali issue and we sorta have seen it coming. We just didn’t expect it to be this abrupt.

It’s just so amusing that Rain and Hye Kyo had to get married (to different people) on the same year. Way to bookend the BiKyo Journey, guys. :thumbup:

Congratulations and best wishes to the most beautiful couple I’ve ever seen. :dream:


Finally: Descendants of the Sun.

I don’t need to put a **SPOILER ALERT** on this, right? Since I think I’m the only one on my side of the fandom who hasn’t seen DoTS until now? :oops:

Thanks to the four-day weekend and the fact that I’ve finished all my reports, I finally found the time to watch Descendants of the Sun in its entirety. I’ve seen it here and there when my niece watched it, but this is the only time I managed to sit down and watch it religiously.

Since everyone has seen it and I’m very late, I’ll just do my usual bulleted list of random comments.

1. The production values are definitely top-notch. :thumbup: They didn’t scrimp on the budget for this, and it showed. The cinematography, production design, even the camera angles were well-thought out.

2. The story is actually quite simple if you remove the disaster/military conflict aspects of it. It’s just couples bickering here and there, as normal couples would. The fact that the characters involved have complicated jobs allowed the story to move to 16 episodes. Having said that, I think the simplicity of the plot and its execution are the ones that lured the audience hook, line and sinker. The script was very relatable; they spoke like they’re normal people, just like the rest of us.

3. Song Hye Kyo has definitely cemented her mark as a prolific actress on this drama. I love that the Kang Mo Yeon character has a strong personality. She’s not a damsel in distress. SHK has truly moved on from her old characters where she’s always weak and helpless. All of her roles since Full House are that of a strong woman, and she definitely has the chops to pull them off.

Some of my favorite scenes in the drama are those of Dr. Kang trying to control her emotions because she is in the middle of a situation where she cannot afford to break down. There’s this one scene during the earthquake rescue where all her facial muscles moved as she was on the brink of tears but she tried to control them. It’s very raw and natural, as if she really was in distress. And then that other scene when she finally broke down after she finished attending to all those patients. Hye Kyo was able to convey the grief that she kept all along in the most heart-wrenching way.

4. I know you’re all waiting for me to comment on Song Joong Ki. :hihihi: First of all, I get it. I get that his charm was like, level 100000000 on this drama, reminiscent of Full House‘s Lee Young Jae. I still think he’s too pretty, though, so I didn’t fancy him that much. I fancied Jin Goo more.

I must commend him for his delivery of English lines. It’s not perfect, particularly on the delivery (it could’ve been more natural), but at least we didn’t need subtitles and he didn’t sound like Donald Duck. I didn’t cringe at all. :clap: He’s not a native speaker, but I’m not surprised that he has that skill because I am aware that SJK is one of those Korean actors who not only has high IQ scores but is also street smart. His Running Man stint showed me that.

5. Truthfully, the one couple that I liked most on DoTS were the old doctor and the nurse. They’re so cute. :drool:

6. Is it just me, or Kim Ji Won has a strong resemblance to the-princess-that-must-not-be-named?

7. To sum up, I understood why this drama is a hit. I’m not sure, though, if it will warrant a repeat-viewing from me. It did suffer the K-Drama Fatigue on me because everyone has demanded that I see it, so I kinda expected a little bit too much. To be fair, it’s one of those dramas where I can actually recite scenes and dialog even if I’ve only seen it once. It’s like a pop song that will stick to your ear whether you like it or not.

8. PS: I know people will bomb me for saying this. Nope, I didn’t feel any electricity between the leads. They’re more like best buds to me. Yep, feel free to throw stones at me now.


Random Thoughts No. 88.

Warning: There’s a quite a bit of #DelusionalAgentP in here.

In the midst of rushing to meet my work deadlines, ignoring my niece who’s doing a marathon of Descendants of the Sun in the same room, and eating a bowl of lugaw with the works (tokwa, baboy, lumpia at itlog), I had some random thoughts. I don’t know why those random thoughts just popped in my head while I was busy carving meat off a pig’s cheeks, but they just did.

1. Rain trying to hide while dating his publicly-known girlfriend vs. Song Hye Kyo proudly posting photos of her friendly gatherings with people like Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki on her own Instagram only cements our past suspicions that it was Rain who didn’t want to reveal his real relationship with Hye Kyo to the public. He’s still hiding, and she is not. Yes, I still believe that they were in a relationship. Remember which blog you are in.

2. Hye Kyo has been open about meeting up with the guys she works or worked with, but can anyone recall if she had at least openly talked about her personal relationship with Hyun Bin before? :think: Because right now, I don’t remember anything of that sort. This also cements my belief that H2 wasn’t – isn’t – real. She never hid her relationship with Lee Byung Hun in the past, didn’t she?

3. Someone might point out that Hye Kyo also hid relationship (whatever it was) with Rain, therefore, BiKyo wasn’t real, neither. My response to that is: See (1). Also, she eventually revealed through interviews that she met up with Rain from time to time. She never had that sort of thing with Hyun Bin.

4. I haven’t really watched DoTS yet because I’m already late with my reports (to those people who tell me to ditch my reports in favor of DoTS: how about YOU finish my reports for me so that I can watch DoTS? :nono: Wag kayong ano). From what I’ve seen, so far, I seem to be more drawn towards Jin Goo instead of Song Joong Ki. As I’ve said before, I find SJK to be too pretty for my tastes.

5. For some reason, whenever Song Joong Ki smirks or does something cute on DoTS, I see Alden, the Kalyeserye character. It’s either I can see that Alden Richards is capable of portraying SJK’s DoTS character, or a sign that I have overdosed on Alden that I see him in almost everything.


This has got to be the randomest Random Thoughts entry, ever.


Random Thoughts No. 87.

Trying to sleep, but I can’t. So I’ll just unload some thoughts that have been running in my head lately.


I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, or has been affected by this. Maybe it’s just me. :hihihi:

I had difficulty accessing my blog a few days ago. I got a 508 Error: “Resource Limit is Reached.” To put it simply, it means there were too many visitors logging in at the same time and all available resources have been used up. Even I, the administrator, cannot access my own blog.

I’m pretty sure that my blog isn’t popular enough for all bandwidth to be occupied. According to my server’s admin panel, I haven’t even used up 10% of my bandwidth allocation. The only part that was completely used up was the ‘entry processes’, which I have no idea of (I’m admittedly still uninformed when it comes to highly technical terms) so I gave in and sought the help of my webhost’s tech support.

Fortunately, tech support was quick to take action. As soon as I submitted the support ticket, they checked on it, found what’s causing the error, and immediately solved it. They said it was a ‘brute force attack’, ie., a particular IP address was hitting on the same page repeatedly using multiple scripts and whatnot. The page? My blog’s log in page. :nono:

In short, someone has been attempting to hack into my blog.

You know what? This blog has been online for 11 years. I’m very sure that despite my current subjects being online super-sensations, the peak of its activity was not now but during the height of my BiKyo obsession. I had so many haters and bashers during that time, to the point that some of them even sent me death threats and stuff. But NEVER has there ever been any attempt to hack my blog.

I don’t want to think that my current fandom has something to do with it. But because of that recent ‘incident’ that involves that fandom, I couldn’t help but wonder. ‘Wag nga raw i-under-estimate eh.


I’ve always believed that Agent P is not popular nor influential. Not popular nor influential enough to be sent freebies nor invited to events like blog cons, anyway. :phew: Sus, re-posts of my posts on Twitter and Instagram get more ‘likes’ and RTs than my own. :rolleyes: And the chronic re-posters are the ones being credited (yung iba ‘copyright’ pa talaga ang nilalagay kahit hindi naman sa kanila talaga ang rights) and are getting the freebies and passes/invites. Asan naman ang hustisya doon, diba.

Sorry, bitter lang. hahaha!

Therefore, I was really surprised that people from the K-entertainment world have been asking me – some are even begging me – to comment on the Song-Song couple from Descendants of the Sun, particularly my views on this topic: Are they dating in real life?

Since when have I ever been the authority when it comes to Song Hye Kyo’s personal life? :shrug:


I was even told that my name – that is, Agent P – was mentioned on the Song-Song Couple thread when they were comparing this couple to BiKyo. And I’m like… huh????? I’m just here, sitting quietly and fangirling on other celebrities who are not even Korean. Why bring my name up? :?:

Does that explain why there’s an influx of visitors on my blog whose search string is ‘Song Hye Kyo’?


Now that I think about it: this blog has gone into (near) trouble with AlDub Nation because of an entry that had an impression that it touched on the personal lives of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. I never claimed that I am an authority when it comes to their personal affairs, but some people thought so and the gullible ones with no reading comprehension skills whatsoever bought it hook, line and sinker.

Am I really that credible when it comes to couple rumors? :lmao: That’s just hilarious. And sad, too. Ganon pala ka-chismosa ang tingin ng tao sa akin. :sad: :lol:


To address that DoTS topic:

1. Until this very moment, I (a) haven’t seen Descendants of the Sun; (b) do not have any plans of watching it right now because (a.1) I haven’t met up with my usual K-drama source; (a.2) my internet connection cannot handle streaming; (a.3) I have no time, although it can be argued that I can always make time if I want to; and (a.4) I’m not quite into K-drama mood yet.

2. I’ve written about this so many times before: I’m the type of person who has this tendency not to like any show that has become too popular to the point that everyone has been egging me to watch it. I call it Meteor Garden Sickness. DoTS is currently suffering that syndrome on me. Because everyone is saying that I will love it, all the more that I am not liking it even if I haven’t seen it. Sorry, I’m just childish that way.

3. Song Joong Ki is too pretty for my taste. Therefore, I don’t think I’ll love him the way I loved Rain in Full House, or Kim Soo Hyun in The Moon Embracing The Sun. If you look into my list of favorite Korean males, none of them are pretty.

One might argue that Alden Richards also falls in the category of ‘pretty guys’, but he’s not ‘K-pop pretty’. And he’s not as pretty in person as one would think; he’s actually quite manly in person.

4. Don’t kill me for saying this, but I’ve seen Hye Kyo’s IG posts of pics with SJK. Yes, they have good chemistry. Yes, they look good together. Yes, this is the first time that Hye Kyo openly showed in public how close she is to her current leading man. (Please stop sending me “but she was linked to all her leading man” Tweets. I know all about them, and FYI, when she was doing those projects with those guys, she never personally showed in public just how close she was with them. Well, maybe except Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung, whom she was not romantically linked with.)

But to be perfectly honest, all I saw in those Song-Song posts are two individuals of the opposite sex who are very good friends. I was looking for that ‘spark’ that I saw eons ago. It just wasn’t there. My opinion, of course. For all you know, I already lost that Agent P touch.

Actually, I think she had more spark with Yoo Ah In, whom I am very sure that he’s just her good friend. Don’t ask why.

5. One day, I will watch Descendants of the Sun. Just not now. And for totally non-Song Song reasons. Like, because it’s a good drama.


How come nobody is asking me if I’ve seen Please Come Back, Mister? :think: