Pole dance.

So Alden Richards as Chef Boy Next Door did a pole dance at Sunday Pinasaya today. And I needed to be revived. :stretcher:

When I finally recovered, I realized that I kinda had my wish granted real soon. Yesterday, Alden sang Bamboo’s Hallelujah and I Tweeted this:

By ‘fandoms colliding’, I meant Alden sang a rock song. I used to be in the OPM rock scene (which explains why this blog’s domain name is ‘bandstalker.com’). While he didn’t sing nor dance to a Rain song today, Alden did something that Rain used to do: pole dancing.

(credits: Rainrunway629 on YouTube)

Except that there’s a part that shocked me: Alden did it better, because he actually rode the pole. Unlike Rain who merely touched it. :hihihi:

(credits: MarcCT02 on Twitter; re-uploaded to YT because my blog doesn’t allow embedding of media from Twitter)

Whadya know. Rain is the legitimate professional dancer, but Alden one-upped him at pole dancing. :whoa: I never saw that coming.

This is not the first time that Alden reminded me of Rain, though. For example:


No wait, not that one. That’s just painful. Bakit ba kasi may bench at bike riding date scene, Direk Mike??! :cry:


As soon as I saw Alden in that black rolled-up sleeve made to look sleeveless shirt, that image of Rain at Fugitive Plan B immediately rolled into my mind.

Of course, let’s not forget this:


If we can only see Alden do a Rain on that one…

I’m perfectly fine seeing Alden “copy” Rain once in a while. Isa lang ang huwag na huwag mong kokopyahin sa kanya, RJ. Na-orient ka na siguro tungkol dun. :shutup:

Image credits: KBS/Eat Bulaga FB/CloudUSA


Call him, maybe.

On today’s episode of Kalyeserye, it’s AlDub’s first phone conversation!

…well, first phone conversation that we know of.

I saw this episode at work today with a pretty bad TV signal, coupled with trying to shoo away a colleague who kept offering me ice cream (the hell, can’t you see I’m busy??? :bop: ) and others who were watching me watch TV and waiting for me to react (ang hirap magpigil ng kilig pag may audience, ha!). Still, despite all the distraction, I felt that Alden was way too relaxed at the prospect of talking to Maine on the phone. I mean, he was a bit nervous and tensed, but it wasn’t the same tension and nervousness that he showed in past episodes. This time, it looked more like he was nervous and tensed at the probability that something might inadvertently slip during the phone call. :think:

Based on what we witnessed on national TV today, it’s quite obvious that this was not the first time that Alden and Maine spoke on the phone. They looked (well, Alden, at least) and sounded too comfortable for what is supposed to be an unscheduled first phone conversation.

Disclaimer: Regulars of my blog already know that everything written under ‘Notes From Agent P’ is prone to certain delusions about the couples the blogger is shipping. Please take everything you read in here with lots of grains of salt.


On a somewhat related note: I heard that a certain fan group who just loooooves to blame Alden on anything and everything has been complaining about the fact that it was Yaya Dub/Maine who called instead of the other way around. You know, ‘coz girls aren’t supposed to be the one calling the boys. :rolleyes:

Uhm, I’m sorry, but are we watching the same show?

If I remember correctly – what am I saying, I replayed the episode before I wrote this blog so of course I perfectly recall what happened – it was Lola Nidora who offered to let Yaya Dub talk to Alden. Based on the plot, Yaya Dub was using Lola Nidora’s phone. It would be more logical (not to mention time-saving) to let Yaya Dub call the phone being used by the studio panel for the Sugod Bahay segment instead of going to all the nuances of giving the phone number to Alden so that he could place the call.

And c’mon. It’s Kalyeserye. Quit nitpicking.


Mutual weirdness.

“One day, two people come together in mutual weirdness…” and changed our lives in the most awesome way. :smile:

Who else raped the replay button on this one? :dream:

Thank you, Eat Bulaga social media editors, for this compilation.

On a related topic: Seeing this side-by-side comparison only proved my longtime observation that Alden and Maine physically resemble each other. They look so alike na pati kunot ng noo, parehong pareho! (Or maybe Alden is just too good of an actor that he copied everything, including the way Maine’s eyebrows meet at the center while doing a particular Dubsmash?)

When I first saw Alden’s photos with the Mendoza family when Maine first appeared at the Broadway studios, my immediate reaction was that Alden and Maine’s family looked so much alike that he looks more like a Mendoza than Maine herself.

You know what they say when there’s a physical resemblance between a man and a woman who are not blood-related…


And here I am going, “whoa!” :O

TOP finally going shirtless after years of hiding under turtleneck shirts and jackets:

…and Rain finally doing a legitimate love scene as opposed to just being on top of a bed and that’s it.


There are other “blink and you’ll miss it” goodies hidden in the trailer for the movie For Love Or Money (aka. Difficult Love) so just watch this and enjoy :naughty: (and try to ignore his dubbed voice).

These, on top of all the scandals and heart-breaking events that has been going on lately. What the heck is happening with Korean entertainment???


New York, New York.

Interesting how random things somehow end up coinciding with one another.

Just this afternoon, I was chatting with my sister-in-law about our respective bucket lists and I told her that the number one destination on mine is New York. I’m probably a New Yorker in my past life because I’ve always had this feeling that I belong there.

Then I come home, logged on the internet and find that Rain has flooded Instagram with random New York pics.


I’m feeling a bit melancholic upon seeing these pics. Other people might find LA as their ‘special place’ for their ship. For mine, it’s New York. I think those who belong to the same ship as mine would understand why.

Speaking of LA… here’s something that’s sort of a mystery. When Rain spent a couple of weeks in LA (or was it longer than that? I can’t remember), save for the fan pics at the airport we only saw a grand total of two photos of him: the one with 50 Cent that he uploaded on Instagram, and the one with Mr. Kim the sports manager. He’s been in New York for a few days and both him and his companions (Baekga, his dancer) have been flooding Instagram with photos of their trip. There’s even a random sighting on the streets of New York – with photo evidence – which basically confirms that contrary to what a few people have been suspecting, he’s traveling in New York with an all-male entourage.


Compare this to the LA trip that’s teemed with reports of ‘sighting’ in various places like restaurants and theme parks yet there’s not a single photo or video evidence to support it … it’s kinda weird, don’tcha think?

What makes it weirder is one of the reported sightings was on a theme park. Don’t tell me that there’s not a single person who saw him at the theme park who’s carrying a camera at that time? It’s LA. It’s a theme park. The dude from the streets of New York is carrying a camera and had the guts to snap a pic (fortunately for him, Mr. Jung seems to be in a good mood and even smiled for the camera). We’re at the age of smartphones. Something doesn’t click there.

(There. I said it. I can go back to my report-writing in peace now.)