Boss Madam.


A few years back, I was a transferee at a new audit team and was super-delighted to know that this new team has a TV set in its field offices. Why? Because, at last, I wouldn’t have to wait for episodes of The Ryzza Mae Show to be uploaded on YouTube so that I can watch it. Yes, I was a staunch follower of Ryzza Mae Dizon ever since she won Little Miss Philippines in 2012 and became known as “Aling Maliit” on Eat… Bulaga!

The thing is, the TV sets were requested by my then-Team Leader because she’s addicted to the rival show (Be Careful With My Heart). But since Be Careful… would usually be aired at around 11:45am, we would catch the first 15 minutes of TRMS before she switches channels (at which, I would later on download the TRMS episode to watch it in full). Eventually, even she got smitten by Ryzza’s charms that Be Careful… was forgotten and the TV channel would stay until Eat… Bulaga!

Forward to the latter part of 2017.

I very rarely tune in to Eat… Bulaga! by that time, particularly during J4A; no need to ask why, I guess? I do remember tuning in one time during lunch at the office and found myself laughing my ass off at Ryzza’s antics as the new Barangay Jokers character, Boss Madam. :lmao:

I’ve known Ryzza to have that innate wit and comedic timing, and this segment is her chance to show to the world once again why she was tagged as the Phenomenal Child Star some five years ago. I mean, she did not have the distinction of being the youngest talk show host for nothing. She still has that charisma, and years of experience working with the country’s top comedians have honed her craft. :thumbup:

Boss Madam is already a hoot, as it is, with Ryzza Mae, Hopia and the TMB boys (Miggy, in particular), but you know, Eat… Bulaga! did not reach 39 years in the business by resting at their laurels. (I mean, they did have some lulls, but they always manage to bounce back.) It’s 2018, so it’s time to introduce new characters to spice things up. Enter Boss Madam’s driver, Patrick, and the new Executive Assistant, Kendall. Characters played, much to everyone’s surprise, by Alden Richards and his PA, Mama Ten. :shock:

Alden playing Patrick without much of a prior clue was already a surprise, but Mama Ten playing the Executive Assistant? To say we were stunned by the appearance of the “28 year-old stunner from Laguna” was an understatement. I can practically hear the collective “HUWAAAAT!!!” from the viewers, even those who are not Alden fans but are familiar with Mama Ten. And she played the role with so much flair. Those of us who are familiar with Alden and Mama Ten’s dynamics in real life are now looking forward to every episode just to see the role reversal, since Kendall is Patrick’s immediate boss in the story. We want to see Mama Ten bully Alden for once. :hihihi: Whoever thought of casting Mama Ten as Kendall is a freakin’ genius. :clap:

So now, I am once again locked down on my seat at the pantry every lunch hour to tune in to Boss Madam. And I’m not the only one.



Aftermath: Eat… Bulaga! “Sa Tamang Panahon” Thanksgiving Concert
Philippine Arena – 24 October 2015


All I ever dreamed of was to get the chance to watch Eat Bulaga! live at the studio. What was given to me, like all other things given to me that’s related to Kalyeserye/AlDub, was something much, much, MUCH better. Something I never dreamed of getting.

I was stuck at Alden Richards’ album launch when they announced the Tamang Panahon event at Eat Bulaga. I only learned of the event because I was monitoring the show through live chat. I quickly messaged a fellow Alden (and Menudo/Ricky Martin)-fan friend, who had the quick-sense to call her friend who’s at Trinoma at that moment. Needless to say, we were one of the first people to have luckily purchased VIP tickets before it got sold out some 20 minutes later. (Tamang Panahon tickets became like Holy Grail after that.) At that point, I was already quite happy that I will get to personally witness the culmination of our Kalyeserye journey with the rest of AlDub Nation.

Then, for some reason, I seem to be destined to get extremely lucky when it comes to anything AlDub/Kalyeserye. (Someday, I will be telling you all about this in detail because everything has been just amazing, so far. Unless I get lazy and/or sidetracked again.) Another fellow AlDub-fan friend, this time from Cloud Philippines, offered me something even more awesome than VIP tickets: VVIP tickets. :whoa: Of course, I will not refuse. Why would I refuse a blessing that I didn’t even ask for?

And so, along with two friends from Alden Nation, I went to Philippine Arena on 24 October 2015 and became part of HISTORY.

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