Agent P senses are tingling.


1. Tuesday, January 12. It was revealed on Twitter that guy and girl had a photoshoot together the day before for a popular magazine.

2. Saturday, January 16. They celebrated their 6th Monthsary on the show. Guy kept repeating the phrase, ‘seryoso ako’ (I’m serious) to the girl, coupled with a borderline terrifying serious look on his face.

3. Sunday, January 17. They filmed their latest TVC for McDonald’s. (I don’t know how this is relevant to the timeline, but who knows?)

4. The days following the 6th Monthsary, there was a noticeable change in both guy and girl. They looked extremely happy. The guy, in particular, was overly-hyperactive despite lack of sleep, and I personally witnessed this on January 19 (I waited for him at the artist’s entrance of the studio and witnessed him literally leaping from the stairs to his car). Meanwhile, the girl who used to hide her ‘kilig’ by doing her usual facial contortions is now openly staring at guy with a very loving look on her eyes. Also, they have become gutsier and didn’t hesitate to show physical intimacy towards each other both on-cam and off-. The things they did – from smelling armpits, sharing food that the other person already bit on, to things like this:

…are things that normal “friends” of the opposite sex would never do.

Also, I personally noticed from the guy that he never flinches nor feels awkward whenever he’s asked about topics related to weddings and marriage proposals. He was more tensed when he was asked weeks ago if he and girl are already ‘on’.

5. Yesterday, the magazine where they had their photoshoot last January 11 released the issue and they to have said these on their respective interviews:



For the benefit of my non-Pinoy readers and those who cannot read the screengrabs: basically, they both said that the one thing they wish the other person knew about him/her is their serious side. Because every time they say something serious, the other person thinks it’s still a joke.

6. Go back to Item No. 2.

Did something akin to ‘leveling up’ happened between the two of them? Your guess is as good as mine.

NOTE: These are not figments on my imagination – basically because it’s supported by facts that are readily available with just a quick search on the internet – but rather figments of my overly-analytic and oftentimes delusional Agent P senses. I’m not saying you should believe me. In fact, I wish you wouldn’t. :P I wouldn’t wanna be accused of spreading false rumors, ya know. ;)

I missed doing this. :hihihi: