It’s funny how it took an “enhanced” community quarantine brought by the COVID-19 outbreak to make me post something on this neglected blog. :lol:

Well, I’m working from home, and what I brought home is already done. I’ve already caught up with whatever sleep I lost since the beginning of 2020. I could be Netflixing and chill, but I’m not quite in the mood to binge-watch anything after Kingdom 2 (yes, I will be blogging about that because I have lots of time). Parking my buns on social media is not doing anything good to my sense of humor. It’s taking a lot of effort to stop me from replying to comments that irk me. :aargh: I could be doing household chores… but NO. :razz:

Then I remembered that I have a blog. Aba, andito ka pa nga pala. :lmao:

Someone told me that it’s OK to kill this blog as blogging is not the ‘IN’ thing anymore. But then, I did not create this blog to be ‘in’. I have this blog to unload my thoughts and share them to those who care to read/listen to my nonsense. And since I’ve recently – as in just a few minutes ago – renewed the domain for another year for reasons unknown to me… I guess I have a reason now. :idea: I have one full year of blog space to kill my boredom.

So here it is. I will ramble. Because I have time.


Being community quarantined means we are allowed to work from our respective homes. Working from home means we need to have a stable internet connection to communicate with our bosses, colleagues and clients, and transmit reports and files as required.

Armed with this thought, I sent a random Tweet to Globe, Smart and PLDT requesting that they stabilize our internet connections at home. Knowing them, they could be giving us reprieve from our due dates but they’ll compensate by throttling our internet connections. I mean, c’mon. Not everyone is spending this lockdown by binge-watching on streaming sites or online gaming. Some of us still need to do our jobs from the comfort and safety of our homes.

Globe responded through DM. The respond was the usual, “could you tell us if the lights on your modem are on and/or blinking” nonsense.

I politely obliged. Of course, every light is on and/or blinking. Only, the signal light is YELLOW. Yellow means, “low signal”. In short, it’s working, all right. Just not working as fast as it should be.

Guess what! I did not get any more response after that. Of course. :rolleyes: It’s like the corporation is saying, We don’t care if the connection is fast nor if the signal is good. If the lights are on, it’s working. We have no problem.

Geez, thanks for wasting my quarantined time. I could’ve just spent that to catch more sleep. Or watch CLOY. :ehh: Nah. :lmao:


That moment when you realized that you just averted possible COVID-19 infection by a hairline. :err: And your laziness basically saved yourself. :lol:

Around yearend last year, I got transferred to another team but the rest of my teammates stayed put. Last week, my former team invited me to visit my former office to join them for their birthday lunch on Monday. Which was yesterday, March 16. On Friday (March 13), the government announced a Community Quarantine in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. This resulted to our Big Boss announcing that we are free to not report to our respective offices on Monday and just work from home.

I decided to stay at home yesterday for various reasons. One, I can afford to work from home because my pending work load does not require me to actually go to the office and do it there. Two, my daily commute to and from work is at least four hours and it involves transferring vehicles several times. That, alone, makes me vulnerable for infection. Three, I am diabetic, and diabetics are more susceptible to infection and imminent death due to COVID-19 than regular, healthy people. Four, I have been feeling a bit ill since last week because of work deadlines, travelling long distances, preparing for the League of Alden event and lack of sleep due to all of the above. I felt super-fatigued every day. My glucometer reading for the entire week never went below 140 (normal reading for diabetics is 120). On the way home from the event, I felt nauseated to the point of wanting to throw up. Honestly, I was carefully examining myself for symptoms of COVID-19. Fortunately, catching up on sleep over the weekend stabilized my blood sugar and made me feel better.

Fifth reason, and the most important one: I GOT LAZY. :lmao:

Today, the Mayor of that former client agency announced that he tested positive for COVID-19. :err: This effectively made the entire Municipal Hall, and everyone and everything he was in contact with, as Persons/Entities Under Investigation for COVID-19.

And I missed that by a hairline. All because I got lazy. :lmao:

See? Laziness has its benefits. hahahaha!

Seriously, though. I hope the honorable Mayor gets well and everyone there remains safe. This is just proof of how potently dangerous this virus is. It doesn’t discriminate. Everyone is vulnerable. Thus, as much as you can, STAY AT HOME.


Fake news is fake.

(Apologies to my non-Filipino readers, if you’re still there. Parts of this entry will be written in the vernacular, for maximum effect. Nyahaha! :dizzy: )

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, I have officially returned to Twitter. And because some of my Tweeted photos became controversial – through no fault of my own because I just Tweeted photos which are not even behind-the-scenes and nothing else – a few ‘offended’ members of my former fandom (yes, I WAS part of that fandom, if you care to backread my blog entries in 2015 to early 2016) started yapping and throwing whatever they can throw towards me on Instagram.

Yes, on Instagram. Where I am NOT there. :lmao: My Instagram account has been dead for more than a year. But they’re attacking me there instead of on Twitter because they thought this IG account named _drizzylopez02 is Agent Pau, and the basis is the fact that said IG account posted my photos of Alden and Sanya Lopez from Sunday Pinasaya with captions that would surely piss off the easily-pissed off ADN. They could’ve saved themselves from stressing out if they just bothered to directly ask me on Twitter if I own that IG account and I really said those things that they are accusing me of, but NOOOoooo! Where’s the fun in that, right? :grin: They’re obviously bored and looking for something to dump their frustrations in life on, and Agent Pau – or whoever they think is Agent Pau – became the poor target of their lashings.

Well, to set things straight: I AM NOT ON INSTAGRAM. I haven’t been there since January 2017.

It’s just so funny because, the comments are outright hilarious. :lmao: For one thing, most of them don’t even know who exactly they’re mad at. They have different descriptions of Agent Pau, and they accuse me of things that I don’t remember doing or statements that I don’t remember saying. :shrug: Then again, what else is new. It’s not like it never happened to me before. I mean, today is the anniversary of Coldplay in Manila, when I got severely bashed on Twitter for something I did not Tweet. It’s my former FC who Tweeted that; they only assumed it was me because I’m the most (in)famous member of the group.

Let me just comment on a few accusations in case anyone who needs clarification as to the identity of Agent Pau stumbles on this blog. My well-meaning friends might say, “hayaan mo na, wag na patulan”. Sorry ha, patola ako eh. Tsaka nagpapalipas-stress ako sa work. I haven’t written something like this in a long, long while. Bear with me for a bit. :smile:

1. Sino yung Agent Pau? – I’m not anonymous. A quick browse on this blog would show you my face.

2. Tinanggal na ‘yan ni Alden. – Hindi po si Alden ang ‘nagtanggal’ sa akin. Wapakels yun sa FC matters. At walang kinalaman sa personal n’yang buhay ang dahilan.

3. Hindi na s’ya nakakalapit kay Alden. – Tologoh??? Resibo policy po tayo. The accuser has the burden of proof. Show us proof na bawal na ako lumapit kay Alden. Eh tingnan n’yo lang yung Twitter posts ko on the month of March 2018, makikita n’yo na doon ang sagot.

4. Hindi na s’ya nakakapasok sa Broadway. – Ahm, magkaiba po yung ‘hindi nakakapasok’ sa ‘hindi nagpupunta’. So kung hindi na ako pwede pumasok sa Broadway kasi, sabi n’yo, marami akong ginawang atraso sa AlDub, sino yung nag-judge sa ACTually noong February 18, 2018? I even blogged about it.

5. Yung matabang sungki na nagtanong kay Alden sa BW – ‘Mataba’, check. ‘Sungki’, eep! Wrong! Kung sinabi n’yo pang may gap sa ngipin baka naniwala pa akong kilala mo talaga kung sino si Agent Pau. ‘Nagtanong kay Alden sa BW’, ahm ano po yung BW? Broadway o Boardwalk? Either way, I don’t remember asking Alden anything on BW. I did give him a birthday message on Broadway noong birthday celebration n’ya last year. Hindi tanong yun, message yun. In short, NI HINDI N’YO ALAM KUNG SINO ANG PINAG-UUSAPAN NINYO. Kawawa naman yung mga nababanggit na name na pinagkakamalan n’yong ako. Unfair naman sa kanila ‘yon.

6. Ni-link n’ya kay Sarah, then kay Sanya para inisin ang ADN – Sigurado kayong ako yan?

7. Sabi ni Agent Pau.. blah blah blah… Screengrab muna na sinabi ko nga ‘yan. As in ako talaga ang nagsabi at hindi kung sino-sinong pinagpipilitan ninyong ako ha.

8. Matabang baboy yan pero pumayat na kasi hindi na nabibigyan (kumikita). Hindi na kasi nakakalapit kay Alden. Eto medyo may kurot sa puso kasi, unang una, pumayat ako hindi dahil kay Alden kundi dahil sa personal matters ko sa buhay. Seryosong usapin ‘yon. Wala kayong alam kaya how dare you say those things.

Second of all, never akong kumita kay Alden. Nagastusan, oo. I patronize his projects, I buy the products that he endorses. Show of support yun eh. Ganon naman kasi talaga ang mag-faney, gagastos ka talaga whether you like it or not.

Third of all, akala n’yo lang hindi na ako nakakalapit. Wala nga kasi kayong alam. Hindi ko naman kasi kailangang ibalandra sa lahat ang mga moments ko kasi baka ikamatay n’yo lang sa ngitngit, ako pa masisi. :blink:

Basically, except for the first part of Item 8, I just laughed it all off. The only part that offended me is when some fans cropped off my photos including the watermark, pasted their own watermarks on them, and only used the all-purpose CTTO to credit the owner. :nono: That’s just downright disrespectful. Content creators are giving their time, money and effort just to be able to share something to the fandom, tapos yung iba d’yan ike-claim o makikihati ng credit kahit ang ginawa lang naman nila eh mag-edit and/or mag-repost. Ang kapal lang. :hmf:


Reading all those confused comments on IG made me think. It’s either of the two: (1) It’s a case of mistaken identity, and they really thought that Agent Pau owns that IG account; or (2) that IG account who keeps on maligning me on IG until now, as well as those who keep on adding fuel to the fire by posting all those lies and accusations at the comments, know who Agent Pau is but s/he has a beef against me and is taking advantage of the situation to tarnish my name further with the fandom. :think: Which one is it?

Any which way, andiyan na ‘yan. Sanay na ako. At least I have given you something to talk about.


The best moments…

…are the ones not caught on video. That I know of.

I walked towards him for the photo op, with my phone-camera in my hand but not daring to take footage. Not just because it’s against the rules (yeah, me and my stupid habit of following the rules) but because I just wanted to stare at his face. This is one of the rare times that I’ll get to see him up close without risking my life and limb so I wanted to savor every moment instead of focusing on other things like sneaking in a selfie or two.

He saw my friend first, for she was ahead of me in the queue. Then I saw his eyes averting to the person behind her, which was me. His face changed from a simple smile to one where his eyes disappeared and his dimple sunk deeper. He slapped the table, covered his face with his arm and then extended his arms to give us a beso. His face was a mixture of happiness and… was that relief that I saw? :ehh: Like, “omigad, you’re here!” Which is totally weird, because… shouldn’t it be US who are supposed to react that way? After the beso, we took our places in the photo op while he greeted the other three people in the group. Then he turned to me (I stood behind him) and asked a question. THE question. I stared back at him, like this: :neutral: Then I gave him the straight answer to his question. His reply was a follow-up question, coupled with the most bewildered face like he was flooded with more questions on his head. Kinda like this – :kilay: but with the eyebrow lowered.

On the corner of my eye, I saw the photographer looking utterly frustrated because, hello, photo op! She was signaling him to face the camera. So we went on with the photo op with my friend still muttering out the corner of her mouth like a ventriloquist to answer his questions. After we’re done, he still wanted to continue the conversation but unfortunately, we had to go. I just told him, “someday, we’ll talk about this some more.”

Coming down the mini-stage, we chanced upon his mother-figure who asked us the very same question that he asked. And we gave her the same answer.

As we were leaving the premises, I only have one thought in my mind: I’m fine. We’re fine. :smile:



Two groups managed to escape a zombie horde at the train station. They ended up at the train, in separate cars. One group was safely tucked at the First Class cabin; the rest had to deal with the zombies in other cars.

Somehow, the second group managed to escape the zombie horde and reached the First Class cabin. Unfortunately, one of those from the first group – who turned out to be a big asshole of a CEO – sowed fear from his companions by telling them that there’s no way that anyone from the second group would come out from the zombie horde uninfected. With the zombies right at their tails, those from the second group had to break the door just to escape.

Through the sacrifices made by some of their companions, the survivors from the second group were able to safely gain access to the First Class cabin. However, Mr Asshole CEO was not done yet. He told this lie to the first group: that the one acting as the leader of the second group was infected, and is turning into a zombie right that very moment. Without even checking if that accusation is true, the rest of group 1 hysterically demanded that those from group 2 be evicted from their cabin and have themselves locked at the vestibule. Group 2 silently complied.

The above story was taken from a zombie movie. I could also be talking about real life.

This was the scene that followed: through the fault of one of their own kind, the First Class cabin got compromised. All of group 1 was devoured by the zombies, while those from group 2 who were safely locked at the vestibule survived the attack.

That was how the scene ended in the movie. Would it end the same way in real life?


Social media pet peeves.

I really don’t get why some people feel the need to do certain things on someone else’s social media accounts.

Like, convo-ing among themselves on some other person’s Instagram. Uh, guys? How about just talking among yourselves on your own social media pages? Or at certain community forums like Soompi, or Facebook pages? Your idol doesn’t need to read through messages that does not have anything to do with him or her on their own Instagram. It’s like visiting someone’s home only to chat with the other guests while the home owner just sits in a corner to watch you talk.

Or feeling the need to tell their idol that said idol should reconcile with their ex- just because, “we miss you both and would like to see you together again”. And when you point out their insensitive remarks, they’re like, “we’re her fans, too. We have the right to tell her what we want!” (huh? Even insensitive topics like ex-boyfriends?)

Or greeting another person a ‘Happy Birthday’ on another person’s Instagram instead of telling the birthday celebrant directly (she has a Weibo and IG, too, you know). Ah, too bad for the guy. He’s now reduced to just being someone else’s messenger.


On a somewhat related topic: I often see fans – Filipino fans, to be specific – complaining on social media about insane ticket prices of foreign acts’ concerts in the Philippines. It’s a common sight in the K-pop community, where the hashtag #TeamBahay (team house-bound) originated which are now adopted by non-Kpop fandoms such as that of One Direction. The most recent one is for Ariana Grande, whose upcoming concert tour in Manila commands a whopping P16,000.00 (around US$357) plus service charge for a VIP ticket. The Mt. Everest seats cost P2,099 (US$47), which is too steep for fans consisting mostly of pre-teens.

The thing is, no matter how much these fans complain, enough people will be able to cough up the money to buy those tickets, anyway. The concert will still be a success, regardless of whether the paying audience are the so-called “real fans” or not. See: One Direction.

If they want to REALLY campaign for lower ticket prices, boycott any concert that has expensive ticket costs. Otherwise, it’s just another noise on social media that doesn’t really hold any weight.

Although to be quite honest, “real fans” would never complain about ticket prices. They would never hesitate to pay up because for them, the experience of seeing their favorites on stage, in the flesh, is worth more than any money in the world.

I’m not being a social class bigot or anything of that sort. I’m just saying, don’t judge people who ended up at the VIP section as “posers” or “not real fans”. I mean, why would anyone shell out more than US$200 to watch someone they don’t really care about?