For the love.

Before I proceed to Part 2 of ‘Thankful’, I would like to make this special announcement first.


As mentioned on the poster, Alden International shall be hosting an exclusive block screening of Imagine You And Me on July 15, 2016 at Cinema 3 of SM Light Mall. We’ve been receiving a number of inquiries regarding this event, specifically on the ticket price. Allow me to explain the details here.

1. There will be NO TICKET SELLING for this block screening. This event was made possible through the generosity of Alden International teams from abroad as their way of supporting Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza in their first major project together.

2. Our beneficiaries for the screening are the cancer survivors from the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care. You might remember them from the East Avenue Medical Center charity event and the one at Cucina ni Bunso which I covered before on this blog. They are huge fans of Alden and Maine, so we want to give them the opportunity to see the movie for free.

3. We shall also be making arrangements to let our members see the movie with the PH Breast Care members. Again, no ticket selling. This one’s on us. :smile: (Well, Team Abroad, to be specific.)

4. As for the ‘special guests’ part… ako ang special guest, baket? :lmao: Joke lang po, Lola!


I’m kinda expecting bashers to be making shunga statements like, “o hayan ang AlDogs magpapamigay ng ticket para palabasing blockbuster ang movie!” :chair: Hoy, ang utak, nilikha para gamitin ha. Wag maging tanga. :nono:



Other loveteams would give fan service by holding hands, whispering sweet nothings, and/or hugging in public. Or kiss, if they’re a publicly known couple.

Meanwhile, there’s Alden and Maine, whose idea of fan service is to look out their hotel window in Italy and sing “May Tatlong Bibi” (a kids’ tune about three ducklings).

Happy couple singing quack quack😀 #ALDUBinITALYday2 @aldenrichards02 @mainedcm

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(Credits to @bettyfiore on Instagram)

‘Yan ang AlDub. Kakaiba sa lahat. :dream:


MaiChard for Bench, Part 2.

Here are more photos from the Bench Launch Party of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, held last March 30, 2016 at TriNoMa Activity Center. Here are photos from the interview/fun games:



And these are from the Meet and Greet. If you’re one of the lucky winners, you may find yourself in one of these pics!


Part 1 of the photos can be found here.


MaiChard for Bench, Part 1.

aka. Notes from the 30x Zoom Distance, Part 1.

This was supposed to be a 38th Weeksary gift for AlDub Nation, but my schedule got effed up today and I wasn’t able to upload the rest of the photos. I guess I’ll just have to make do with dividing it into three parts, which was my initial plan, anyway.

I was one of those who bought the required purchase to attend the Bench Launch Party for its newest endorsers, Alden Richards (Bench Fix Salon) and Maine Mendoza (for Bench fragrances). I had planned on going to TriNoMa as early as possible because, having attended a number of Bench/Suyen, Inc. events in the past for their Korean endorsers, I know that I would need to be there before the mall opens if I aim to gain access to the cordoned off area. Otherwise, I would have to do it the Kim Hyun Joong way. No, thanks, I’m past already that era. :ayaw:

Then Tuesday happened (event was on Wednesday), and my enthusiasm went kaput. :neutral:

Still, the blogger in me couldn’t resist going. Also, there’s someone from Alden International Team China who will be joining me so I have to be there. I just had to make some last minute changes; I ditched my DSLR and just brought Blackie Lou, the small Canon point-and-shoot with 30x zoom. I wanted to make an effort, but not that much effort. I know I’m not making sense but readers of this blog since the Kpop era would know exactly what I’m talking about.

I arrived at TriNoMa at around 2:00pm. They haven’t let people in yet, but the queue has snaked literally around TriNoMa Activity Center that the guards don’t even know where exactly was the end of the line. :shrug: I saw that save for a few seats meant for VIPs and Meet/Greet winners, the entire activity area was turned into a moshpit. And if I try to join the queue, I will be part of one big human oatmeal. Oh.Hell.No. :ayaw: Someone from one of my group chats suggested that I try to look for a safer spot on one of the higher floors where I could get a better vantage point instead of trying to wrestle my way into that moshpit. I waited for my friend from AIFC, then we scouted for a spot at the higher floors which was still relatively not-so-crowded and would have a good view of the stage.

That spot, it turned out, was Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at the 3rd floor. It’s located directly across the Activity Center, three floors up. All tables have been occupied when we got there, but by some stroke of luck – more of a blessing, actually – one of the tables got vacated by people who weren’t there for AlDub. That table has this view:


Perfect. :thumbup:


Armed with a good vantage point and a camera that has 30x zoom, I got a lil’ bit too carried away with the coverage. I took almost 700 photos, which I managed to bring down to almost 500 after deleting the unfocused ones. Since I didn’t have enough time to sort it further, I just decided to post the entire thing. Here’s Gallery No. 1: Alden and Maine’s Production Number.




What happened two weeks ago…

Two weeks ago, I hinted about a history-making event that I cannot write about at the time because we were told not to. (And then Daddy Bae spoiled everything by Tweeting about it the very next day. :boinkself: ) It’s not really the award, per se, that I considered to be history-making. It’s this part:

(Re-uploaded from AlDub Pilipinas’ Tweet, because embedding of Twitter videos does not work on my blog platform.)

It might not sound or look particularly special now because Alden has been constantly mentioning his other fan clubs (or using “fans and supporters” to address his fans; see: his 24 Oras interview at Ynares Stadium) whenever he gets the chance. This particular moment, filmed two weeks ago at Sunday PinaSaya, was technically the first time he mentioned other fan clubs aside from ALDENatics and AlDub Nation (and he even went the extra mile by thanking Maine’s fan club :hihihi: ). Boy, you can bet that we were ecstatic to have personally witnessed this pivotal moment in the Alden Richards fandom.


Trust Agent P to be caught on cam with her on her cam. Again. :hihihi: By the way, Kuya Cameraman, sabi mo tarp lang ang naka-focus. Parang hindi naman? :kilay: :grin:


Anyway… congratulations again, Alden. You can bet that we, your fans and supporters, will always have your back no matter what. :thumbup:


On a totally random thought…

Could somebody please stop my finger from pressing that REPLAY button of Maine’s Surprise! and Bora Escapade videos? Laspag na laspag na sa akin eh.