Pigs flying everywhere.

Hey, K-entertainment friends. Remember the time when I used to say pigs will fly before any of our Korean oppas will visit the Philippines?

Such statement regularly appears on my Facebook Memories feed every year. And I could only chuckle whenever it does. I mean, take a look at this:

This is just the list of upcoming events of Korean artists in the Philippines from the last week of September 2019 up to February 2020. This does not include the many concerts and fanmeetings that were staged since the beginning of 2019 and those that got postponed or cancelled. And there were many. In fact, too many.

I’ve been out of the loop when it comes to Korean entertainment, but could anyone please tell me: since when did the Philippines become Japan? :hihihi:

Personally, I’m just glad that, except for Seventeen who’s staging the Manila leg of their Ode To You World Tour next year, there’s no one in that list that I absolutely would die if I don’t see them in person. The closest one would be Park Hae Jin, and I’ve already met him twice before. :blink: If I’m still super-crazy about Koreans and is into multi-fandoms like most Pinoy fans of Korean entertainers are, I’d probably be banging my head against the wall right now.

I really wonder, though. Is the Philippines really a lucrative country when it comes to concerts and fanmeetings now? The way I see it, it’s hit and miss. Acts like EXO, BTS, Seventeen and Blackpink, and actors like Park Bo Gum, Park Seo Joon and Lee Jong Suk may be surefire hits, but what about the others? The fact that quite a number of events either had a disappointing audience turn-out, or had to be postponed/cancelled, may be a good indicator of what the PH market really is all about.

Truthfully, I’m just worried that an incident similar to the defunct MBLAQ PH fanmeet (anyone still remember that?) would happen again and PH Kpop fans will be majorly screwed once more. Always be vigilant, guys and gals!


You know what really bugs me right now?

I’ve been waiting for U2 to stage a concert in the Philippines since I was in high school. They finally will land in my country, and will stage a concert at Philippine Arena which is practically just next door from home, and I can’t make it because the concert date is the last day of my much-needed vacation in Japan. :wall:


End note: I’m writing this with a smile on my face. It feels great to be writing again. :smile: Now if I can find more interesting stuff to write about…


January 1.

Checking my Facebook Memories feed has become a daily habit for me. Today, January 1, brought back this gem:


I can laugh about it now, but I still clearly recall how floored I was, waking up with a deluge of messages from all channels bearing that same news and ending it with, “oh yeah, Happy New Year!” :lmao: I remember wishing it was April Fools instead.

My blog regarding that piece of news was even more hilarious. Talk about being delusional and constantly in denial. Seriously, was I that bad? Ew. :lol:

(Oh stop, Agent P. Your delulu-ness was the one that brought site traffic on your blog. Be grateful. :razz: )

In light of the latest New Year couple being EXO’s Kai and Blackpink’s Jennie, I wish your fanbases are handling it well. Been there, done that. You’ll survive, trust me.


Rain got hitched.

…and he got hitched in the most unexpected way.

After years of having marriage rumors once every quarter, Rain and Kim Tae Hee finally got married.

You’d think I’d be depressed about it. Nope. :smile: In fact, once I learned about the confirmed marriage announcement, I found myself screaming, “FINALLY!” :clap: I guess the wedding-rumors-once-every-quarter had prepared me for the inevitable. I finally have closure from THAT era in my life when I was once a delusional shipper of a loveteam.

Hey, not that I’m regretting that era. For one thing, said era led to the birth of my monicker AGENT P and this blog being famous – or infamous, depending on which side are you on – in the Rain fandom. (In the Alden fandom, too, albeit for entirely different reasons.) It is also from that era where I learned the hard way never to get too personal when you ship a showbiz tandem. It will hurt like hell if your ship ends up sinking. :neutral:

Anyway, I’m just happy that the wedding was held in Church rites instead of something secular. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s just that I am Catholic and I’m happy to see someone who used to declare that he doesn’t believe in God having one of the most important milestones in his life in the presence of God. For that alone, I thank Kim Tae Hee. :smile:

Congratulations and best wishes to the newly wedded couple!



Cue in: AgentP in Sawsawera Mode

I just want to say something about this thing that I saw on Twitter as regards the #NaBigbangKa topic:


First of all: I don’t know why she’s blaming DaraGon fans for this. Yes, there were a few DaraGon banners but there certainly were NO DARAGON CHANTS. At least, none that reached my ears that night. I was seated in front of a DaraGon fan group. They waved their banner whenever GD was on our side but nobody chanted ‘Daragon’. This person is just assuming there was, according to her sources. She’s not even there, how could she make such a conclusion?

People cheered for DARA’s presence, sure. Well, why not? Sandara Park remains to be one of the most popular celebrities here. What do you want us to do, remain silent when Seungri acknowledged her presence? That has nothing to do with DaraGon shipping, at all.

I think she was right about cellphones/cameras being at our faces, though. At one point, when Daesung was on our side, my seatmate Charity said Dae looked at her and waved as he seemed to be surprised that she (Cha) was not holding a phone or camera and just enjoying the show. I got that same vibe from GD, as well, because he made eye contact with Lou​ who was on my other side and was also camera/cellphone-less. He waved at Lou, then passed over me and waved at the next few rows and sections. I was documenting all of that on my phone, which may be the reason why GD ‘snubbed’ me. :lmao: I think they generally don’t like people taking photos/videos of them during the concert because they were thinking, how can we (the fans) enjoy the show if all we do is point our cameras at them? (Not true for all, though. I mean, ever heard of multi-tasking?)

This only reminds me of my own experience in September 2010. I cannot seem to fathom why this person (you know who) seemed to dislike me. Or at least, I get that vibe from him. Maybe because I’m already identified as that person who’s always holding a camera whenever he sees me? Never mind that I only take footage during official times, that is, during presscons and concerts, and ok, during his drama filming (I think it’s this last one that did it) and never during his down times. Once you’re caught with a camera in his presence, you will always be identified with it.

But… but… guys! You’re celebrities! Aren’t you supposed to be used to it? Or more accurately, you should be used to it because that’s what you’re getting paid millions for?

Anyway, this is just me blabbering about stuff just for blogging purposes. :hihihi: For all we know, it’s just TOP being clueless at Instagram and accidentally deleting his Manila post, or GD/Taeyang being too busy having fun in Manila to be able to compose a more lengthy message (as what Ms. Happee said). I still think that Big Bang MADE in Manila is one of the best concerts, ever (see my forthcoming blog about that, hopefully soon), and if ever they would come back I’d still watch. And say, “thank you!” :grin:


An open letter to YG Entertainment from an Indonesian fan who saw the Jakarta concert is currently going viral. Said letter listed down the various problems that Indo fans had to endure to see Big Bang’s MADE concert.

One of the things she listed is that the rampant use of DSLR cameras and selfie-sticks at the concert.

Wait… I thought they kept their cellphones (and by extension, their cameras) in their bags or pockets? Oh wait. You can’t pocket a DSLR. And she never said that the cellphone is not covering her face because it was at the end of a selfie stick. :rolleyes:

Sorry ate, pero may kasabihan kami rito: ang isda ay nahuhuli sa bibig. :shutup:

Anyway, moving on…


Foot-in-mouth disease.

I’ve been trying to ignore all articles pertaining to Rain’s comeback, and I did say on social media that the long blog post/review about Rain Effect already fulfilled my quota for that topic. But some things simply cannot be ignored.

[Netizenbuzz] Rain’s comeback interviews

Reading all the headlines, I was like, did he really say these things??? :shock: Showing absolutely NO REMORSE and even making excuses about his botched military service? (In case anyone feels that a headline + partial paragraph is insufficient to make judgments, the complete Osen article is translated at memo-rain.) Talking about that sort-of-naked encounter with Lee Hyori AGAIN at the SBS Cultwo radio show and even adding unnecessary comments like, “If I wanted to, I could’ve jumped or stepped on something to peek at her naked body but I didn’t”?? Dude, I don’t know if you haven’t heard, but Hyori is now a married woman. I know she did initiate talking about that topic at your reality show but that should have been the extent of discussing that incident. To talk about it AGAIN at an interview not just only reeks of milking it for some cheap publicity stunt, but also reeks of insensitivity towards a married woman by adding that unnecessary comment.

As for the military topic: I’m not sure of the extent of his awareness of what the Korean public really feels about his military enlistment as a whole, but it seems that he either has no idea, or he simply just doesn’t care. But Rain and his PR people must realize that he is in the Korean entertainment industry, where image is everything. He is now given an opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of the public and he could have taken advantage of this opportunity by eating some humble pie and at least try to downplay the military issue. He could’ve simply remained mum about it. But noooo, he just had to vent some frustration, right? If that’s how he really feels, then fine. We can’t fault him for that. But there is no need to share that frustration to a public who still hasn’t forgiven him for what happened. It only opened up old wounds and infuriated them more.

I don’t know who’s handling his PR, if any. I refuse to believe that no one is giving him advice on how to manage his career. It’s either he’s being given the wrong advice, or he simply refuses to listen and prefers to do things his own way.

I know Rain just wanted to show the ‘real’ him to make him closer to his fans (at least, that was the intention with the reality show). But at the rate things are going, what he’s been showing is that the real Rain is a douchebag with a mouth that’s out of control.