FYI re: Rise2Shine.

The following is a post from Araneta Coliseum’s official Facebook page:

So there you have it. The concert is postponed until further notice. Please refer to the above post for your inquiries and concerns. Thank you.


OK. After fulfilling my All Saints’ Day obligations, I finally was able to ponder more clearly on this new development.

According to the above notice from Araneta Coliseum and the producers of Rise2Shine, the concert was merely “postponed to a later date” (first quarter of 2018) and the artists line-up will be the same. However, per the notice from Rain Company (please scroll down to the notice dated November 1, 2017), Rain will not be participating anymore because (and I quote from the notice), “As the organizer; KO- Ph. has been dishonest in fulfilling the performance contract, we have come to the decision that it is impossible to go ahead with the performance. Our decision is therefore “not to participate in the performance”. The rest of the notice is basically telling people to claim refunds, which is tantamount to saying that should the concert pushes through in the future, Rain is out of the artists line-up.

Thus, people were more confused than ever. :shrug:

This is just my opinion, and my position as a consumer: I will claim my refund instead of waiting it out. If the concert subsequently pushes through next year and Rain is still on the roster, I’ll just buy again. I’m not rich enough to be putting my money on hold for something uncertain as this one. Sure, it might also mean I am donating my money for the beneficiaries – which, incidentally, includes the aforementioned KO-Ph :think: – but if I want to donate for the rehabilitation of Marawi, there are other ways to do so.

I just feel sad and disappointed for my fellow Clouds who have been waiting for this moment for seven years. :sad:


A random thought.

I’ve been seeing comments along the lines of, “the announcement of the cancellation was so last minute.”

I guess the ones commenting are new to the fandom? If you think two days is “last minute”, what do you call the events in LA where the cancellation announcement was made barely a couple of hours before the actual concert, when all the ticket holders were already queued at the venue? :rolleyes:

All other speculations are a bit off-hand, too. Like:

a. Kim Tae Hee just gave birth – ahm, her due date has been determined months before. He would know that by the time this concert rolls in, his wife would’ve given birth already. If it’s a factor to the decision, he would’ve not accepted the show in the first place.

b. He’s busy with The Unit/album comeback – same as (a). Those schedules have been fixed months ago, prior to the announcement of this concert. If those are factors to the decision, he should’ve not accepted the show in the first place.

Honestly, speculations (a) and (b) are not helping Rain at all and are actually making him look bad. If you’re a fan, stop saying those things. :nono:

As for speculations about ticket sales… well, it’s a benefit concert. I think ticket sales as basis for cancellation should be the least of their concerns. Again, that’s just making Rain look bad.

From what I heard from sources which are far more reliable than fan speculations, it’s really a contractual issue between Rain Company and one of the organizers. Nobody is lying in their respective official statements. Just take it as it is, for once, and let’s refrain from overthinking.


Look who’s back.

I’ve been out of the loop with everything Korean for the past year and a half, but this is the one thing that I’ve been looking forward to ever since Rain started hyping about it.

Those flawless dance moves. That haunting voice. And that cute surprise at the end. This is Vintage Rain, the Rain that most of us loved. He’s back, bitches. :arrow: The fact that the song is produced by Psy is an added bonus.

It’s just sad that this is just a single and is not even a part of a mini-album. I wanna hear more!

Welcome back, Jung Ji Hoon. :clap:



Cue in: AgentP in Sawsawera Mode

I just want to say something about this thing that I saw on Twitter as regards the #NaBigbangKa topic:


First of all: I don’t know why she’s blaming DaraGon fans for this. Yes, there were a few DaraGon banners but there certainly were NO DARAGON CHANTS. At least, none that reached my ears that night. I was seated in front of a DaraGon fan group. They waved their banner whenever GD was on our side but nobody chanted ‘Daragon’. This person is just assuming there was, according to her sources. She’s not even there, how could she make such a conclusion?

People cheered for DARA’s presence, sure. Well, why not? Sandara Park remains to be one of the most popular celebrities here. What do you want us to do, remain silent when Seungri acknowledged her presence? That has nothing to do with DaraGon shipping, at all.

I think she was right about cellphones/cameras being at our faces, though. At one point, when Daesung was on our side, my seatmate Charity said Dae looked at her and waved as he seemed to be surprised that she (Cha) was not holding a phone or camera and just enjoying the show. I got that same vibe from GD, as well, because he made eye contact with Lou​ who was on my other side and was also camera/cellphone-less. He waved at Lou, then passed over me and waved at the next few rows and sections. I was documenting all of that on my phone, which may be the reason why GD ‘snubbed’ me. :lmao: I think they generally don’t like people taking photos/videos of them during the concert because they were thinking, how can we (the fans) enjoy the show if all we do is point our cameras at them? (Not true for all, though. I mean, ever heard of multi-tasking?)

This only reminds me of my own experience in September 2010. I cannot seem to fathom why this person (you know who) seemed to dislike me. Or at least, I get that vibe from him. Maybe because I’m already identified as that person who’s always holding a camera whenever he sees me? Never mind that I only take footage during official times, that is, during presscons and concerts, and ok, during his drama filming (I think it’s this last one that did it) and never during his down times. Once you’re caught with a camera in his presence, you will always be identified with it.

But… but… guys! You’re celebrities! Aren’t you supposed to be used to it? Or more accurately, you should be used to it because that’s what you’re getting paid millions for?

Anyway, this is just me blabbering about stuff just for blogging purposes. :hihihi: For all we know, it’s just TOP being clueless at Instagram and accidentally deleting his Manila post, or GD/Taeyang being too busy having fun in Manila to be able to compose a more lengthy message (as what Ms. Happee said). I still think that Big Bang MADE in Manila is one of the best concerts, ever (see my forthcoming blog about that, hopefully soon), and if ever they would come back I’d still watch. And say, “thank you!” :grin:


An open letter to YG Entertainment from an Indonesian fan who saw the Jakarta concert is currently going viral. Said letter listed down the various problems that Indo fans had to endure to see Big Bang’s MADE concert.

One of the things she listed is that the rampant use of DSLR cameras and selfie-sticks at the concert.

Wait… I thought they kept their cellphones (and by extension, their cameras) in their bags or pockets? Oh wait. You can’t pocket a DSLR. And she never said that the cellphone is not covering her face because it was at the end of a selfie stick. :rolleyes:

Sorry ate, pero may kasabihan kami rito: ang isda ay nahuhuli sa bibig. :shutup:

Anyway, moving on…


An almost-encounter with Kpop idols.

A few days ago, my rock star friend from the bandstalker era who now owns and manages a ramen house (and to whom I owe a blog entry – sorry, Atsushi! I’ll do that after this, promise) sent me a message asking me if I’m attending Kpop Con 5. I said ‘no, unless I’m given a good reason to do so’. He said his restaurant, Ramen Daisho, might host a meal for them. That’s about the extent of our conversation on that topic.

Thursday night – rather shortly after midnight of Friday, to be exact – he sent me another message, asking me if I’m sure I’m not interested in meeting the Koreans. I’m like, which Koreans? If it’s not a celebrity, I’m not interested. :hihihi: Hey, just being honest, here! Apparently, what he didn’t tell me before is that Ramen Daisho is hosting the press conference for the Kpop Con 5 guest artists and two of the guests (excluding Boyfriend) will be attending. He didn’t tell me which ones are showing up, basically because he didn’t know who. And frankly, I didn’t know who, neither, so I can’t give him an answer when he asked me.

Since I was scheduled to meet my Voltes friends on Friday, anyway, I found this to be the perfect opportunity to (1) meet up after weeks of absence (believe it or not); (2) let them try the newest ramen house in town; and (3) have some Kpop celebrity sighting. It’s like hitting three birds with one stone.

Long story short, we arrived at Ramen Daisho at around 6:30pm, when the presscon has long been over. I saw my friend Atsushi in front of the restaurant chatting with Vernon Go of Pulp Live! (who brought in the artists for the Kpop Con) and Atsushi he saw me, he immediately told me to get inside the restaurant to see the Koreans. While getting seated, I took one sweep at the people inside the restaurant and saw a plethora of people with colored hair and Kpop-inspired outfits which led me to ask this question: “uh, which ones are the artists??” :shrug: Fortunately, there was a Kpop Con 5 poster beside our table and we used it as reference to weed out the idols. It is also on this poster where we learned that contrary to our earlier impression, Lunafly is actually a boy band. We thought since the group’s name has ‘Luna’, there should be a girl in there somewhere. :boinkself:

Atsushi approached our table and said, “so, did you see them?” Us: “uh, which ones are they?” :lmao: I swear, it’s getting more and more awkward by the minute. Suddenly, I saw one idol-looking boy in a hat who came out of the VIP area and approached the table beside ours, so I said, “I’m guessing the guy in the hat is one of them?” Atsushi said yes, he’s one of the artists. Atsushi actually told me many times to take pictures and asked me if I want to take a picture with the artists. I repeatedly refused. One, I know that Kpop idols normally do not allow taking pictures with random people, unless of course as a favor for someone (and in this case, it’s the sponsor who will ask so I’m pretty sure that if we asked, they would oblige). Two, I’m trying to avoid that super-awkward moment when the Korean celebrities would discover that the person asking to take a picture with them doesn’t actually know who they are. Three, despite knowing that they might oblige because it’s the sponsor who will ask and Atsushi assured us that the boys are nice and accommodating, I dread at the possibility of being rejected by a nugu. :oops: Being rejected by a Top Star is one thing, but being rejected by a minor star? Embarrassing.

Anyway, we just decided to have our ramen dinner while the idols are also having their dinner. About an hour later, it’s time for them to leave. The idols passed by our table one by one and we smiled at them. They smiled back. Some of them even bowed towards our direction. They left quite a good impression, manners-wise, so I guess that’s a good start for them.

Now I’m thinking, I should’ve given in to Atsushi’s prodding and had our photo taken with the artists. What if they become super-popular? We could’ve gotten a headstart over the other (future) fans. :slaphead:

With a little help from Mr. Google, I found out who were the artists that we saw and kinda had dinner with at Ramen Daisho. They are:




(Photos shamelessly stolen from Ramen Daisho’s Facebook Page.)


Late reaction: MAMA 2013.

I know this is more than a week late, but I didn’t get the chance to watch the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) until this weekend. Since I have already discussed Rain’s part in detail, I will be commenting on the non-Rain parts of the show.

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