Ten things I learned from “Train To Busan”.

I will try my best to make this spoiler-free, but just in case:

10 Things I Learned From The Korean Zombie Movie ‘Train To Busan’:

1. A zombie apocalypse won’t stop people from taking video footage and uploading it to social media before they die/become zombies themselves. Expect Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat posts with hashtag #zombies #brainssss and the like.

2. A zombie apocalypse won’s stop Koreans from searching it on Daum/Naver and complaining about it on internet bulletin boards.

3. Koreans never watch zombie movies (because apparently, Train to Busan is the first ever Korean zombie movie), so they don’t know what the heck to do in the event that a zombie apocalypse happens.

4. Helicopters and trains can work in Korea even if they’re not manned by a pilot/driver.

5. Korean zombies can see and hear, but cannot smell. Therefore, even if you’re reeking of kimchi and/or soju, you’re good as long as you hide yourself and be very, very quiet.

6. As in all Korean dramas, Koreans can outrun moving vehicles. Including KoRail trains.

7. It doesn’t matter if they’re human or a zombie: an asshole is an asshole, no matter what state they’re in.

8. It is possible to hate on a child and wish she becomes zombie chow. (Sorry. I tried not to hate. I couldn’t stop myself.)

9. Always carry a coat or jacket. It might become handy in case zombies come-a-crashin’.

10. Learn a hula song. Who knows, Pearly Shells may end up saving your life.


Random comments, in bullets:

1. Gong Yoo never seems to get old.

2. Out of all the zombie movies I’ve seen, this movie has got to have the coolest zombie swarm scenes, ever.

3. If you’re into zombie films for the gore, you might be disappointed. But since I’m perfectly fine not being grossed out, I’m ok with it.

4. I won’t tell you exactly how it ends. But prepare to be heartbroken.


And here I am going, “whoa!” :O

TOP finally going shirtless after years of hiding under turtleneck shirts and jackets:

…and Rain finally doing a legitimate love scene as opposed to just being on top of a bed and that’s it.


There are other “blink and you’ll miss it” goodies hidden in the trailer for the movie For Love Or Money (aka. Difficult Love) so just watch this and enjoy :naughty: (and try to ignore his dubbed voice).

These, on top of all the scandals and heart-breaking events that has been going on lately. What the heck is happening with Korean entertainment???


‘My Palpitating Life’ second teaser + presscon.

My Palpitating Life (aka. My Brilliant Life), the Korean movie starring Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won, held their press conference today in Seoul and released their 1.5 minute teaser trailer:

credits: lovehyekyosong at YouTube

I don’t understand much of the dialog from the teaser but I already feel my chest tightening from all the feels. Can I handle this? Should I have a K-variety show at the side when I watch this?

Or maybe I should just look at Kang Dong Won’s presscon attire to cheer me up. :blink:


I’m sorry, I know it’s high fashion or whatever but… what is up with this literal head-to-toe Christmas lights ensemble???



I love looking at these marketing materials for the movie. They have this whole “lips are smiling but the eyes are sad” thing going on and the actors pulled it off marvelously. :clap:




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