You know that a K-drama is super-popular when…

…you learn that said drama will only air one episode this week due to the Lunar New Year celebration, and you literally hear simultaneous cries of

“NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo…!!!!” :cry:

from all corners of the earth.

That’s how big You Came From The Stars is.



And just because he’s part of said super-popular K-drama, I want to re-post my (latest) pic with the handsome Park Hae Jin. :smile:


My new goal: a photo with the Hot Boy, aka. Kim Soo Hyun. I’m claiming it now.

(The old goal, ie., pic with Rain? I know he’s been allowing to take pics with fans now, but for some reason I feel that said goal will never happen to me because the universe hates me when it comes to Rain.)


Hello, Thieves.

credits: Choyongpilofficial at YouTube

Cho Yong Pil has been in the news lately for being the artist that beat Psy at Korea’s Billboard charts (and all other charts in Korea, basically). Naturally, I got curious and checked out his song, Hello.

This was my face when I first few strums of the song started playing: :shock:

To be honest, I don’t know anything about Cho Yong Pil prior to this. I had to do a quick consultation with Mr. Google, who told me that Cho Yong Pil is a legend in Korean pop music since the 70’s and saying that his music has transcended various genres is an understatement. In fact, his Wikipedia page can’t seem to decide exactly what genre applies to him because his music is classified as “K-rock, K-pop, trot, new wave”. Never in my wildest dreams did I even imagine seeing the words ‘rock’, ‘new wave’, ‘pop’ and ‘trot’ in one sentence that describes a single artist.

When I searched for the Hello MV on YouTube, I was expecting a ballad, at the very least, because I have no idea about Cho Yong Pil’s music (I saw the MV before I consulted Mr. Google, who referred me to Manong Wiki). I never expected to hear a very current-sounding song with a very current-looking MV from a singer who is 60+ years old and has been in the music business for over 40 years.

I’ve been hearing/reading comments about artists whom they say are too old to compete with the current batch of idols because of their age (eg.: Rain, Lee Hyori, Shinhwa). Cho Yong Pil is the living proof that age is not a deterrent for an artist to evolve and be always ‘current’ in the music industry. They just have to learn how to reinvent themselves. A formula that worked in the past will not always work the same way in the future. Adaptation is the key to survive in this ever-changing business.


Random thoughts while watching the Korean movie, The Thieves (yes, I’m late in watching this movie):


1. I’ve always viewed Jeon Ji Hyun more as ‘sexy’ rather than pretty/beautiful. For me, her goddess status is more about how she carries herself rather than her actual looks. However, while watching this movie, I realized that she’s just ordinary when standing next to the really smokin’ hot Kim Hye Soo.

2. I have seen three Jeon Ji Hyun movies prior to The Thieves: My Sassy Girl, Windstruck and Il Mare. Notice that they were all old movies. That’s because I never got interested in watching her other movies after Windstruck because I found her acting skills ‘juvenile’. I have to admit that I was surprised at her acting in The Thieves. Even if this movie isn’t really an acting piece, I think she has improved a lot over time. I’ve been seeing some good feedback about her acting in the movie The Berlin File. I’ll have to see that movie to make an informed judgment.

It’s great to see the famed Korean Goddesses proving that they are much more than just pretty faces. Well, except for one, but I wouldn’t count on her catching up because it turns out, she’s adopting the ‘haters gonna hate’ attitude towards criticisms on her acting… :hopeless: Anyway, that’s :offtopic: and that’s just about the amount of blog space I’m giving that woman. Back to The Thieves

3. My personal definition of ‘depression’: seeing the 57-year-old Kim Hae Sook (some of you might know her as Song Hye Kyo’s real mother in Autumn In My Heart) looking so much younger, with toned arms to boot.


Again, another proof that age is not a deterrent for a person to evolve and look ‘current’.

4. Save for the pretty face, Lee Jung Jae and Jo In Sung really do have a lot of similarities. Therefore, it is no surprise that Kim Min Hee ended up dating Jo In Sung. For those who are not aware, Kim Min Hee used to date Lee Jung Jae.

5. Kim Soo Hyun may not have a lot of onscreen time here (the movie was filmed before he became a big star via Moon-Sun and it was said that after he became popular, they had to add a few more scenes to make his role a bit bigger) but the boy really does have electrifying screen presence. Surprise, he can be sexy! He actually had great chemistry with Jeon Ji Hyun. I only hope that the rumors that he has developed an attitude problem due to his enormous popularity are just rumors because it’ll be such a pity for him. He’s both good-looking and talented; it’s going to be such a waste if turns out to be an ass.


Addendum to the Jeon Ji Hyun part of this entry: Can anyone please tell me what this write up is all about?

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