Hi, guys. Anyone still here? :smile:

I haven’t been able to blog that much lately. The past few weeks have been difficult for me and my family. Coupled with Hell Season at work, I didn’t have that much time to do anything else. It was culminated with my father’s passing last week.

To cheer me up, my friend brought me to Eat… Bulaga! last Saturday. It was my first time back at the studio after almost a year. A few things have changed since then, some of which I can’t discuss publicly because I’m not yet equipped to deal with butthurt fans at the moment. :shutup: I did have one thing I want to blog about.

Last Saturday, I got to experience being one of the 37 judges for EB’s ACTually game. :thumbup:

We got lucky to be seated at that spot where they place the judges. They counted 37 people and we made the cut. As a judge, we were repeatedly asked to do one important thing: NO BIASES. Even if you’re a fan of Alden and Maine (who are both on Team Yellow), you have to judge the game fairly. I was like, how the heck do I avoid being biased when it comes to Alden?

I found out later on that it was quite easy for me to do so. We’ll get into that.

As part of the judging panel, we were automatically given limited edition Eat… Bulaga! t-shirts. In one size. And it’s MEDIUM. Ahm, how the heck do I fit my XL-self in a medium shirt??? It turned out that I’ve lost so many inches since late last year that my shirt size is now medium. :shock: Not sure if I should be happy about it, though, I mean given the circumstances around why I lost so much weight…

Then, we were given our ‘tickets’, i.e. the boards we needed to cast our votes for either the Blue or Yellow Team.

Cut to the game proper. The Blue Team was composed of Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Allan K, Baste, Anjo Yllana and the lone female member Pia Guanio. On the opposite side, Ryzza Mae Dizon, Ryan Agoncillo, Ruby Rodriguez, Luanne Dy, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards comprised the Yellow Team. If we talk of biases, I should be rooting for Yellow. I mean, most of my favorite Dabarkads are there.

It turned out, I voted for Blue all the way.

Admittedly, Yellow Team was better in Round 1. However, I still voted for Blue. Sorry, but I found it off when they resorted to using ‘kilig’ to get votes. :nono: I know for a fact that it’s for that reason why Yellow won that round. Quite a number of ‘judges’ were squealing in delight when the “engagement ring” came out that they didn’t bother concentrating on what the Blue Team did next. In the next few rounds, it’s like the Yellow Team focused on utilizing the AlDub kilig instead of thinking of more creative ways to use the featured item. I think that’s how the Blue Team beat them. C’mon, Jose Manalo is on the Blue Team. If that guy finds even the smallest hole of opportunity to slay the opponent, he’ll grab it. Their attack on the next few scenes, particularly on the toilet brush as windshield wiper and plastic pitcher as a megaphone was so out of the box – pun intended ;) – even the opposing team was impressed. There was a collective round of applause from even the EB staff and crew after the Blue Team’s megaphone stunt. :clap:

So yeah. Even if I kinda let my biases kick in on the first round because my vote was actually against Yellow’s pakilig stunt and not really in favor of Blue, I believe that overall, I voted based on who I think deserves it more based on the criteria given to us, ie., Acting, Creativity and Teamwork. Sorry, Alden.

Majority of the judges felt the same way. Even if they’re mostly AlDub fans, they still dropped their biases and gave their votes and eventually the win to the Blue Team. :thumbup:

I almost got swayed when Alden sang an Adele song, though. :dream: More of this, please!

For those who missed the episode, here it is. Credits go to Eat… Bulaga‘s official YouTube channel.


I think it’s safe to say that Boss Madam has officially become Eat… Bulaga‘s flagship segment.

While the rest of us were watching Joke Nos. 1 and 2, the studio was abuzz with preparations for Boss Madam. Ms Jenny was hands-on in prepping Ryzza Mae, Alden and Mama Ten (Boss Madam, Patrick and Kendoll, respectively) for their scene. I guess Boss Madam is the new Kalyeserye?


Scenes from the Walk of Fame.

Sorry for the late posting. Day job got in the way. ;)

Question of the Day: Why is it only now that Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Paolo Ballesteros and Alden Richards were given ‘stars’ at the Walk of Fame when these four (especially Jose and Wally) have been popular celebrities for quite some time? Especially since much lesser stars have been honorees in the past years?

Then again, Gabby Concepcion is also one of this year’s honorees. If there’s someone who should have been there a long time ago, it’s him.

I was able to catch this year’s unveiling of the Eastwood Walk of Fame where Team Kalyeserye, ie., Alden, Maine and JoWaPao were among the inductees. Unfortunately, Alden did not make it because he needed to rest (FINALLY!!!) but seeing Maine up close and in person for the second time (the first being Tamang Panahon) totally made up for it. Even if it means seeing her in person for just a few precious seconds.

(c) Agent P

I initially positioned myself at the main tent, but a friend called me up to say that it would be better if we watch the festivities at the place where the stars are (by ‘stars’, I meant the Walk of Fame stars, not the people/celebrities). This friend has attended previous Walk of Fame events and know how things will go (although she did also say that things were different in previous years; for example, in previous years, there were no barricades separating the stars from the audience). So I moved my butt from the tent – with a huge sigh of relief, if I may add, because I cannot take all the baseless chit chat around me any further :shutup: – and went to the place where the stars are. What I found? Was this.

(c) Agent P
(c) Agent P

Yep. They were still in the process of constructing the stars. :shock:

In fact, the honorees were already being presented at the main stage, and the Eastwood crew were still doing last minute touches to the stars:

(c) Agent P

You just know that this is a Kuya Germs event when you see a shining, shimmering, splendid veil being used to cover the stars.

(c) Agent P

A few minutes later, the honorees came in one by one. The first we saw was Eula Valdez, with Kara David and Harlene Bautista.

(c) Agent P
(c) Agent P

Then came the still-gorgeous Alice Dixson, along with Sunshine Dizon and Rocco Nacino:

(c) Agent P

More stars came in, and then… Bellestar Dancers! OMG, it IS indeed, a German Moreno show.

(c) Agent P

It just sucks that the Bellestars came in along with Gabby Concepcion, who was mind-numbingly handsome that I failed to take a decent photo. Argh! :aargh:

And then… without much fanfare, this lovely woman came running in like a playful child who outsmarted her guardians.

(c) Agent P

Wait… I think she did outsmart her guardians. It looked like she ran away from her horde of bodyguards because after the initial shock, all of a sudden she was covered by about a thousand burly men who totally blocked our view even if we’re behind a glass panel and we totally would never be able to do any damage to Maine. :bop: I learned from my friends who stationed themselves at the main tent that these bodyguards also formed a human barricade as she approached the stage. It’s like even Kuya Germs was not allowed to see her. (I’m exaggerating, but maybe not so much.) I know they were instructed not to let anyone touch her, but are we also not allowed to see her? WTH was that??? :nono: #MedyoOA ha.

So basically, when they removed the shining, shimmering, splendid cover to unveil the stars, this was what I was able to capture:

(c) Agent P

Well, I got a decent shot of Maine’s brother, at least.

Fortunately, I was able to spot her holding two trophies before she was buried under all that Rogelio. At least I got my ‘kilig’ fix for the night.

(c) Agent P

And even more fortunate, I was able to get one decent shot of the super-beautiful Maine Mendoza.

(c) Agent P

The very petite Maine wore a simple outfit, simple accessories, simple styling, but my golly, she SHONE brightly among the stars. There’s just something about her that draws attention towards her.

By the way, the horde of security was only for Maine (and, I assume, for Alden if he was able to make it). Maine left earlier than JoWaPao, and when she left, the battalion left with her. Although from what I gathered later on, it was quite understandable that they were given that kind of security. The crowd only reacts whenever Team Kalyeserye gets mentioned or makes an appearance. They nearly ignored the other honorees. I also gathered that nearly everyone at Eastwood was looking for Alden.

Which made us wonder what exactly were the other honorees thinking while being basically sidelined from all the rabid attention given to Maine and Team Kalyeserye?

You think I was kidding about the other stars being sidelined, albeit unintentionally, by Team Kalyeserye? Here’s one proof: when Maine’s battalion left, it was then that we realized that right in front of us was one of the super-popular young stars from the rival station: Enrique Gil.

(c) Agent P

He’s been there all along, and we didn’t notice. I actually thought he missed out on the Walk of Fame, being Kapamilya and all. Yun pala ayun lang sya sa harapan ko. Enebeyen.

After the honorees have left, the barricades were removed and the public may now take photos of/with the stars. That is, if you can manage to squeeze yourself in.

(c) Agent P
(c) Agent P

It’s like a scene straight out from The Walking Dead: the photo-opportunists are the horde of walkers and those two stars are the victims. What’s more annoying is that none of the horde wanted to leave in order to give way to the others who also wanted to take permanent residence at the Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza stars.

So permanent resident na kayo sa stars ng #AlDub, ganern? #aldubdejavulove #pasingitnamaaaan

A photo posted by Paulette Agent P (@agent_pau) on

That would’ve been a really cool address, though. Alden Richards-Maine Mendoza Stars, Eastwood City Walk, Libis, Quezon City. :hihihi: (Beside Jhake Vargas. hahaha!)



Aftermath: Eat… Bulaga! “Sa Tamang Panahon” Thanksgiving Concert
Philippine Arena – 24 October 2015


All I ever dreamed of was to get the chance to watch Eat Bulaga! live at the studio. What was given to me, like all other things given to me that’s related to Kalyeserye/AlDub, was something much, much, MUCH better. Something I never dreamed of getting.

I was stuck at Alden Richards’ album launch when they announced the Tamang Panahon event at Eat Bulaga. I only learned of the event because I was monitoring the show through live chat. I quickly messaged a fellow Alden (and Menudo/Ricky Martin)-fan friend, who had the quick-sense to call her friend who’s at Trinoma at that moment. Needless to say, we were one of the first people to have luckily purchased VIP tickets before it got sold out some 20 minutes later. (Tamang Panahon tickets became like Holy Grail after that.) At that point, I was already quite happy that I will get to personally witness the culmination of our Kalyeserye journey with the rest of AlDub Nation.

Then, for some reason, I seem to be destined to get extremely lucky when it comes to anything AlDub/Kalyeserye. (Someday, I will be telling you all about this in detail because everything has been just amazing, so far. Unless I get lazy and/or sidetracked again.) Another fellow AlDub-fan friend, this time from Cloud Philippines, offered me something even more awesome than VIP tickets: VVIP tickets. :whoa: Of course, I will not refuse. Why would I refuse a blessing that I didn’t even ask for?

And so, along with two friends from Alden Nation, I went to Philippine Arena on 24 October 2015 and became part of HISTORY.

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Kalyeserye 101.

This post is for my non-Filipino friends who may be wondering what the heck is that ‘AlDub’ thing that have I been posting on social media lately.

Here is a brief glossary of some terms or persons that you will encounter as you know more about this phenomenon:

Eat… Bulaga! – now on its 36th year and still counting, it is the longest running show in Philippine TV history. It is the first and only Filipino TV show to have an international franchise in Eat… Bulaga! Indonesia.

Tito, Vic and Joey (TVJ) – the main hosts of Eat… Bulaga! for the past 36 years, the comedy trio comprised of Tito Sotto (now a Senator, hence the nickname, ‘Tito Sen’; ‘Tito’ means ‘uncle’ in Filipino); Vic Sotto, brother of Tito and also goes by the monicker ‘Bossing’; and Joey De Leon. They usually act as the studio panelists (whenever they are present) while the remote segment is ongoing.

Juan For All, All For Juan – hereafter to be referred to as ‘Juan 4 All’, it is the segment of Eat… Bulaga! where they go on remote broadcast to various barangays (villages) in the country to give out prizes to deserving winners, particularly those who are financially stricken. The Kalyeserye is part of this segment.

Kalyeserye – a portmanteau of the words “kalye” (street) and “serye” (series), it refers to the improvisational drama series aired on live TV within the Juan 4 All segment. It’s being called so because half of the drama setting is literally being done on the streets.

Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Paolo Ballesteros (aka. JoWaPao) – hosts of the Juan 4 All segment, these three also portray various supporting characters for the Kalyeserye. Wally Bayola, in particular, plays Senyora Nidora Zobeyala vda. de Explorer (aka Lola Nidora; ‘Lola’ = grandma, but some of you regulars here already know that ;) ), the ‘villain’ between the star-crossed lovers in the series. (Yes, Lola Nidora is played by a man.)

AlDub – stands for ALden Richards and Yaya DUB, the romantic leads of the Kalyeserye.

Yaya Dub/Maine Mendoza – the main female character whose full name is Divina Ursula Bukbokova Smash, she is the caregiver of Lola Nidora (hence the ‘Yaya’ title; ‘Yaya’ means nanny or caregiver) who fell in love with a guy whom she only sees through split screen on the TV monitors. As of today, Yaya Dub only speaks via Dubsmash as Maine Mendoza, the actress who plays her, was known as the Dubsmash Queen of the Philippines prior to joining Eat… Bulaga! (She still is, actually). We might be hearing her actual voice soon. Hopefully.

Alden Richards – one of Eat… Bulaga’s regular hosts, the be-dimpled Pambansang (National) Bae is the other half of the AlDub couple. He is the man on the other side of the split screen. Recently, aside from Dubsmashing, he also communicates with Yaya Dub/Maine through written notes passed via split screen.

Allan K – one of the Eat… Bulaga! hosts who also mans the studio panel whenever one of TVJ is absent. He is credited for being the first person to notice and comment on live TV that Yaya Dub is smitten by Alden Richards, hence, the birth of the AlDub couple and Kalyeserye.

Pabebe – to put it simply, ‘pabebe’ means aegyo. (How fortunate it is that most of the international readers of this blog come from the K-drama/K-pop community, hence, I don’t need to explain further.) Therefore, ‘pabebe wave’, the small wave that is the AlDub couple’s trademark, simply means ‘aegyo-style waving’.


To explain it briefly, Kalyeserye began as a simple prank made by the Eat… Bulaga! staff on Maine Mendoza because they heard that she has a crush on Alden Richards. They made Alden sit on the audience area and focused the camera on him as Maine was doing her Yaya Dub thing on the other side of the split screen. (Note: Alden is stationed at the studio, while Maine is stationed at the barangay where Juan 4 All is on remote broadcast.)

I have been racking my brains trying to figure out how to explain how it all began. Fortunately, some really blessed souls have come up with English-subbed clips of the July 16, 2015 episode of Juan 4 All where Yaya Dub (sort of) met Alden, which eventually led to the birth of the AlDub and Kalyeserye phenomena. :whee!: That certainly saved me a lot of time and brain cells. *whew!* :lol: Watch the clip below:

The subbing group has uploaded the first 4 days with English subs on their YT channel, so do check them out if you want to indulge in more AlDub goodness.

And do it soon, because AlDub may soon become MaiDen (Maine and Alden). ;)

After a few episodes of the two of them flirting via split screen, it somewhat evolved into a story that mainly revolves around the two (literal) on-screen lovers who are being prevented from meeting each other in person by Lola Nidora. Various characters and drama series stereotypes have been introduced and incorporated throughout the series. It was Joey De Leon who eventually labeled it as ‘Kalyeserye’.

Aside from its popularity on social media (so far, they hold the record for the most number of Tweets posted within 24 hours in the Philippines at 5.6 million) and insanely high TV ratings for a noontime show, the Kalyeserye has been gaining much praise from various sectors of Philippine society for its ability to fuse entertainment with values education. Despite its comedy roots, the characters – Lola Nidora, in particular – also impart moral lessons for today’s youth, such as the value of patience and hard work, especially in forging romantic relationships.


Any questions, clarifications and violent reactions? Feel free to post them at the Comments section below. :smile:


Kilig pa more and more.

Apologies to my non-Filipino readers, as I will be using mostly Filipino words for this blog entry. I will not be able to fully express my feelings over today’s episode of Eat Bulaga unless I speak in the vernacular. My blog will go back to normal after… I dunno, really. :shrug:

Side note: I would’ve wanted to include screencaps on this blog entry para mas intense, pero salamat, ha, Globe, dahil tumayming kayong mag-down kung kelan (1) magkikita na sina Alden at Maine kanina; at (2) kailangan ko mag-online para mag-blog, mag-Tweet, mag-PEx at makipag-chikahan ‘inside the car’! Tapos ang bagal pa ng mobile internet ko! Booset!!! :chair: :flaming:


Random Thoughts on the September 5, 2015 episode of Eat… Bulaga!

Pansin n’yo, ‘Eat… Bulaga’ ang sinabi ko? Hindi ‘Kalyeserye’?

Kasi hindi lang yung Kalyeserye ang panalo ngayon. Buong show, winner!

1. Tahitian Pa More!

Kudos to Eat… Bulaga! Kayo lang siguro ang TV show sa bansang ito na nagawang pagilingin ang mga magaganda at seksing babae na halos walang saplot sa katanghaliang tapat, pero hindi malaswa. :clap:

However, parang mas bet ko yung performance ni Valeen Montenegro kaysa kay Dianne Medina. Di ko kasi matanggap na biglang naging Arabian Nights yung Tahitian Pa More.

2. Juan For All, All For Juan – Barangay Bayanihan, Sugod Bahay

So many gems sa segment na ito.

(a) Jose Manalo as Lola Tinidora – seriously, mami-miss ko ang character na ito pag nawala na siya. Ilang araw na kong maihi/maluha sa kakatawa sa Ladder Dance to the tune of Mambo No. 5 with rambutan on the side na mga dance numbers niya.

(b) Barangay Bayanihan segment – si Alden ang bumunot ng number, number 3 ang nakuha. Which happens to be Maine’s birth month and date, and her favorite number din ata, if I remember correctly. Yun. #TeamTadhana

(c) Tiya Nena, the Sugod-Bahay winner na nagkataon pang naniniwala sa Forever. Chalk up another point for #TeamTadhana.

(d) “Happy Wedding!” Priceless ang reaction ni Bossing Vic at ng lahat ng nasa studio. :rotflmao: #Kalyeserye Season 2 na yan!

(e) Jose and his pambubuyo kay Tito Sen and Allan K na sagutin na yung mga concerns ni Tiya Nena. :thumbup:

3. Kalyeserye, sa loob ng van

Nawindang kaming lahat nang bumulaga si Yaya Dub sa likuran ni Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola). Ang masasabi ko lang: ANG GANDA GANDA GANDA NI MAINE MENDOZA. Yung ganda na pati si Paolo Ballesteros hindi maka-get over sa pagsasabing, “ang ganda ni Yaya Dub!”. And I bet, agree si Bae Alden dahil sya mismo hindi maialis ang mata sa monitor niya. Bukod pa sa sinabi n’ya through fan sign (‘free will’ kaya ito?).

4. Alden’s Production Number

The Fallen Angel – naalala ko si Piolo Pascual at ang kanyang Clear shampoo commercial na si Rain sana dapat pero… *that is all thank you*

In fairness, though, level up kung level up ang Pambansang Bae. I remember prior to this, nagbibiruan kami ni Charity (na matagal nang fan ni Alden) na kailangang bigyan na niya ng maraming allowance si Baby Alden niya para hindi na kailanganing sumayaw. :hihihi: Nagbiro pa siya kagabi na nagpadala na siya ng dagdag allowance at pressure cooker (na sabi ko, baka sa Rogelios mapunta). Mukhang umepek ang pressure cooker. :grin:

5. Richard Faulkerson, Jr.

“Akala n’yo si Alden Richards ‘no? Ako si Richard Faulkerson, Jr, ang Mr. Pogi ng Sta. Rosa, Laguna.”

Si Maine, sa inset, was like, “wha…?” :eek:

We may interpret it in two ways: (a) Throwback to five years ago when he wasn’t Alden Richards yet, or (b) the person on our TV screens from that point until the end of the show was not Alden Richards, but Richard Faulkerson, Jr. :think:

I’ll take choice (b). :naughty:

6. Buko Juice date with Lola Nidora

Unfortunately, mga #TeamAlembong/#TeamSPG ;) lang sa PEx ang makaka-relate kung bakit tumatak sa akin ‘to. Lalo akong natawa nung pumulandit ang buko juice nung tinusok ni Alden. :hihihi:

I better stop there. :shutup:

Yung confusion and ‘lutang’ na actions ni Alden before and after ng number n’ya, scripted or free will? :think:

6. Maine Mendoza, on drums

At first, parang ‘Cindeyaya na naman??’ Thankfully, nag-level up naman pala. Kaya lang ang Rogelios, mukhang may masasampal na naman si Lola Nidora sa Monday. :bop: It’s cool that they incorporated Lola Tinidora’s Ladder Dance, kasi nga naman si Lola Tinidora ang choreographer niya.

And then came… Maine Mendoza, on drums. Whoa. :shock: :rakenrol: I think that was the game changer, right there.

7. Maine Mendoza on drums, part 2

That moment when the camera was focused on Alden on the inset screen, he was supposed to act frustrated (pero napatayo nung biglang nag-attempt mag-breakdance si Maine), and then came Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, with Maine on drums. Nakatingin lang ako kay Alden most of the time, and I swear, there was a brief moment na nakalimutan n’ya yung supposed to be frustration niya at naging ‘proud boyfriend’ ang itsura niya. Di nakatiis eh, ‘no? :dream:

Olats si internet kaya hindi ako makapag-download para ma-screengrab. Salamat sa aking sister from another father and mother, may screengrab ako as proof. :hihihi:


8. Salisi Gang

Yung feeling na habang nagsasalisihan sina Maine at Alden, parang maho-hopiang may kasamang ammonia na kailangang magpa-standby sa Red Cross. Yung kahit may tiwala ka sa hype Tweets ni Joey De Leon, parang ayaw mo pa rin maniwala kasi etong dalawang ito, pwede namang doon dumaan sa kabilang side ng stage kung bakit pinipilit bumalik sa iisang side lang. Yes, ganon nila pinaglaruan ang ating feelings.

9. The Meeting.

But when it finally happened… my gas Abelgas. Best 30 seconds of my life. :dream: :whee!: :drool: Sarap lang ulit-ulitin. Pero dahil hindi ko mai-embed ang Facebook video dito, ito na lang fan-made MV na napulot ko sa YouTube:

alden-maine meet
(Thanks to Melody for the screengrab)

I swear, Koreanovela levels ang kilig. O baka lampas-lampasan pa, kasi totohanan ito. (Walang basagan ng trip. Wala kayong pake, basta para sa akin totoo ito.) Kahit sampung seasons (teka ilang seasons na ba sila) ng We Got Married hindi kayang talunin ito.

But to paraphrase my sister from another father and mother na nasa Amerika: kung aktingan lang ito, aba’y saksakan ng husay talagang aktor si Alden Richards.

10. Ang plywood at si Lola Nidora


To quote that post that I chanced upon at PEx at nire-Tweet ko at umani ng daan-daang RT at Favorite for the first time in my Twitter career (Twitter career? LOL): kung ano-anong paraan na ang naisip sa mga teleserye para humadlang sa dalawang taong nag-iibigan. Malupit na magulang, amnesia, kakambal, etc etc. Akalain mong ang Eat Bulaga, plywood lang, solb na.

(Kunsabagay, last week nga, kung ano-anong gimik na ang ginawa ng kalaban for the sake of ratings. Ang Eat Bulaga, pinabili lang ng laing at pinangat si Alden. Napulot ko lang sa Twitter.)

Palakpakan na may kasamang sigawan para kay Wally Bayola. :clap: Napaiyak niya hindi lang sina Alden at Maine, kundi ang lahat ng manonood sa buong mundo. Talagang maluha-luha pa siya habang nagpapangaral, and he even managed to sneak in the blueprint joke (mad props din sa writers for this brilliant idea). Dapat ding bigyan muli ng isang masigabong palakpakan ang mga mga tao sa likod ng Eat Bulaga dahil patuloy nilang matagumpay na napagsasama ang pagbibigay-aliw at pagbibigay-aral sa mga manonood. :arrow:

Meanwhile… yung iyak ni Alden. Parang may mas malalim na hugot, ano? With matching hampas pa sa kawawang plywood? (At sipa sa hagdan nung salisihan, as per the fancam from Maine’s uncle na uncle na rin daw ni Alden, sabi nya. :shock: Huyyy aktingan lang, diba?)

11. Epilogue

Yung selfie ng mga Rogelio kasama ang TVJ at si AK. Panalo. :lmao:

Basta, ang galing galing galing lang ng lahat ng tao na bumubuo ng Kalyeserye ng Eat Bulaga. Sobrang henyo kayo. Salamat, Maraming Salamat, sa ligayang ibinibigay ninyo sa amin araw-araw (pwera Linggo). :clap: