Random Thoughts No. 88.

Warning: There’s a quite a bit of #DelusionalAgentP in here.

In the midst of rushing to meet my work deadlines, ignoring my niece who’s doing a marathon of Descendants of the Sun in the same room, and eating a bowl of lugaw with the works (tokwa, baboy, lumpia at itlog), I had some random thoughts. I don’t know why those random thoughts just popped in my head while I was busy carving meat off a pig’s cheeks, but they just did.

1. Rain trying to hide while dating his publicly-known girlfriend vs. Song Hye Kyo proudly posting photos of her friendly gatherings with people like Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki on her own Instagram only cements our past suspicions that it was Rain who didn’t want to reveal his real relationship with Hye Kyo to the public. He’s still hiding, and she is not. Yes, I still believe that they were in a relationship. Remember which blog you are in.

2. Hye Kyo has been open about meeting up with the guys she works or worked with, but can anyone recall if she had at least openly talked about her personal relationship with Hyun Bin before? :think: Because right now, I don’t remember anything of that sort. This also cements my belief that H2 wasn’t – isn’t – real. She never hid her relationship with Lee Byung Hun in the past, didn’t she?

3. Someone might point out that Hye Kyo also hid relationship (whatever it was) with Rain, therefore, BiKyo wasn’t real, neither. My response to that is: See (1). Also, she eventually revealed through interviews that she met up with Rain from time to time. She never had that sort of thing with Hyun Bin.

4. I haven’t really watched DoTS yet because I’m already late with my reports (to those people who tell me to ditch my reports in favor of DoTS: how about YOU finish my reports for me so that I can watch DoTS? :nono: Wag kayong ano). From what I’ve seen, so far, I seem to be more drawn towards Jin Goo instead of Song Joong Ki. As I’ve said before, I find SJK to be too pretty for my tastes.

5. For some reason, whenever Song Joong Ki smirks or does something cute on DoTS, I see Alden, the Kalyeserye character. It’s either I can see that Alden Richards is capable of portraying SJK’s DoTS character, or a sign that I have overdosed on Alden that I see him in almost everything.


This has got to be the randomest Random Thoughts entry, ever.


Taking a break from my current fandom…

…to write about my (former?) Korean love. I know this will ruffle some feathers, but do you think I’d care? :rolleyes:

[AllKpop] Kim Tae Hee and Rain captured vacationing together!

cr: AllKpop

1. You’re a publicly declared couple that has been rumored to be getting married at least once every quarter for the past three years. WTF is up with all that hiding? Excuse me, “hiding”?

2. There’s media coverage of the airport arrival? Really? And from YTN KStar, the official Rain-KTH media outlet?

3. And this is news, why? :shrug: Do people really think a not-so-young couple who’s been together for three years that’s caught on a date is still news-worthy?

4. Jihoon, you’re in the middle of an Asian tour. You have projects in China. This is the only news that you can come up with in your homeland? What’s the matter with you? Where’s the World Star Rain that I used to love so much?

Yeah, yeah, I’m sure I will be bombarded (albeit, behind my back) with “here she goes again, jealous of his relationship with KTH, why doesn’t she just leave them alone” blah blah blah. Number One, this is my blog and I will write whatever I want to write, whenever I feel like writing. Two, I feel sad that this is all there is to it now for my World Star Rain. I refuse to accept that the only thing that’s keeping his career alive in Korea is his personal affairs. He deserves so much more than this.

Yeah, and apparently, I still care. Somebody slap me out of this. :wall: (Balik ka na kasi, Alden!)


Mind. Blown.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about the usual contents of this blog because, well, there’s really nothing new nor exciting to write about. (Not that it has stopped me before, but people get tired sometimes, you know?) Anyway, this topic totally blew my mind because I never expected it.

On the latest episode of the tVn variety show Grandpas Over Flowers, Choi Ji Woo and Lee Seo Jin were on a drive with the fellow cast members in Greece when the topic of friends in the industry came up. Choi Ji Woo mentioned that she is friends with Kim Tae Hee, and both of them together with Song Hye Kyo like to watch movies together. :whoa: As reference, here is the clip of that part as posted at On Demand Korea (embedding is not allowed so I’m just posting a link to the content). I had doubted the translations at first because, maybe, Ji Woo meant she goes to the movies with the princess at times and with Hye Kyo at other times, but I saw this recap from breathlesssurvival’s blog that basically confirms that Ji Woo said all three of them go to the movies together.

I know that Choi Ji Woo and Song Hye Kyo have been friends for a long time. They are part of a big circle of friends who all happen to be A-listers in Korean entertainment, including Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jung Jae and Kim Seung Woo. Choi Ji Woo and the princess, on the other hand, were in Stairway To Heaven together. They probably became friends through that drama. (Honestly, I had to Google how they became friends and was, like, :boinkself: when the results told me something that I should’ve already known as Stairway To Heaven was the first K-drama that I saw and got obsessed with. I guess I totally blurred out everything princess-related in my memory…)

However, Kim Tae Hee and Song Hye Kyo, hanging out together? Has anyone seen that coming? Did Choi Ji Woo acted as referee became the common friend that brought them together?

Anyway, I’m not qualified to judge. I don’t know them personally. I’m just too floored at the thought, that’s all. Maybe I’ll just believe it when I see the princess’ face posted at Hye Kyo’s Instagram.

PS: I found it even more amusing that Lee Seo Jin followed up Ji Woo’s remark about her being friends with KTH and SHK by saying that he hasn’t seen those two but he has occasionally seen Rain. :hihihi: For once, I am not annoyed at seeing his and the princess’ names in one article. What I do found annoying, however, is how this segment of the episode is being used to drum up a few media plays for the couple (and I don’t mean Choi Ji Woo and Lee Seo Jin), just because both their names were mentioned. :kilay:


Random observation:

What is up with the resurgence of BiKyo fans commenting on both their Instagram accounts that they miss the BiKyo couple? Even more so, what is up with some Rain-only fans – some of whom even berated me in the past for not supporting his choice in women :rolleyes: – who are now posting messages of support for Song Hye Kyo on social media, particularly at Hye Kyo’s IG? :think: