Amazing cam.

Around May or June 2017, I got swayed by a friend to buy something from a Sony super-zoom point-and-shoot camera that was on sale at the time. It was an impulse buy, but I’m such a sucker for photography gear that’s on sale. Plus, at the time I wasn’t too keen on lugging a heavy DSLR or the mirrorless camera with all those lenses when I cover Alden’s events. I gritted my teeth and bought it.

Said camera, whom I named Ama (because I bought it from Amazon; yes, I give names to my toys), has been my constant companion on gigs and events since then. It has never failed me.

Now, more than ever, I am so glad that I made that impulse buy. This palm-sized toy is a BEAST.

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Always like the first time.

Aftermath: Cadbury Joy Ride with Alden Richards
23 September 2016 – UP Ayala Technohub

I was supposed to write about The Dawn’s 30th Anniversary gig, but I guess that has to take a backseat. Again.


I thought this would just be another one of those usual fangirling days. I’d go to an event, take photos, hope that Alden spots me in the crowd… that sort of thing. It did rain, though, which has always been a guaranteed sign for us at Alden International: When it rains, we’ll get an Alden moment. (I wonder how we’re going to manage when dry season comes? Tag-tuyot din sa moment? Wag naman po. :pray: ) I am not ashamed to say that the rain gave me hope that maybe I’ll get more than the usual ‘Ate Pau!’ thing.

I did everything that Cadbury required the attendees to do: I registered at their Facebook page; I arrived early at the venue, lined up and registered my name and cellphone number; I bought the required purchase to be eligible for the Meet and Greet, which I didn’t mind at all because, hello! Cadbury Dairy Milk!

And then I waited some more. Alone.

At 6:41pm, I received the following text message:


My jaw dropped. I wanted to scream and hug someone to share my joy, but I was alone at the time. There were other fans, but they don’t know me – or maybe not – and there’s a slight possibility that some of those who were there hated me with a passion, if they knew that the fat girl that’s hogging the front of the stage was Agent P. :phew: What I did, instead, was to screengrab the SMS and posted it on Facebook. And while I was doing that, my hands were shaking and I was barely able to contain my excitement. :hihihi: Which was totally hilarious, because a meet and greet with Alden Richards is nothing new to me – heck, the latest one was just last Tuesday – yet I was acting as if I’ll be meeting him for the first time. :oops: I think my AI friends can relate, though. We have talked numerous times about how seeing Alden in person always feels like it’s the first time. I think even if we see him every day (which we don’t), the excitement level will always the same.

I had intended to use my Huawei P9+ phone because I wanted to road-test the camera, which was why I positioned myself near the stage so that there’ll be no need for zoom lens. But the Meet and Greet winners were asked to lined up on the side so I had to leave my prized spot. Alden arrived at the venue, and he actually passed in front of me but since I was acting like a total newbie, I totally forgot to take footage. :slaphead: He was quickly covered by the crowd of much taller people some of whom were even standing on chairs. :aargh: Then I remembered that I brought Changi, the 40x zoom camera, with me. I whipped it out and tried to take pics of Alden singing Akin Ka Na Lang.

Operative word: TRIED.


AARGH. :aargh:

While I was trying to stretch-and-tip-toe my way through the crowd, someone tapped my arm. It was Mama Ten. :hihihi:

After one song came the Meet and Greet. The great thing about Cadbury’s Meet and Greet is that (1) they allowed us to use our own cameras/phones; and (2) it was a SOLO pic with Alden. How blessed was I? It’s my first time to win something from this fandom, and I got this one. :cheer: After just a few minutes came my turn for the selfie, and Alden greeted me with…

“Ate Pau, pawis na pawis ka na naman!” (Ate Pau, you’re sweating so much again!)

Ok, not exactly what I was expecting, pero may ‘Ate Pau!’ moment naman so kebs.

I really hate it that I almost always looked like someone dumped a bucket of water over my head whenever Alden sees me. But what can I do when the most perspired part of my body is my head?

So anyway, TMI. :hihihi: Here’s our lovely selfie:



This is my cue to rave about Huawei P9+’s camera. Yep, the one with Leica lenses. I only used the front cam here, and it looked like I took this pic using either GD-TOP (DSLR) or Boojie (mirrorless). :whoa: Imagine what the rear camera can do! I totally did not make a mistake when I got this phone.

After the quick Meet and Greet, Alden has left the building, er, the venue. It took a while before I got off my high from this totally unexpected, yet amazing experience. What am I saying, I’m still feeling high now. Which is why it’s almost 3:00am and I’m still blogging about it.

On my ride home, this was posted on the window beside me:


Pretty much sums up my night. :thumbup:


I really didn’t want to spoil this blog entry by saying something that might ruin it, but I just want to get something off my chest.

Lately, my group has been on the receiving end of nasty snide comments even if we weren’t saying or doing anything controversial, or even substantial. Some people just want to spew and sow hatred on us for reasons known only to them. I get that they always feast on ampalaya on a daily basis and we basically can’t do anything about that, but let me just throw this one out there.

I don’t understand why whenever Alden’s fans express how PROUD and HAPPY we are of his achievements, we had to take crap from some people. I really don’t get it. Bakit parang bawal matuwa para sa kanya?

Nagtatanong lang po.


Agent P’s battle gear.

I haven’t been checking my Instagram DM inbox until recently – basically because I’m such an IG noob even if I’ve been using it for years :boinkself: – so I didn’t know until now that I’ve been receiving several inquiries regarding what kind of camera I use for my Alden/AlDub photos. I don’t have a single answer to that question, so I decided to dedicate a blog entry for that and (hopefully) those who asked will be able to read it.
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Tip for Globe subscribers.

For the past week or so, I have been experiencing problems with both my net connection and my cellphone signal (both of which are under Globe Telecom) whenever I’m at home. It’s not a problem when I’m somewhere else, like at my work place or at the nearby mall. It’s only when I get home that my signal becomes crappy. As in one-bar or none-at-all crappy. :aargh: At first I thought that the ongoing construction at our house which led to the Wimax antenna cable being relocated was the culprit, but my cellphone signal is having similar problems and it’s not dependent on that antenna. I also spoke to a next-door neighbor who informed me that she’s having the same problem with her Globe phone whenever she’s at home.

Then came Typhoon Glenda, and it became worse.

Last night, I was thisclose to throwing away Jackson the laptop because of really bad internet. (Note to this blog’s newbies: I tend to give names to my ‘toys’, a trait that I imbibed from hanging out with people who give names to all of their gadgets.) (Note 2: this laptop is named Jackson because it’s the big brother of my work notebook named Winston, in reference to the Tagalog version of My Love From The Star.) So I took the initiative and Tweeted Globe’s customer service account to inquire about the problem.

I spoke to a total of four customer service personnel in a span of a few hours. The last one informed me that maintenance work is currently ongoing in my area, hence the signal problems with both Wimax and mobile.

Tonight, both Wimax and my cellphone miraculously had excellent signals and internet speeds. :shock:

I wonder: if I didn’t lodge a complaint, would they have fixed it? :think:

Anyway, what I learned from this experience is, if you’re a Globe subscriber and you have a complaint or an inquiry, the quickest and most responsive customer service team would be the ones on Twitter. :thumbup: I’ve had customer concerns with Globe before, ranging from billing errors to internet connection problems. Talking on the phone would be tedious, and if you’re lucky enough, you might end up yelling at someone in frustration. Going to the business center is out of the question; there’s always a loooooong line of people who most probably have the same problems as you waiting to be served. Somehow, per my experience, all of my past issues with Globe got resolved via Twitter.

Just to clarify: This is not a paid ad by @TalkToGlobe. :hihihi: