Magic words.

Hello! It’s been a while. I’ve been buried under piles and piles of garbage reports as it’s peak season at work right now. :stretcher: I barely have time to sleep, much more enjoy a hobby.

I just want to share something amusing that happened to me here at the office just a few moments ago…

An employee of my client agency offered to sell me some food supplements (juice and capsules), trying to entice me by using the magic words: “LOSE WEIGHT, FAST AND SAFE”. She said many of her colleagues have been using the product, and one by one they started parading their ‘brand-new selves’ in front of me. Of course, I’m new here so I’m really not sure how much have changed from their old selves to their brand new selves. Anyway, I would have been interested, not because of the losing weight part, but because with this new assignment wherein I have to travel a minimum of two hours per trip, I would need all the supplements I could get to boost my physical and mental energy.

And then, maybe in another attempt to get a successful sale out of me, she uttered more magic words: “pag ininom mo ito, mawawalan ka ng ganang kumain! (if you take this capsule, you will lose your appetite!)”


You could pretty much tell what happened next.



I couldn’t imagine how my life would be if I started taking supplements to suppress my appetite :ayaw: and then I made my client happy and they send me these:

Hearty afternoon merienda. #thankyousasponsor #okoy #lumpia #camotefries #pandesal #food #foodie #foodporn

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From picks to chopsticks.

Atsushi Matsuura was a guitarist for the legendary Filipino rock band The Dawn. If you know the song “Salamat”, he was the guitarist there. He’s also the subject of my most favorite photo from when I was his band’s official stalker, when I had just started to get interested in photography and my tool of choice was a tiny Casio 1.8MP digital camera (don’t laugh; it was THE cool gadget at the time).


But aside from being a musician/rock star, I’ve known Atsushi as a foodie, even back when the word ‘foodie’ was not part of our social media vocabulary. My food knowledge became broader after hanging out with him and his band clique. Prior to meeting Atsushi, I have never imagined snacking on asparagus spears dipped in Japanese mayo spiked with wasabi powder. (Actually, prior to meeting Atsushi, I thought the correct term was ‘wasabe’. :boinkself: ) It was his mom who taught me the difference between soup and stew, way before I even saw Lee Young Jae complaining about Han Ji Eun’s ‘multiplayer’ soup in Full House. Atsushi is actually the one who introduced me to real Korean food by bringing me to Minsok Restaurant which later on became me and my friends’ barometer when it comes to Korean food in the Philippines. (Isn’t that ironic? A Japanese person introduced me to good Korean food.)

Atsushi was the one who taught me and my brother what real Japanese food should be.
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