January 1.

Checking my Facebook Memories feed has become a daily habit for me. Today, January 1, brought back this gem:


I can laugh about it now, but I still clearly recall how floored I was, waking up with a deluge of messages from all channels bearing that same news and ending it with, “oh yeah, Happy New Year!” :lmao: I remember wishing it was April Fools instead.

My blog regarding that piece of news was even more hilarious. Talk about being delusional and constantly in denial. Seriously, was I that bad? Ew. :lol:

(Oh stop, Agent P. Your delulu-ness was the one that brought site traffic on your blog. Be grateful. :razz: )

In light of the latest New Year couple being EXO’s Kai and Blackpink’s Jennie, I wish your fanbases are handling it well. Been there, done that. You’ll survive, trust me.


Late reaction: MAMA 2013.

I know this is more than a week late, but I didn’t get the chance to watch the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) until this weekend. Since I have already discussed Rain’s part in detail, I will be commenting on the non-Rain parts of the show.

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Random Thoughts No. 85.

Hello! Anyone still here?

I know I haven’t been blogging as often as before. I think I’m having my annual Writer’s Block. But wait… practically the entire year has been one big Writer’s Block for me. Guess I’m losing my touch, huh?


Either I’m losing my touch, or I just got tired. There’s nothing to write about my usual blog subject, unless I want to be at the receiving end of the ire of his ‘loyal’ supporters who pretend to be not reading this blog or my Twitter/Facebook. :naughty:


Tonight, Infinite is having a concert in Manila. And I’m at home not watching them. Reasons: (1) It’s my mom’s birthday, and it’s just not right to be spending that special day somewhere else, especially given the fact that I’m not a fan of this group (I don’t even know the members, save for Hoya whom I only knew because of Reply 1997); (2) because I’m not a fan, I’m not willing to shell out what’s left of my fast-dwindling pocket money just for blogging purposes, especially if it will turn out to be another blog entry that people will just ignore because (a) it’s not about Rain; (b) I would not be swooning over Infinite; and (c) after that incident at SuShow5 where I had to leave GD-TOP at the baggage counter, I am now wary of carrying it at concerts, hence, there won’t even be good photos to fill up that blog entry.


I am so NOT a ray of sunshine today, am I? Oh wait. Since when was Agent P a ray of sunshine in the first place? :lol: I’ve totally forgotten what my blogging persona is.


I read this amusing Netizenbuzz post this morning:

EXO nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards

What caught my attention was not the K-netizen comments but those coming from the I-netizens. I find it amusing that they are underestimating the One Directioners and Beliebers because, to paraphrase one comment, these fans are not as ‘crazy and dedicated’ as the Kpop fans because they only focus on buying albums and concert tickets. As opposed to Kpop fans who would do anything just to win online polls.

I agree on the ‘crazy’ part. But ‘dedicated’?

Isn’t it that the entire point of fandom is to make our idols on top of the charts and have a lasting career by buying their albums/DVDs and watching their concerts/movies/dramas/whatever legit projects they are undertaking? The thing that I notice with Kpop fans – well, the non-Koreans and Japanese, to be exact – is that they are so noisy on the internet especially during online polls, but only a handful would actually buy the albums/DVDs or spend for concert tickets. The rest would just settle for ‘affordable merchandise’ (read: pirated copies), or would just leech them off from the internet for free. And they would settle for stalking the idols at the airport, in hotels, in restaurants, or wherever the idol goes instead of saving enough money to buy at least a General Admission ticket. These “fans” are even louder on the internet whenever the official fan clubs would withhold the vital information they need for their stalking activities. :rolleyes:

Am I right or am I right?

It’s no wonder that unlike 1D or Bieber, quite a lot of Korean entertainers who boast about being ‘internationally known’ (or as Korean media would call it, “World Stars”) don’t really have the actual numbers to back it up. And by actual numbers, I meant album sales, box-office results, and simply being known by the average man-on-the-street in America or Europe. The only one who could legitimately say that he is internationally known is Psy.


Today’s mandatory Rain post:

Rain was in Beijing over the weekend for a Bazaar event and gave this autograph to a fan. Or to be exact, Rain was in Beijing but his mind was somewhere else when he wrote this autograph. :hihihi:

rain-rain autograph

Although when I saw the photos and video clip of his performance, it seems that his mind was somewhere else, period. Not just when he signed the autograph.


I guess, the recent Korea fanmeeting was truly a special day, then. It’s the only time, so far, where he was really there.

(All photos not mine. Credits, as tagged.)


KBS Music Bank is the best place to take a nap!

Oh wait. This isn’t Trip Advisor.


It was raining pretty hard the entire day on 12 July so we’re glad that our itinerary consisted of indoor activities. After our brief stint at the Lee Soon Shin set, we moved to KBS Hall for the live broadcast of KBS Music Bank. We got there a lil’ bit too early for the 4:50pm call time so we lingered outside KBS Hall with the other fans. Thankfully, the waiting area has a roof overhead so we’re all protected from the rain.

I shudder at the thought of doing this at SBS Inkigayo where fans have to wait outdoors, with nothing to protect them from the elements. :nailbite:
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