Stay strong.

Useless trivia about me: I am one of those single, middle-aged (aray ko) people whose only responsibility in life is to take care of her parents. Both my Papa and Mama are in their late-70s; Mama had a mild stroke years ago which slowed her down considerably, but both of them still try to be active despite their age. My father still drives; my mother still cooks up a storm on Sundays. They both love to travel, and wish that they can still do so while they still can.

This is why I can relate to Abbott Nutrition Philippines’ campaign for Ensure: “‘Ensure Strength to Fulfill Your Dreams’ (which) aims to remind both caregivers and parents to take the necessary action in helping older Filipino adults have good nutrition to maintain their strength. The campaign also encourages older adults to stay in good physical condition to enjoy an active retirement.”

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I found myself listening intently during the short lecture by Dr. Jose Rodolfo Dimaano Jr., medical director of Abbott’s nutrition business in the Philippines. I belong to Ensure’s target market: an adult in the 30s-50s bracket who is taking care of his/her parents aged 50 and above. I know very well that one, if not the main deterrent for people aged 40 and above (an age bracket that I currently belong in) to still fulfill their dreams and passions is the lack of energy and being prone to illnesses. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. “As one grows older, nutrition gaps and declining lean body mass contribute to the loss of physical strength, making it difficult to perform simple tasks like walking or climbing stairs,” says Dr. Dimaano. I can SO relate to the “walking or climbing stairs” part, and I’m not even referring to my parents. :hihihi:

However, he emphasized that it’s never too late to help our parents achieve their dreams. While nutrition gaps are inevitable due to common conditions present in adults such as poor digestion and nutrient absorption, poor appetite brought by illnesses, etc. there are nutritional supplements that one can take in order to fill those gaps. This is where products like Ensure come in.

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Meanwhile, actor and Ensure brand ambassador Dingdong Dantes *insert muffled fangirl screams here* shared his personal stories about him and his father. He said his father was very much like him: he was very active in his youth, engaging in the same activities that he does now such as riding motorcycles. However, age has caught up and Dingdong knows that he must do something to help his father continue his passions and still achieve his dreams. “As a son, it’s my duty to remind him about proper nutrition – for him to stay stronger so he can fulfill his dreams,” says Dingdong. “By doing so, he will be able to live his life strongly and to the fullest.”

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At the Q&A, Dingdong and Dr. Dimaano shared more information about Ensure and what it can do to help us fill the nutritional gaps that our body needs. Key features include:

• Complete and balanced nutrition with three major nutrients and 28 vitamins and minerals meeting the recommendations of nutritional experts
• High protein to build and maintain body tissue
• Prebiotics to help promote digestive tract health and support probiotic ecology
• Suitable for people with lactose intolerance

It can also be used as a dietary supplement for people who want to lose weight. Hmmm… :think: (With proper diet, exercise, and under proper medical supervision, of course.)

#EnsureStayStrong Press Conference

For more information, visit Abbott’s official website, on Facebook, and on Twitter @AbbottNews and @AbbottGlobal.

(I consider this blog entry as a milestone. For the first time in my 10-year ‘career’ as a blogger, I got formally invited to cover an event. And it’s not a ‘pordalab’ thing. :hihihi: )