Alden at 27 – Eat Bulaga.

Beginning today – hopefully, on a regular basis from now on :razz: – I shall be uploading galleries of photos that I wasn’t able to share before for whatever reason. I’ve realized that I have a lot of backlogs when it comes to sharing photos of events that I took time and effort to cover but I wasn’t able to share to the public. I’m still on extended writer’s block and I’d like to preserve the little writing mood I have for my audit reports, so for this blog I’ll just let the photos do the talking. :smile:

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Hi, guys. Anyone still here? :smile:

I haven’t been able to blog that much lately. The past few weeks have been difficult for me and my family. Coupled with Hell Season at work, I didn’t have that much time to do anything else. It was culminated with my father’s passing last week.

To cheer me up, my friend brought me to Eat… Bulaga! last Saturday. It was my first time back at the studio after almost a year. A few things have changed since then, some of which I can’t discuss publicly because I’m not yet equipped to deal with butthurt fans at the moment. :shutup: I did have one thing I want to blog about.

Last Saturday, I got to experience being one of the 37 judges for EB’s ACTually game. :thumbup:

We got lucky to be seated at that spot where they place the judges. They counted 37 people and we made the cut. As a judge, we were repeatedly asked to do one important thing: NO BIASES. Even if you’re a fan of Alden and Maine (who are both on Team Yellow), you have to judge the game fairly. I was like, how the heck do I avoid being biased when it comes to Alden?

I found out later on that it was quite easy for me to do so. We’ll get into that.

As part of the judging panel, we were automatically given limited edition Eat… Bulaga! t-shirts. In one size. And it’s MEDIUM. Ahm, how the heck do I fit my XL-self in a medium shirt??? It turned out that I’ve lost so many inches since late last year that my shirt size is now medium. :shock: Not sure if I should be happy about it, though, I mean given the circumstances around why I lost so much weight…

Then, we were given our ‘tickets’, i.e. the boards we needed to cast our votes for either the Blue or Yellow Team.

Cut to the game proper. The Blue Team was composed of Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Allan K, Baste, Anjo Yllana and the lone female member Pia Guanio. On the opposite side, Ryzza Mae Dizon, Ryan Agoncillo, Ruby Rodriguez, Luanne Dy, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards comprised the Yellow Team. If we talk of biases, I should be rooting for Yellow. I mean, most of my favorite Dabarkads are there.

It turned out, I voted for Blue all the way.

Admittedly, Yellow Team was better in Round 1. However, I still voted for Blue. Sorry, but I found it off when they resorted to using ‘kilig’ to get votes. :nono: I know for a fact that it’s for that reason why Yellow won that round. Quite a number of ‘judges’ were squealing in delight when the “engagement ring” came out that they didn’t bother concentrating on what the Blue Team did next. In the next few rounds, it’s like the Yellow Team focused on utilizing the AlDub kilig instead of thinking of more creative ways to use the featured item. I think that’s how the Blue Team beat them. C’mon, Jose Manalo is on the Blue Team. If that guy finds even the smallest hole of opportunity to slay the opponent, he’ll grab it. Their attack on the next few scenes, particularly on the toilet brush as windshield wiper and plastic pitcher as a megaphone was so out of the box – pun intended ;) – even the opposing team was impressed. There was a collective round of applause from even the EB staff and crew after the Blue Team’s megaphone stunt. :clap:

So yeah. Even if I kinda let my biases kick in on the first round because my vote was actually against Yellow’s pakilig stunt and not really in favor of Blue, I believe that overall, I voted based on who I think deserves it more based on the criteria given to us, ie., Acting, Creativity and Teamwork. Sorry, Alden.

Majority of the judges felt the same way. Even if they’re mostly AlDub fans, they still dropped their biases and gave their votes and eventually the win to the Blue Team. :thumbup:

I almost got swayed when Alden sang an Adele song, though. :dream: More of this, please!

For those who missed the episode, here it is. Credits go to Eat… Bulaga‘s official YouTube channel.


I think it’s safe to say that Boss Madam has officially become Eat… Bulaga‘s flagship segment.

While the rest of us were watching Joke Nos. 1 and 2, the studio was abuzz with preparations for Boss Madam. Ms Jenny was hands-on in prepping Ryzza Mae, Alden and Mama Ten (Boss Madam, Patrick and Kendoll, respectively) for their scene. I guess Boss Madam is the new Kalyeserye?


Boss Madam.


A few years back, I was a transferee at a new audit team and was super-delighted to know that this new team has a TV set in its field offices. Why? Because, at last, I wouldn’t have to wait for episodes of The Ryzza Mae Show to be uploaded on YouTube so that I can watch it. Yes, I was a staunch follower of Ryzza Mae Dizon ever since she won Little Miss Philippines in 2012 and became known as “Aling Maliit” on Eat… Bulaga!

The thing is, the TV sets were requested by my then-Team Leader because she’s addicted to the rival show (Be Careful With My Heart). But since Be Careful… would usually be aired at around 11:45am, we would catch the first 15 minutes of TRMS before she switches channels (at which, I would later on download the TRMS episode to watch it in full). Eventually, even she got smitten by Ryzza’s charms that Be Careful… was forgotten and the TV channel would stay until Eat… Bulaga!

Forward to the latter part of 2017.

I very rarely tune in to Eat… Bulaga! by that time, particularly during J4A; no need to ask why, I guess? I do remember tuning in one time during lunch at the office and found myself laughing my ass off at Ryzza’s antics as the new Barangay Jokers character, Boss Madam. :lmao:

I’ve known Ryzza to have that innate wit and comedic timing, and this segment is her chance to show to the world once again why she was tagged as the Phenomenal Child Star some five years ago. I mean, she did not have the distinction of being the youngest talk show host for nothing. She still has that charisma, and years of experience working with the country’s top comedians have honed her craft. :thumbup:

Boss Madam is already a hoot, as it is, with Ryzza Mae, Hopia and the TMB boys (Miggy, in particular), but you know, Eat… Bulaga! did not reach 39 years in the business by resting at their laurels. (I mean, they did have some lulls, but they always manage to bounce back.) It’s 2018, so it’s time to introduce new characters to spice things up. Enter Boss Madam’s driver, Patrick, and the new Executive Assistant, Kendall. Characters played, much to everyone’s surprise, by Alden Richards and his PA, Mama Ten. :shock:

Alden playing Patrick without much of a prior clue was already a surprise, but Mama Ten playing the Executive Assistant? To say we were stunned by the appearance of the “28 year-old stunner from Laguna” was an understatement. I can practically hear the collective “HUWAAAAT!!!” from the viewers, even those who are not Alden fans but are familiar with Mama Ten. And she played the role with so much flair. Those of us who are familiar with Alden and Mama Ten’s dynamics in real life are now looking forward to every episode just to see the role reversal, since Kendall is Patrick’s immediate boss in the story. We want to see Mama Ten bully Alden for once. :hihihi: Whoever thought of casting Mama Ten as Kendall is a freakin’ genius. :clap:

So now, I am once again locked down on my seat at the pantry every lunch hour to tune in to Boss Madam. And I’m not the only one.


Baliw-baliwan mode.

Random conversations with myself, because Saturday was… eventful. :err:


– My gulay this first few minutes of Imagine You and Me – The Journey, recapping the history of AlDub. The feels! One year na pala talaga akong unproductive. :lmao:

Tamang Panahon! A moment I will never forget. 12,000 steps ba naman ang nilakad ko tapos kendi lang ang breakfast at lunch ko. Jusko.

Ayun ako oh! Dun, sa tabi ng second stage. Hindi lang nakita sa camera. hahaha #baliwbaliwan

– Seriously, though. That day was simply amazing.

– Wait lang. Alden is sporting the unshaven look. And he’s wearing blue. #TeamAlembong Himatey. :stretcher:

– I love how Direk Mike has acknowledged his actors’ strengths, especially Alden’s. One of the things I’m looking forward to with Imagine You And Me is seeing Alden do an acting piece again. It’s been a while, you know.

– May I just say, ang ganda ng rehistro ni Alden talaga sa movie ha!

– Good call on Kakai and Cai, Direk Mike. I love them both.

– My gaaad Como is so beautiful. :drool: Kelan kaya ako makakarating dun. Iponing muna! Kaso pano mag-iipon kung may fangirl duties? :cry:

Lupit talaga ng Team Abroad. :arrow: And I love how their efforts were rewarded. Hindi sila na-hopia kahit merong ilan sa kanila inattempt iligaw ng ilan. :kilay: Unlike dito. Naturingang nandito na lang nga ang AlDub, hirap pa rin ang karamihan na makita sila at malapitan. Oo, humahanash ako. Bakit ba, blog ko ‘to and I’m conversing with myself. Nakikibasa lang kayo. Cheret. :P

Jusko ang kilig ko. Hindi pa pala nawawala. :drool:

– “Si Alden ang naglinis ng kuwarto niya…” Ang OC lang. :lol:

– I love how not only did Direk Mike made them laglag. He also testified to the gentleman that is Richard Faulkerson, Jr. :clap: Ano na nga yung humanash nung isang araw porke’t may isang picture na si Maine ang may hawak ng payong sa halip na si RJ? Eh sa mas malupit na gentleman si RJ pag in private at hindi for show lang, bakit ba? Mas marunong pa kayo kay Menggay. :nono:

– (This one, I Tweeted) “Hindi ko sya ginamitan ng utak… kusa syang lumalabas galing sa puso…” Meanwhile, yung katabi nya ngingiti-ngiti na may meaning, ganern. :naughty:

– Who was that person(s) who said, “it could be any random cute guy na naupo sa Broadway, sisikat pa rin pag napartner kay Yaya Dub”? Ayan oh, si Yaya Dub na rin ang nagsabi. Crush nya si Alden kaya nag-react sya ng ganon, at hindi ganon ang magiging reaction kung hindi nya crush yung guy. Any Random Cute Guy nga pero di naman crush ni Maine, wala lang yun noh. Alden just happened to fit that bill. And the rest, as they say, is phenomenal history.

– Aah. Memories of Team Hagdan. Pero parang ano… yun. #ibettershutup :shutup:

Yung pagkatapos ipagbalibagan si Maine sa prod number, saka sya nalaglag nung mag-isa na lang syang bumababa sa hagdan. :hihihi: Meanwhile, people on Twitter were like, “akala ko tatakbo rin si Alden… tapos sabay silang madadapa.” :lmao: The Nation knows these two so well.

Sana may first anniversary celebration rin para kay Lola Nidora.

Mabuti naman at natutunan na ni Maine na iwasang mag-wacky face during prod numbers. :thumbup: Although apparently, most people like it that way. Ako lang ata ang may ayaw. :razz: Anyway, it’s just my view that at some point, Maine will have to prove that she’s more than just the wacky faces that she makes, which I also think was the point of her mini-concert yesterday. Kaya natuwa ako na wala na yung random wacky faces n’ya.

Teka, bakit ba ako nagpapaliwanag eh random thoughts ko ‘to.

Uhm… teka ha. I know it’s Maine’s anniversary special and all that, pero sana… SANA. People would keep in mind that the one that trended was ALDUB. Not just Dub. :scholar: Para kasing ano eh… afterthought lang si Al. :shutup: Wag ganun. That’s not fair.

– Parang biglang naawa naman ako ng bongga kay RJ. #SakoMe #wagkayonghumanashfeelingskoto #walangpakealamananngfeelings

– Buti na lang mukhang masaya naman sila in real life. :hihihi: :thumbup: Mas importante naman yun kesa sa mga hanash ng mga bitchesang netizen na katulad ko.