Random thoughts No. 89.

This is probably the randomest of random thoughts I’ll ever write on this blog. :lol: My brain needs to reboot for my thoughts to be properly arranged.


I really envy those people who identify themselves as successful professionals (lawyers, doctors, businessmen, etc), thus, are normally very busy people, yet are able to write novel-length commentary about showbiz on social media on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, here I am. A licensed professional who only pretends to be busy once a year :lmao: yet I struggle to find the time to update this blog.

I envy them so much because, how the heck were they able to find time analyzing every imaginable topic about their idol – or the idol’s onscreen partner – and putting them all in writing? :think: Just writing this random thoughts entry took me about a day, and I barely did anything but sleep and practice my Lenten traditions this Holy Week break.


Then again, I’m only like this because I’ve been overly stressed since July last year due to family matters. My mind and body ache for a loooooong break from everything. But I can’t have that now. Not yet, anyway.


I wanted to avoid commenting about this (non) issue, but I will, anyway. About Alden Richards’ flaunting of his newly-toned abs. :hihihi:

1. To those who still insist that it’s an old photo and he’s still chubby: I can’t tell the details on how I know – because some of you will not like it :P – but trust me on this. It’s NOT an old photo. He really has a flat tummy, toned back muscles and no man-boobs now.

2. So he posted a shameless selfie flaunting his almost-there physique. So what? He worked hard for it. He has all the right in the world to proudly show it off.

3. You gotta admire an actor who would go at great lengths to prepare for an upcoming project. That shows passion and commitment to his craft. If you call yourself his fan and can’t see the point as to why he has to shape up, then… I don’t really know how you could manage to call yourself his fan.

4. I find it weird that people would fault him for being fit and healthy. I don’t get it. They ridicule his fans – like me, for instance – for being fat, and they also ridicule him for being fit. We can’t win with these people.

5. Then again, these are the same people who profess love for Alden but would campaign for a boycott of his solo projects. Logic and consistency do not exist in their world.

6. As for the morality issue that’s being thrown at him now: guys, don’t even go there. You might regret it. I mean, your idol also flaunts herself wearing skimpy swimsuits on social media. If you’re going to slap the morality clause on other artists, make sure it won’t backfire on your faces.


I recently made a comeback on Twitter. Actually, I’ve been posting photos on Twitter every now and then but they barely get any attention, probably because I haven’t been posting anything that might be perceived as ‘controversial’. :hihihi: I posted a number of photos from Sunday Pinasaya‘s April 1 episode, which included photos of Alden and other actresses (most notably, Sanya Lopez). It couldn’t be helped as they were all part of the Charade of Stars segment of SPS.

Suddenly, I am getting Tweets from bashers again. Woo-hoo! :cheer: I just don’t understand why they’re so fixated at the Alden-Sanya photos when I also posted photos of Alden with other female stars, ie., Rhian Ramos and Arny Ross.

I did notice two things: (1) as of this moment, I’ve only gotten three negative replies on those posts, a vast improvement from those days when I was inactive on Twitter and some people still ridicule me whenever a few of my private Facebook posts get leaked out (seriously, guys, are your lives that boring that you would actually waste time and effort to screengrab my FB posts, leak them out and talk about me on Twitter?); and (2) I only posted photos without any commentary nor any mention of artists who are not in those photos, yet these people still went out of their way to check my Twitter feed and post scathing comments. Which means they’re just trolls who would spew hatred towards me just because, thus, don’t deserve my time and attention.

But I gave them a few spaces on my blog, anyway, so congratulations to them, I think?


Speaking of Sanya Lopez, I just want to share this short anecdote.

Me and a couple of friends were hanging out backstage by the elevators at the SPS studios last March 4, 2018 when suddenly, out came Sanya, wearing that sexy backless gown that she wore for Charade of Stars. I stared at her, dumbfounded. She’s so gorgeous. :dream: Cameras don’t do justice to her real facial features. I have seen Sanya a number of times before but only from a distance. It’s the first time for me to see her that close. I was frozen solid that I failed to snap a photo nor ask for a selfie even if I was holding my phone at the time.

Here’s the thing: the guy who came out the elevator with Sanya stood beside me for a few seconds to check his reflection on the mirror right across from where we stood. It was her brother, Jak Roberto. Whom I snubbed, because I haven’t recovered yet from seeing Sanya up close.


It just hit me right now.

I currently don’t belong to any fan club. I’m not restricted by any rules. I can go back to the old Agent P who writes nonsense commentary on anything again. :idea:

And because of recent developments, being a one-sided Alden fan cannot be used against me anymore. I mean, they still can, but it’s not as effective as before. That argument has lost its ‘teeth’.

The only thing that’s holding me back is, I have no time to argue on the internet. I’d rather use my free time to catch up on sleep.


What century are we in?

It’s 2018, and Alden Richards is being bombarded with hate posts due to accusations that (1) he’s a bad person because he said some cuss words off-cam (the Eat Bulaga one is technically off-cam); and (2) because he called someone ‘gaga’ in such a way that did not fit their definition of a manly-man-voice, they concluded that he’s gay.

First of all: WOW. Allow me to pause for a few moments while I laugh my head off in amusement. Thank you.

Second of all: really? He’s being maligned on socmed for these reasons? What century are we in?

With regard to the cussing issue: In the first place, contrary to what the bashers are saying, he did not utter those words in anger. Certainly not towards a child.

Secondly, ‘kingina’ and ‘gaga’ aren’t really cuss words.

Lastly, wow naman, ang lilinis n’yo ah. Hindi kayo nagmura, ever? Really? :kilay: And why should that be your sole basis in judging a person? Why should anyone be judged in the first place?

Per my experience in the real world, the most vicious persons are the ones whom I’ve never heard utter a single cuss word in public. I’d rather choose a person who utters cuss words on a regular basis but are, generally, decent human beings than people who never cussed (or, at least, not openly) but are too quick to place harsh judgment and even convince other people to join them in spewing vitriol towards another person for no apparent reason other than sheer hatred.

As for the gay issue…

Ahm, really? Being gay is still an issue? I am appalled that in this day and age, and in a country like the Philippines which culture is more accepting of the LGBT community than most Asian nations, there are still people who use the word ‘gay’ as an insult. :nono:

Alden Richards is an artist. We idolize artists because of their craft and their work attitude (and, in most cases, their physical appearance :hihihi: ). Unless you idolized him because of his sexual orientation – really, who does that? – his personal preferences are none of our business.

I can say this with conviction, though. I can’t go into details, but I know that this guy is 100% NOT gay. :scholar: He’s actually a typical straight guy. I mean, which gay man would unabashedly wear the same pants more than twice? :hihihi:

That’s not my only basis. And no, the way he talks nor his hand gestures aren’t my basis, neither.

Alden isn’t perfect. Nobody is. But that’s exactly the reason why people like us, his fans, are drawn towards him. Alden Richards is a HUMAN BEING.


Mema, No. 2.

(Apologies to my non-Pinoy readers, as I’ll be writing this in the vernacular.)

Pa-statement lang uli.

Hindi ko na papahabain pa ito. Simple lang naman eh.

Wala akong pakialam kung ano ang gawin nung dalawa sa personal nilang mga buhay. Kung sila, eh di sila. Kung hindi, eh di hindi.

Pero yung pakialaman ninyo ang TRABAHO nila, especially ni Alden… aba teka muna.

Yung hindi lang napagbigyan ang gusto n’yo boycott agad ang sigaw n’yo at mangangampanya pa kayo, hindi ko ata mapapalampas yan. Lalo na kung lagi ninyong sinasabi na FAN kayo ni Alden. :nono: Ang totoong fan, suportado ang artista sa mga CAREER decisions n’ya. Kung hindi ka agree at hindi mo kayang tumahimik (kagaya ko :hihihi: ), pwede namang i-express ang nararamdaman pero in a decent manner at hindi yung parang naghahanap ka pa ng damay. Masakit rin kasi para sa artista na malamang ang mismong fans n’ya, ikinakampanya pang huwag manood ng show n’ya. Kung hindi n’yo kayang gawin yan, might as well leave the fandom at the very least.

Yung laitin ninyo ang buong pagkatao ni Alden, sampu ng kanyang mga mahal sa buhay dahil lang sa hindi na-satisfy ang kilig ninyo, hindi na tama yan. Same goes with Maine, pero mas lenient ang fandom sa babae eh. Siya pwedeng lumabas kasama ng mga kaibigan n’yang lalaki, pero si Alden may makatabi lang sa picture katakot-takot na panlilibak ng pagkatao ang inaabot hindi lang n’ya kundi pati yung kung sino mang nakasama sa picture. May naging love interest lang sa show dahil ‘yon ang hinihingi ng role, halos isumpa n’yo na kahit ginagawa lang naman ang trabaho n’ya. Tama pa ba ‘yon? Gawi pa ba ng nasa tamang pag-iisip ‘yon?

I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again: Don’t let your fanaticism affect your personal life. Mga fans lang tayo. Mga tagapanood. Hanggang diyan lang dapat. Nagpakilig sila at kinilig ka naman, it means they did their jobs well. Kapag hinayaan mong diktahan ng pagiging fan ang buhay mo, masasaktan ka lang. Take it from me. Been there, done that. Kalaunan, pagtatawanan n’yo na lang ang sarili ninyo.

Things are not what they really are when it comes to showbiz. Kaya nga tinawag na SHOW BUSINESS eh. Kahit ilang beses pang sabihin ng mga artista na nagpapakatotoo sila, may certain limit pa rin yan na itinitira para sa personal nilang buhay. Bilang mga taga-hanga, wala tayong karapatan na manghimasok sa kung ano man ‘yon. Kung minsan, mas mabuti pa ngang wala na lang tayong alam.

PS: Some people might say that I had the nerve to say these things when I did the same thing to my Korean idol years ago. :think: First of all, I’m not sure if it’s the same thing. But if it is, eh kaya ko nga nasasabi ito. I’ve been there.


To FC or not to FC.

This blog entry is two-and-a-half months in the making.

2017 marks my 20th year as an active fangirl. Although to be quite honest, I’ve been fangirling since I was six years old (useless trivia: my first idol was ‘Bossing’ Vic Sotto). About 75% of those 20 years, I belonged to a fan club (FC). The only time I fangirled on my own was during the bandstalker era, basically because there’s no such thing as FCs in the local rock band scene. Well, that one time, and now that I no longer belong to any FC in my current fandom.

I’ve been seeing posts on socmed about fans suddenly losing their FCs (yep, can relate to that) or fans who have always belonged to Team No Group (sorta can relate to that, as well) and they shared their thoughts and experiences on which one is the better option. Since I’ve been in both situations, let me share mine.

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