Aftermath: Eat… Bulaga! “Sa Tamang Panahon” Thanksgiving Concert
Philippine Arena – 24 October 2015


All I ever dreamed of was to get the chance to watch Eat Bulaga! live at the studio. What was given to me, like all other things given to me that’s related to Kalyeserye/AlDub, was something much, much, MUCH better. Something I never dreamed of getting.

I was stuck at Alden Richards’ album launch when they announced the Tamang Panahon event at Eat Bulaga. I only learned of the event because I was monitoring the show through live chat. I quickly messaged a fellow Alden (and Menudo/Ricky Martin)-fan friend, who had the quick-sense to call her friend who’s at Trinoma at that moment. Needless to say, we were one of the first people to have luckily purchased VIP tickets before it got sold out some 20 minutes later. (Tamang Panahon tickets became like Holy Grail after that.) At that point, I was already quite happy that I will get to personally witness the culmination of our Kalyeserye journey with the rest of AlDub Nation.

Then, for some reason, I seem to be destined to get extremely lucky when it comes to anything AlDub/Kalyeserye. (Someday, I will be telling you all about this in detail because everything has been just amazing, so far. Unless I get lazy and/or sidetracked again.) Another fellow AlDub-fan friend, this time from Cloud Philippines, offered me something even more awesome than VIP tickets: VVIP tickets. :whoa: Of course, I will not refuse. Why would I refuse a blessing that I didn’t even ask for?

And so, along with two friends from Alden Nation, I went to Philippine Arena on 24 October 2015 and became part of HISTORY.

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An almost-encounter with Kpop idols.

A few days ago, my rock star friend from the bandstalker era who now owns and manages a ramen house (and to whom I owe a blog entry – sorry, Atsushi! I’ll do that after this, promise) sent me a message asking me if I’m attending Kpop Con 5. I said ‘no, unless I’m given a good reason to do so’. He said his restaurant, Ramen Daisho, might host a meal for them. That’s about the extent of our conversation on that topic.

Thursday night – rather shortly after midnight of Friday, to be exact – he sent me another message, asking me if I’m sure I’m not interested in meeting the Koreans. I’m like, which Koreans? If it’s not a celebrity, I’m not interested. :hihihi: Hey, just being honest, here! Apparently, what he didn’t tell me before is that Ramen Daisho is hosting the press conference for the Kpop Con 5 guest artists and two of the guests (excluding Boyfriend) will be attending. He didn’t tell me which ones are showing up, basically because he didn’t know who. And frankly, I didn’t know who, neither, so I can’t give him an answer when he asked me.

Since I was scheduled to meet my Voltes friends on Friday, anyway, I found this to be the perfect opportunity to (1) meet up after weeks of absence (believe it or not); (2) let them try the newest ramen house in town; and (3) have some Kpop celebrity sighting. It’s like hitting three birds with one stone.

Long story short, we arrived at Ramen Daisho at around 6:30pm, when the presscon has long been over. I saw my friend Atsushi in front of the restaurant chatting with Vernon Go of Pulp Live! (who brought in the artists for the Kpop Con) and Atsushi he saw me, he immediately told me to get inside the restaurant to see the Koreans. While getting seated, I took one sweep at the people inside the restaurant and saw a plethora of people with colored hair and Kpop-inspired outfits which led me to ask this question: “uh, which ones are the artists??” :shrug: Fortunately, there was a Kpop Con 5 poster beside our table and we used it as reference to weed out the idols. It is also on this poster where we learned that contrary to our earlier impression, Lunafly is actually a boy band. We thought since the group’s name has ‘Luna’, there should be a girl in there somewhere. :boinkself:

Atsushi approached our table and said, “so, did you see them?” Us: “uh, which ones are they?” :lmao: I swear, it’s getting more and more awkward by the minute. Suddenly, I saw one idol-looking boy in a hat who came out of the VIP area and approached the table beside ours, so I said, “I’m guessing the guy in the hat is one of them?” Atsushi said yes, he’s one of the artists. Atsushi actually told me many times to take pictures and asked me if I want to take a picture with the artists. I repeatedly refused. One, I know that Kpop idols normally do not allow taking pictures with random people, unless of course as a favor for someone (and in this case, it’s the sponsor who will ask so I’m pretty sure that if we asked, they would oblige). Two, I’m trying to avoid that super-awkward moment when the Korean celebrities would discover that the person asking to take a picture with them doesn’t actually know who they are. Three, despite knowing that they might oblige because it’s the sponsor who will ask and Atsushi assured us that the boys are nice and accommodating, I dread at the possibility of being rejected by a nugu. :oops: Being rejected by a Top Star is one thing, but being rejected by a minor star? Embarrassing.

Anyway, we just decided to have our ramen dinner while the idols are also having their dinner. About an hour later, it’s time for them to leave. The idols passed by our table one by one and we smiled at them. They smiled back. Some of them even bowed towards our direction. They left quite a good impression, manners-wise, so I guess that’s a good start for them.

Now I’m thinking, I should’ve given in to Atsushi’s prodding and had our photo taken with the artists. What if they become super-popular? We could’ve gotten a headstart over the other (future) fans. :slaphead:

With a little help from Mr. Google, I found out who were the artists that we saw and kinda had dinner with at Ramen Daisho. They are:




(Photos shamelessly stolen from Ramen Daisho’s Facebook Page.)


Alexander Fan Party in Manila, Part 2.

Alexander Fan Party In Manila
27 July 2013 – SM Megamall Cinema 4

I have a problem. That problem is called Writer’s Block. :wall:

The thing is, I MUST blog about Alexander’s Fan Party now because it’s almost a week ago. In Tagalog parlance, “mapapanis na ang istorya” (“the story would be stale”, just like spoiled food). (Interesting how I gave a food reference when I’m blogging about Alexander. Spoiled food, yes, but still food. Alexander and food always go together. I am filling this blog entry with nonsense. :boinkself: ) Should I just do some good ol’ photo captioning again? :razz:
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Alexander Fan Party in Manila – Part 1.

(NOTE: Sorry for the slight delay in posting this. I was down with the flu – actually, I still am down with the flu – and didn’t have the energy to blog until now. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. :sad: )

I had the opportunity to attend the press conference for Alexander Lee Eusebio’s Fan Party in Manila as part of the privileges I got for paying for my ticket early. :razz: The press conference was held at K-Pub BBQ in Bonifacio Global City, and it was attended by various media, bloggers and a few fans. (Side note: it seems that nowadays anyone and their mother has a blog, and they get invited to pressers like this one. I wonder when will I get invited to a press con as a blogger? Seeing that I tend to be too honest with what I write on this blog, the answer is most probably, “never”.)

Since I’m not officially a part of the media, my seat was at the back with the other fans. But I had to go beyond the barricades to get closer to my subject (thank you, FangirlAsia for NOT stopping me ㅋㅋㅋ) because the lighting at the venue was SO. BAD. that we can’t even see Xander’s face clearly most of the time. :bop: There was a spotlight, but the vidiwall at the background was not turned off and it was stronger than the spotlight, thus it drowned the people on stage. And since I’m not a fan of flash photography, I had to make do with the poor lighting. The results weren’t as good as it should be.
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KBS Music Bank is the best place to take a nap!

Oh wait. This isn’t Trip Advisor.


It was raining pretty hard the entire day on 12 July so we’re glad that our itinerary consisted of indoor activities. After our brief stint at the Lee Soon Shin set, we moved to KBS Hall for the live broadcast of KBS Music Bank. We got there a lil’ bit too early for the 4:50pm call time so we lingered outside KBS Hall with the other fans. Thankfully, the waiting area has a roof overhead so we’re all protected from the rain.

I shudder at the thought of doing this at SBS Inkigayo where fans have to wait outdoors, with nothing to protect them from the elements. :nailbite:
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