Simple joys.

Yesterday started out pretty bad. It’s the Annual Malfunctioning Printers and Corrupted Files Season at work, meaning, our printers would act up and/or our USB thumb drives would suddenly get infected and delete everything we’ve been working on just as we’re scrambling to beat our deadlines. :aargh: It always happens every year; this year, I belong to Team Corrupted Files. My thumb drive got infected by a worm when I inserted it to our secretary’s computer so that I can print a report. I literally saw my files getting wiped out, and when I tried recovering them, the thumb drive got corrupted. I spent the entire day trying to salvage whatever I can but the more important files were gone. :cry: So now I’m back to square one.

Then I went home, logged on to the internet, and the first thing I saw on top of my Twitter timeline is this Tweet from Alden Richards’ sister Riza Faulkerson:


:shock: My heart stopped. I can recognize that photo anywhere. The thing with taking photos a certain way is that at first glance you can already tell if it’s your work or not. It’s one of the photos I took from Alden’s Wish I May album launch.


I included it in the first photobook that I gave Alden last November 15, 2015 at The District, Imus, Cavite. In this case, Riza took a photo of that page and posted it on Twitter.

This moment, coupled with Maine’s gift to AlDub Nation and AlDub at Tonight With Arnold Clavio totally negated that horrible day I had yesterday. :whee!:


In other, totally unrelated news:

I haven’t been in touch with Korean entertainment lately, so it’s only yesterday that I learned that Song Hye Kyo’s Descendants of the Sun will be competing head-to-head against Rain’s Please Come Back, Mister. As if I haven’t been already heavily stabbed, ruined and destroyed by that ship. :cry: Why, universe? Why???


Dear Destiny: Why you so mean?

So this photo from AlDub’s 7th Weeksary has been my cellphone’s Home Screen since Thursday:

Isn’t it amazing how a person can have so much chemistry with a CARDBOARD STANDEE? :dream:

Anyway… since I have been staring at that photo for two days, and recently I have also been consistently tagged on Twitter as regards Tweets from a Lola Nidora parody account suggesting, nay demanding, a Full House (Korean) remake for Alden and Maine, my brain reminded me of that other famous photo that’s quite similar to the one I posted above.

Destiny, why you so mean to me? :wall:

And speaking of destiny, that word has been associated with the AlDub loveteam because of the circumstances surrounding them (see my earlier blog entry about it). Remember the Full House OST? The main track is titled… Oon Myung (Destiny).


Dear Alden and Maine: wag n’yong gagayahin ang destiny n’yang dalawang Koreano na yan ha! Parang awa! #charing


Dear Universe, you are so wicked.

I have just received news that Rain’s Chinese movie For Love Or Money (aka. Difficult Love) will be out in cinemas on the same date as Song Hye Kyo’s Chinese movie, The Queens (aka. I Am Queen).

Dear Universe,

Why do you have such a wicked sense of humor?

By the way, both of them are confirmed to appear at the 23rd Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival in China on the 24th of September 2014. In order to avoid inevitable heartbreak, I am expecting that they will appear at the red carpet one and a half hours apart again. :rolleyes:

Seriously, though. What’s with China? :think:



It seems that the current trend in Korean drama casting these days is to reunite actors who have previously worked in another project. I’m not sure when it all started, but the first one that came to my mind are Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun, both of whom have worked before as Yennicall and Zampano in the movie Thieves before pairing up in the now-classic K-Drama hit, You Came From the Stars. [Edit] Correction: the earliest I could think of now are Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa from You Are Beautiful to Heartstrings.

Other on-screen couples who have reunited for another project are:

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae – from My Girl, to Hotel King.
Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra – from Successful Story of a Bright Girl, to the upcoming Korean remake of the Taiwanese drama Fated To Love You.
Eric Mun and Jung Yoo Mi – from Que Sera Sera to the upcoming KBS2 drama Discovery of Romance
Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy – from Dream High, to Suzy’s cameo in You Came From The Stars (then again, they never really ‘separated’ as they have been the image models for Bean Pole apparel since Dream High days up to the present)

The latest news is that after eleven years, the Stairway to Heaven couple of Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo might reunite on screen again for the drama “Temptation.

I can only wish that my Full House couple – no, I’m not talking about Kim Sung Soo and Han Eun Jung – would reunite for another project, too. Or is that next to impossible now? Should I bring out my “when pigs fly” card?

Edit: I’ve just realized that a Full House couple has already reunited on screen. Rain and Kim Sung Soo in R2B. :neutral:


Speaking of BiKyo…

Rain is already confirmed to attend the Shanghai Film Festival for his Chinese movie, Hong Yan Lu Shui. There are persistent rumors that Song Hye Kyo might attend, as well, for the press conference of her new Chinese movie, I Am Queen.

Dear universe:

Do your thing.

Agent P.