Mema, No. 2.

(Apologies to my non-Pinoy readers, as I’ll be writing this in the vernacular.)

Pa-statement lang uli.

Hindi ko na papahabain pa ito. Simple lang naman eh.

Wala akong pakialam kung ano ang gawin nung dalawa sa personal nilang mga buhay. Kung sila, eh di sila. Kung hindi, eh di hindi.

Pero yung pakialaman ninyo ang TRABAHO nila, especially ni Alden… aba teka muna.

Yung hindi lang napagbigyan ang gusto n’yo boycott agad ang sigaw n’yo at mangangampanya pa kayo, hindi ko ata mapapalampas yan. Lalo na kung lagi ninyong sinasabi na FAN kayo ni Alden. :nono: Ang totoong fan, suportado ang artista sa mga CAREER decisions n’ya. Kung hindi ka agree at hindi mo kayang tumahimik (kagaya ko :hihihi: ), pwede namang i-express ang nararamdaman pero in a decent manner at hindi yung parang naghahanap ka pa ng damay. Masakit rin kasi para sa artista na malamang ang mismong fans n’ya, ikinakampanya pang huwag manood ng show n’ya. Kung hindi n’yo kayang gawin yan, might as well leave the fandom at the very least.

Yung laitin ninyo ang buong pagkatao ni Alden, sampu ng kanyang mga mahal sa buhay dahil lang sa hindi na-satisfy ang kilig ninyo, hindi na tama yan. Same goes with Maine, pero mas lenient ang fandom sa babae eh. Siya pwedeng lumabas kasama ng mga kaibigan n’yang lalaki, pero si Alden may makatabi lang sa picture katakot-takot na panlilibak ng pagkatao ang inaabot hindi lang n’ya kundi pati yung kung sino mang nakasama sa picture. May naging love interest lang sa show dahil ‘yon ang hinihingi ng role, halos isumpa n’yo na kahit ginagawa lang naman ang trabaho n’ya. Tama pa ba ‘yon? Gawi pa ba ng nasa tamang pag-iisip ‘yon?

I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again: Don’t let your fanaticism affect your personal life. Mga fans lang tayo. Mga tagapanood. Hanggang diyan lang dapat. Nagpakilig sila at kinilig ka naman, it means they did their jobs well. Kapag hinayaan mong diktahan ng pagiging fan ang buhay mo, masasaktan ka lang. Take it from me. Been there, done that. Kalaunan, pagtatawanan n’yo na lang ang sarili ninyo.

Things are not what they really are when it comes to showbiz. Kaya nga tinawag na SHOW BUSINESS eh. Kahit ilang beses pang sabihin ng mga artista na nagpapakatotoo sila, may certain limit pa rin yan na itinitira para sa personal nilang buhay. Bilang mga taga-hanga, wala tayong karapatan na manghimasok sa kung ano man ‘yon. Kung minsan, mas mabuti pa ngang wala na lang tayong alam.

PS: Some people might say that I had the nerve to say these things when I did the same thing to my Korean idol years ago. :think: First of all, I’m not sure if it’s the same thing. But if it is, eh kaya ko nga nasasabi ito. I’ve been there.



I’ve been trying to control myself from discussing anything about that loveteam and that fandom for the longest time. But there’s something that I’ve been itching to get off my chest since yesterday and I won’t be able to rest until I do so, so here it is.

The incident with the Thai host and Alden Richards brought out the worst in this fandom. I thought the fantards have already crossed the line with bashing established artists in our country, but nooooo…! Apparently, they can outdo themselves. The bashing, the ridiculing of random people who just happened to interact with either Maine or (especially) Alden has gone through a whole different level. It has gone international.

How embarrassing. :hopeless:

You see, it’s not even about whether Alden is telling the truth about being single or not. It’s about presenting the entire Philippine netizenry in the spotlight as rabid, immature ones who would attack anyone for doing her job, ie., do an interview with a guest and relay the results of that interview to the audience.

It’s about putting someone whom they vowed to support – after all, they’re AlDub fans, aren’t they? Al and Dub? – into a situation where his credibility is now being questioned, and at an international level at that. Newsflash: He IS single. Contrary to Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye Wedding episode and what the delusional pa-hopia fan accounts tell you about secret weddings and stuff, Alden is not married so technically, he is single. Come to think of it, didn’t Maine also declare that she is single in that Periscope webcast that she did with Team Banana? Just because Alden said it in an interview in Thailand, it’s different? How so? Actually, Maine’s statement should hold more weight because it was said on a PERSONAL chit-chat with her friends and the fans. In Alden’s case, the Thai host was right: he could’ve said it to please the Thai fans. If you know how it is with Asian celebrities, you’d know that it’s normal to hear them say, “I’m single” even if in fact, they’re not. It’s just a standard PR thing.

Ok, assuming that he is in a real-life romantic relationship with Maine. How about informing the Thai host respectfully? It’s a classic case of shooting the messenger. For doing her job, she was called all sorts of names, to the point that she had to defend herself and, eventually, gave more ammunition for Alden’s bashers to put a dent on his credibility. It may be too much of a scenario at this point, but it’s possible that it could lead to Alden losing opportunities not just locally but also overseas. For who would want to work with someone whose (supposed) fanbase attacks anyone he interacts with just because his loveteam partner is not in the picture?

Now the entire Internet world has labeled AlDub Nation as an embarrassment to the country. Is that something that we could be proud of?

This has been going on for the longest time, and it has turned to worse. This has to STOP. Right. Now.


I used to be a downright delulu fan of BiKyo (note to those who are new here: BiKyo is the shipper name for Rain and Song Hye Kyo). I was worse than ADN during those times. :grin: I learned a lot from that episode of my fangirling life, one of which is to never be too engrossed with shipping an onscreen pair, to the point that your own life gets affected by what they do with their own lives. Because once the ship goes down, it would really hurt. I’ve been there. I don’t want to go through that again. Not only does it hurt, it’s also downright embarrassing once you look back and see how silly you once were. :hihihi:

I’ve written this many times during my BiKyo days, and it has become too similar with the current situation on AlDub so I want to say it again: Whether you are a shipper/believer of the tandem or just a one-sided fan, it all boils down to the same thing. We are just fans. Their lives do not depend on us, in the same manner that we should not let our personal lives be affected by what our idols do with their lives. Enough of demanding that they should be together all the time and not even consider working with other people for reasons as mundane as, “kawawa naman ang mga seniors/OFW/may sakit”. I mean, COME ON. :rolleyes: If that’s what Alden and Maine really want, then so be it. But to force them to stay within that small bubble because the lives of some of their fans depend on it? That’s not right. They already provide us entertainment on screen; that should be more than enough.

It’s so unfair that these artists have to be responsible for the lives of hundreds, millions of other people. What about their own lives? Don’t they deserve to be happy, too?


Of course, there are those who understand, and are perfectly OK with just supporting their work as artists and not meddling with their personal lives. Unfortunately that faction is composed of mostly silent supporters, thus, perceived to be the minority and are not influential enough to be heard by the powers-that-be.

Dear powers-that-be: the fact is, (1) the noisy “majority” are not bringing in the goods anymore. They used to, but that was two years ago. Things have changed. The current situation isn’t healthy anymore for everyone concerned; (2) the silent, but steady supporters are fed up. Try listening to them for a change.


If this blog entry sounds like one big mess of random thoughts, it’s because it IS one big mess of random thoughts. Kaya nga #mema ang title eh. :P


Baliw-baliwan mode.

Random conversations with myself, because Saturday was… eventful. :err:


– My gulay this first few minutes of Imagine You and Me – The Journey, recapping the history of AlDub. The feels! One year na pala talaga akong unproductive. :lmao:

Tamang Panahon! A moment I will never forget. 12,000 steps ba naman ang nilakad ko tapos kendi lang ang breakfast at lunch ko. Jusko.

Ayun ako oh! Dun, sa tabi ng second stage. Hindi lang nakita sa camera. hahaha #baliwbaliwan

– Seriously, though. That day was simply amazing.

– Wait lang. Alden is sporting the unshaven look. And he’s wearing blue. #TeamAlembong Himatey. :stretcher:

– I love how Direk Mike has acknowledged his actors’ strengths, especially Alden’s. One of the things I’m looking forward to with Imagine You And Me is seeing Alden do an acting piece again. It’s been a while, you know.

– May I just say, ang ganda ng rehistro ni Alden talaga sa movie ha!

– Good call on Kakai and Cai, Direk Mike. I love them both.

– My gaaad Como is so beautiful. :drool: Kelan kaya ako makakarating dun. Iponing muna! Kaso pano mag-iipon kung may fangirl duties? :cry:

Lupit talaga ng Team Abroad. :arrow: And I love how their efforts were rewarded. Hindi sila na-hopia kahit merong ilan sa kanila inattempt iligaw ng ilan. :kilay: Unlike dito. Naturingang nandito na lang nga ang AlDub, hirap pa rin ang karamihan na makita sila at malapitan. Oo, humahanash ako. Bakit ba, blog ko ‘to and I’m conversing with myself. Nakikibasa lang kayo. Cheret. :P

Jusko ang kilig ko. Hindi pa pala nawawala. :drool:

– “Si Alden ang naglinis ng kuwarto niya…” Ang OC lang. :lol:

– I love how not only did Direk Mike made them laglag. He also testified to the gentleman that is Richard Faulkerson, Jr. :clap: Ano na nga yung humanash nung isang araw porke’t may isang picture na si Maine ang may hawak ng payong sa halip na si RJ? Eh sa mas malupit na gentleman si RJ pag in private at hindi for show lang, bakit ba? Mas marunong pa kayo kay Menggay. :nono:

– (This one, I Tweeted) “Hindi ko sya ginamitan ng utak… kusa syang lumalabas galing sa puso…” Meanwhile, yung katabi nya ngingiti-ngiti na may meaning, ganern. :naughty:

– Who was that person(s) who said, “it could be any random cute guy na naupo sa Broadway, sisikat pa rin pag napartner kay Yaya Dub”? Ayan oh, si Yaya Dub na rin ang nagsabi. Crush nya si Alden kaya nag-react sya ng ganon, at hindi ganon ang magiging reaction kung hindi nya crush yung guy. Any Random Cute Guy nga pero di naman crush ni Maine, wala lang yun noh. Alden just happened to fit that bill. And the rest, as they say, is phenomenal history.

– Aah. Memories of Team Hagdan. Pero parang ano… yun. #ibettershutup :shutup:

Yung pagkatapos ipagbalibagan si Maine sa prod number, saka sya nalaglag nung mag-isa na lang syang bumababa sa hagdan. :hihihi: Meanwhile, people on Twitter were like, “akala ko tatakbo rin si Alden… tapos sabay silang madadapa.” :lmao: The Nation knows these two so well.

Sana may first anniversary celebration rin para kay Lola Nidora.

Mabuti naman at natutunan na ni Maine na iwasang mag-wacky face during prod numbers. :thumbup: Although apparently, most people like it that way. Ako lang ata ang may ayaw. :razz: Anyway, it’s just my view that at some point, Maine will have to prove that she’s more than just the wacky faces that she makes, which I also think was the point of her mini-concert yesterday. Kaya natuwa ako na wala na yung random wacky faces n’ya.

Teka, bakit ba ako nagpapaliwanag eh random thoughts ko ‘to.

Uhm… teka ha. I know it’s Maine’s anniversary special and all that, pero sana… SANA. People would keep in mind that the one that trended was ALDUB. Not just Dub. :scholar: Para kasing ano eh… afterthought lang si Al. :shutup: Wag ganun. That’s not fair.

– Parang biglang naawa naman ako ng bongga kay RJ. #SakoMe #wagkayonghumanashfeelingskoto #walangpakealamananngfeelings

– Buti na lang mukhang masaya naman sila in real life. :hihihi: :thumbup: Mas importante naman yun kesa sa mga hanash ng mga bitchesang netizen na katulad ko.


For the love.

Before I proceed to Part 2 of ‘Thankful’, I would like to make this special announcement first.


As mentioned on the poster, Alden International shall be hosting an exclusive block screening of Imagine You And Me on July 15, 2016 at Cinema 3 of SM Light Mall. We’ve been receiving a number of inquiries regarding this event, specifically on the ticket price. Allow me to explain the details here.

1. There will be NO TICKET SELLING for this block screening. This event was made possible through the generosity of Alden International teams from abroad as their way of supporting Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza in their first major project together.

2. Our beneficiaries for the screening are the cancer survivors from the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care. You might remember them from the East Avenue Medical Center charity event and the one at Cucina ni Bunso which I covered before on this blog. They are huge fans of Alden and Maine, so we want to give them the opportunity to see the movie for free.

3. We shall also be making arrangements to let our members see the movie with the PH Breast Care members. Again, no ticket selling. This one’s on us. :smile: (Well, Team Abroad, to be specific.)

4. As for the ‘special guests’ part… ako ang special guest, baket? :lmao: Joke lang po, Lola!


I’m kinda expecting bashers to be making shunga statements like, “o hayan ang AlDogs magpapamigay ng ticket para palabasing blockbuster ang movie!” :chair: Hoy, ang utak, nilikha para gamitin ha. Wag maging tanga. :nono:



Other loveteams would give fan service by holding hands, whispering sweet nothings, and/or hugging in public. Or kiss, if they’re a publicly known couple.

Meanwhile, there’s Alden and Maine, whose idea of fan service is to look out their hotel window in Italy and sing “May Tatlong Bibi” (a kids’ tune about three ducklings).

Happy couple singing quack quack😀 #ALDUBinITALYday2 @aldenrichards02 @mainedcm

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(Credits to @bettyfiore on Instagram)

‘Yan ang AlDub. Kakaiba sa lahat. :dream: