Something to scare you by…

Me: Ey bro, guess what I’m doing tomorrow.
My bro: What?
Me: I’m gonna have a photoshoot with FHM.
My bro: WHAT?!?!?!?!!?
Me: I’m not kidding, I really AM gonna have a photoshoot with FHM tomorrow.

…except that they are not shooting me in skimpy attire – much to everyone’s relief – but my 80’s stuff.

Check out for the September 2005 issue of FHM to find out what 80’s stuff did I contribute. :)


It’s Raining in Hong Kong and all I got is Korean soda…

There are two things that I was able to prove from my recent trip to Hong Kong:

(1) God has a wicked sense of humor; and
(2) If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

I was all ready to accept the fact that there’s no way we’re gonna end up in Hong Kong to attend Rain’s fan gathering/showcase/whatever because we weren’t able to get passes. As the days went on – with me calling Universal Music HK names and Marissa and Rizza putting up their hands in defeat – our chances became slimmer and slimmer. Our contacts never replied back. Nothing is happening. We were all ready to cry come July 4 at the thought that 2,000 screaming fans will be with Rain in HK while we’re stuck here in the Philippines with an 800-peso Rain poster and a second copy of It’s Raining.

But as I said, God has a wicked sense of humor.

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Scorching hot Rainy Day

DVD Review: Rainy Day – Rain’s First Live Concert

Rainy Day DVD

From my experience with watching Japanese, Chinese and Korean channels on cable, J-pop/K-pop/C-pop concerts are all sugary sweet and cheesy. In short, bubblegum pop. Even their rock concerts are all glammed up (in fact, in this year’s Yamaha Asian Beat Finals, only the ones from Philippines and Thailand were not glam. Even the Indonesians and Malaysians look like 80’s big hair bands minus the big hair. The band from Singapore, on the other hand, look like hip hoppers playing prog rock). However, Rain’s concert DVD, titled RAINY DAY, is nothing K-pop. It has its share of bubblegum moments – this concert was held in Korea, so what do you expect – but nothing outlandish or outdated. In fact, the concert is so un-K-pop, you’d actually think an American is performing. Except that the songs are in Korean.

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Ricky Martin is ALIVE!!!

Review: Ricky Martin’s new single, I Don’t Care

You’re probably reading this and say: What? Ricky Martin is still alive?!?!

Well, apparently, he is. I’m just as surprised as you are.

And I am doing a review of his new song. (To those who know me as a ‘rocker’, well, surprise! I do listen to Ricky Martin.)

First of all, let me put on record that long before this bandstalker business, I am a Ricky Martin fan. Eversince his Menudo days, I’ve always loved him. In fact, I am an officer of his Asian fan club (AFRM) which has chapters all over Asia, including Australia. I even went to the extent of going to HK to watch his concert and attend his exclusive press/fan meeting. But that’s not the crazy part. The crazy part is that we were billeted in TWO hotels the entire time. One, which is included in the Hk package, and another one where Ricky stayed. We were THAT crazy.

Having said that, here’s my review of his new song, I Don’t Care.


Ok, maybe not as sucky as, say, that godawful Holi-Holiday song from his second album (it was so awful that even Ricky himself hates it), but what made this song sooo disappointing is the fact that this is his comeback song after being away from the limelight in a long time. He’s supposed to come back with a bang. Well, this is more like a whimper. For one thing, where is the Ricky Martin trademark Latin beats? This is outright hiphop (he collaborated with rapper Fat Joe on this one) with a tinge of Arabian beats ala-One Night Man (aka. the ‘habibi song’) from Sound Loaded. Which was generally classifed by most RM fans as the worst track in that album. While it’s ok that he’s trying out something new… dude, not on your comeback vehicle! You should’ve stuck with the formula first! Or if you’re gonna try something new, at least pick one that’s actually good. I do listen to hip-hop, and sad to say, this is not good hip hop. And hip hop is so NOT Ricky Martin. I even thought something like this should be done by someone like Rain, not Ricky. I discussed this with Rizza, who retorted with: “I wouldn’t even let Rain sing this song!!!” That’s the founder and over-all president of AFRM, ladies and gentlemen .

(Side note: It might be weird that Rizza and I would be making comments like that when we’re supposed to be ‘fans’, but we’re that kind of fans. We don’t always praise our idols. We see them as they are. We give negative comments if we think what they were doing is not right. But that doesn’t mean we won’t buy his albums or watch his concerts anymore, coz we will. Opo, ganon kami ka-gaga. :) )

Another thing: regarding the lyrics. Here’s a sample verse from the song (lyrics taken from RMTEE forum):

You Promised me
You’d always be
You’d never let me go
You took the ring
And all the things
That came with being my girl
the tragedy
As I walked through that door
He had your feet
Up over the seat
All I heard was screaming

It was like a movie – too real to me
That just can’t be, my bride to be
I was shocked this could be
Never thinking
One day I’d take this blow blow blow
I was starting to feel like
I should kill everything that was moving
Never been in hell like this
Somebody wake me up!

Now is that a scene straight out of What Happened in Bali or what?!

All I can say is: Robi Draco Rosa, I miss you. He might have written puzzling, silly lyrics like:

She looks like a flower but she stings like a bee…

Shake your bon-bon Shake your bon-bon Shake your bon-bon (repeat to infinity)

Her lips are devil red and her skin the color of mocha… (and the last word of the next line is LOCA. Mocha, Loca. O di ba, rhyme!)

Talk like a gazombadam (what the hell is a gazombadam???)

… but at least, he’s poetic. And, musically, the guy’s a genius.

If you wanna hear the song yourself, you can download a radio rip from these links:

Good quality, but not complete:

Complete, but lesser quality:

Thanks to the good ladies of for uploading these files.


Rant of the Week 001

WARNING: This post will not be pretty.

1. I can’t believe the The Dawn thread at is still alive and kicking. There’s an ongoing ‘argument’ between a certain Jong and a certain hawthorne. I posted Jong’s original comment here in this blog before. Hawthorne answered back, defending Atsushi re: the ‘binge comment’ made by Jong:

atsushi has more time earning much from IT work, unlike before when he was with the dawn(ed) and was paid at a lower rate than the other members the whole time he was with them (his fees from the US tour was lower; when he could not join them in a gig or two of that tour , his fees were deducted).

and yes, he has more time (and means) to binge, if indeed true, since he is not thinking anymore whether francis reyes, the other guitar player, would be paying his rent on time

Now this Jong, I don’t know who he is, replied by saying the following:

congrats to you for being part of the ‘inner’ circle or are you? anyway, let’s just put it this way, that’s what happens when you mess with jb and for criticizing the way francis performs during gigs. oh by the way, that’s from a couple of dudes from the ‘inner’ circle.

Of course, Hawthorne replied again, but it’s a lengthy post and it’s not that important as regards this blog entry, so I won’t be re-posting it here.

My thoughts (and why this falls under ‘Rant of the Week’):

(A) I admit to knowing who ‘Hawthorne’ is – well, she has no plans of hiding her identity, anyways – and she does know a lot of insider info about the band. I have to admit that she kinda went far with her comments coz these are things that the public need not know (well, unless someone would still insist on acting as if he’s the underdog in this entire mess). But who am I to stop her? And it’s not as if she can be stopped by any0ne. Not even Atsushi can stop her. Oh, and BTW, as far as I know, Atsushi doesn’t even know about these new comments yet. I’m sure he doesn’t coz otherwise he’d say something about it. As it is, he still doesn’t talk about The Dawn anymore unless I bring it up. Which I don’t do anymore.

(B) Now, I don’t really know who Jong is. I don’t know who’s those two guys from the inner circle that he is talking about. He is acting as if he’s on The Dawn’s side. But really, Jong, how much more ‘babo’ (a Korean word – research it yourself) can you get? You say Atsushi got kicked out coz he went against JBL and made bad comments re: Francis’ performance onstage. So you mean Atsushi got kicked out coz JBL is a dictator and Francis is pikon? Is that what your insiders told you? Did you just incriminate them or what?!?!

(C) Let me put on record here that if there is anyone in the world who know the real and complete story behind The Dawn and Atsushi parting ways, it’s me. But will I talk about it here? HELL NO. It’s their lives, it’s their careers, it’s their decisions. Let them handle it themselves. Also, if there’s anyone who’s in the real inner circle, both of The Dawn’s and Atsushi’s, it’s me. I still talk to them both. And I know for a fact that neither of them talk about each other anymore (at least not on my face, anyway). PLEASE, LET THEM MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES. It’s an old and tired issue already. Let it die a natural death.


2. I’m editing this second entry out coz I do believe everyone deserves a second chance. Especially if they have apologized and was able to redeem themselves. For writing that previous entry, I’d like to apologize as well to Universal Music HK and say, THANK YOU for accomodating us in HK. We’d be glad to do business with you again in the future.