Rant of the Week 001

WARNING: This post will not be pretty.

1. I can’t believe the The Dawn thread at philmusic.com is still alive and kicking. There’s an ongoing ‘argument’ between a certain Jong and a certain hawthorne. I posted Jong’s original comment here in this blog before. Hawthorne answered back, defending Atsushi re: the ‘binge comment’ made by Jong:

atsushi has more time earning much from IT work, unlike before when he was with the dawn(ed) and was paid at a lower rate than the other members the whole time he was with them (his fees from the US tour was lower; when he could not join them in a gig or two of that tour , his fees were deducted).

and yes, he has more time (and means) to binge, if indeed true, since he is not thinking anymore whether francis reyes, the other guitar player, would be paying his rent on time

Now this Jong, I don’t know who he is, replied by saying the following:

congrats to you for being part of the ‘inner’ circle or are you? anyway, let’s just put it this way, that’s what happens when you mess with jb and for criticizing the way francis performs during gigs. oh by the way, that’s from a couple of dudes from the ‘inner’ circle.

Of course, Hawthorne replied again, but it’s a lengthy post and it’s not that important as regards this blog entry, so I won’t be re-posting it here.

My thoughts (and why this falls under ‘Rant of the Week’):

(A) I admit to knowing who ‘Hawthorne’ is – well, she has no plans of hiding her identity, anyways – and she does know a lot of insider info about the band. I have to admit that she kinda went far with her comments coz these are things that the public need not know (well, unless someone would still insist on acting as if he’s the underdog in this entire mess). But who am I to stop her? And it’s not as if she can be stopped by any0ne. Not even Atsushi can stop her. Oh, and BTW, as far as I know, Atsushi doesn’t even know about these new comments yet. I’m sure he doesn’t coz otherwise he’d say something about it. As it is, he still doesn’t talk about The Dawn anymore unless I bring it up. Which I don’t do anymore.

(B) Now, I don’t really know who Jong is. I don’t know who’s those two guys from the inner circle that he is talking about. He is acting as if he’s on The Dawn’s side. But really, Jong, how much more ‘babo’ (a Korean word – research it yourself) can you get? You say Atsushi got kicked out coz he went against JBL and made bad comments re: Francis’ performance onstage. So you mean Atsushi got kicked out coz JBL is a dictator and Francis is pikon? Is that what your insiders told you? Did you just incriminate them or what?!?!

(C) Let me put on record here that if there is anyone in the world who know the real and complete story behind The Dawn and Atsushi parting ways, it’s me. But will I talk about it here? HELL NO. It’s their lives, it’s their careers, it’s their decisions. Let them handle it themselves. Also, if there’s anyone who’s in the real inner circle, both of The Dawn’s and Atsushi’s, it’s me. I still talk to them both. And I know for a fact that neither of them talk about each other anymore (at least not on my face, anyway). PLEASE, LET THEM MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES. It’s an old and tired issue already. Let it die a natural death.


2. I’m editing this second entry out coz I do believe everyone deserves a second chance. Especially if they have apologized and was able to redeem themselves. For writing that previous entry, I’d like to apologize as well to Universal Music HK and say, THANK YOU for accomodating us in HK. We’d be glad to do business with you again in the future.


Rubbing elbows with ‘artistas’

The Dawn @ Capone’s – June 29, 2005

Got text messages from both Jett and JBL that The Dawn will be having a ‘biglaan’ (unscheduled) gig at Capone’s in Makati on June 29, 2005. I was hesitant at first coz I wasn’t feeling well after a very disappointing Monday coz of some bad news involving a Korean and a HK trip (will tell you more about that later), but I figured, what the hell, I haven’t seen these guys in ages (well, except for Jett whom I saw at Beauty and The Beast last week) plus it kinda ‘touched’ me that Jett and JBL both texted me about the gig – which they never do – ok, not never, they don’t USUALLY do.

It turns out, the ‘biglaan’ gig for friends is actually the cast party of Beauty and the Beast. Which means, artistas galore! KC Concepcion! Karel Marquez! etc etc. I got surrounded by thespians, I don’t know exactly what I was doing there. Thankfully, Jett’s mom kept me company. Cindy O. also introduced me to one of the actresses – whom I can only remember as the ‘wine glass’ in B&B – and she was really sweet and nice. Calvin Millado arrived way after the gig and got teased by the entire cast. Pinky Marquez stayed outside the venue; I think she couldn’t stand rock music (or just not used to it). Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE had digital cameras and there were photo ops galore. Of course, me with my own digicam, could’ve asked to have a photo op with KC… but NO. I mean, WHY??? (yeah yeah, I’m a bitch) Several non-B&B cast members were also there, like Bernard and Mico Palanca, MarkEscueta of Rivermaya (who stayed with KC most of the time; they must be friends… wait, what band is Mark in, again? ;) ), Aiza Marquez (I think her BF is with the cast) and later on, Maui Taylor with friends, who hesitated to enter Capone’s coz “ang daming tao”. If she only knew the ones inside are artistas as well, more famous than her pa nga yung iba. hehe.

Oh wait, I was supposed to talk about the gig, right? Well, I really can’t say much. The Dawn basically ‘played’, coz they haven’t rehearsed in a while due to Jett’s hectic theater sched. OK lang, though, coz it was a party more than anything else. What really impressed me the most is the other band which played, Juan Pablo Dream. These guys are awesome! Bing Austria (formerly of Put3Ska) rocks! Well, anyone who can wear winter clothes and perform in a tropical country should be commended. Actually, I’ve always been fascinated by this band since I first saw their MV which features Tony Ferrer as Agent X44 Tony Falcon, complete with white suit and white shoes. Seeing them live only made me like them more.

Gosh, I don’t know how to end this blog entry. I just ran out of things to say. hehehehe.


Random Thoughts 002: The Korean Special

1. I just realized that I only have barely one week to get my passport renewed so that I can go to Rain’s Hong Kong showcase on July 4. AAARGH!!! Why did I ever overlook that fact?!?!?!?!?!

2. I just finished watching Attic Cat on low-res for-computer-only video clips. Gosh, it’s like Full House redux… only, AC actually was shown ahead of FH in Korea. The writers and the director are the same, I think, hence the similarities (kaso, tama ba naman na pati scenes at exact dialog, pareho pa din). While the plot is better and more realistic than FH, FH is much, much funnier and Bi and Song Hye Gyo have better chemistry than Kim Rae Won and Jung Da Bin. I’d still recommend this, though, coz: (1) the father and the grandfather are hella funny in the last few episodes (they’re not slapstick-funny, basta nakakatuwa sila) (2) the OST is good (3) like I said, the plot is nice, and (4) Kim Rae Won is a hottie. Prepare to get distracted! hehe ;)

3. Watching the K-drama All In got me hooked on Ji Sung (who also starred in Save The Last Dance For Me, but I haven’t seen that one yet). Now I’m salivating over Kim Rae Won. This made me wonder: does this mean that I have a secret (as in super-secret that I didn’t even know about it) crush on Smokey Manaloto?!?!?!


The Nuno Bettencourt Experience.

I just love it when I go to a gig or an event without expecting anything and end up having a great time. The Nuno Bettencourt Guitar Clinic – if we could call it that – is a very good example. And the best thing about it is: IT’S FREE! We even got compli drinks from it. hehe.

Let me put it on record first that save for the song More Than Words by his former band Extreme, I practically know nothing about Nuno Bettencourt. I do know a couple of people who are obsessed with him (one of which is KHguitarist Marc Lopez, said to be the Pinoy Nuno. The other one is Nico Africa of indie band Narda who came with a bag-full of Nuno stuff, his Washburn N4, and his girlfriend, old pal Jovan. Read their own version of the Nuno experience here). While I am interested to check out his guitar clinic coz he’s a famous musician after all – this rose from that fateful Billy Sheehan clinic which I failed to catch and turned out to be the biggest regret I have – I can live without it. However, my friend Rommie asked me if I wanna watch, so I figured, what the hell. Lemme see if he’s all what I’ve heard him to be. Plus, if I get to take pictures, it will be a welcome addition to my photo blog.

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‘Sweat’ De La Musique.

Just came back from being stressed at Fete Dela Musique. You know, it’s great that it didn’t rain elephants and hippos this year, unlike last year (thus the birth of the term “Wet De La Musique”). But being squished in the middle of a seething mass of humanity with this humid weather is like… AAAARGH!!! Tapos ang babastos pa nung mga jolog na ‘rocker’ daw na hindi man lang marunong mag-excuse me kahit nakakatapak na sila ng paa o nakakatulak na ng tao sa pagnanais na makalapit sa stage at makipag-slaman. Tapos nambabato pa yung iba. Hay naku. Kaya hindi umasenso ang Pilipinas, walang modo na kasi ang kabataan ngayon.

I swear, init lang ng panahon ‘to. Anyway…

I was there mainly to be a ‘yaya’ to KinkyHooters, who were part of the ‘rock stage’ at Fete. Well, almost. Muntik nang di makatugtog, pero nakatugtog pa rin kaso two songs lang. Haay, mahabang istorya. Ayoko na ulitin.

I swear, init lang ng panahon ‘to.


I have a lot of backlogs that I still haven’t posted here in this blog. Damn net connection kasi, ayaw makisama. Anyway, I’ll be posting the Nuno Bettencourt guitar clinic/gig aftermath after this. That is, if friggin’ DSL doesn’t die on me again. Drats.