My friend Shirley has been surprising us lately. She has been my friend since college; as far as we know, her taste in music is mainly contemporary pop with a smattering of old songs and Broadway showtunes. However, she ‘discovered’ the band The Calling last year, and since then, she has been surprising me a lot when she would blurt out stuff like, “uy, alam ko yang song na yan, Velvet Revolver yan”. I took her to a gig a few months ago, and she floored us when she commented about the sound (when our other friend, Ann, wouldn’t even care, she’s just there to watch and drink) and how that particular band sounded different when they still have 5 members (in short, stuff only I in our crowd would normally notice).

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Can’t get enough BO

Just finished seeing the AI finals for the 3rd time… without finishing it (coz the ending just SUCKED!!!). I just LOOOOVE BO BICE!!! That voice, the leather pants, his attitude towards the entire thing… he’s THE MAN! Capping it off with that awesome Sweet Home Alabama number, he totally OWNED the show. So what if Farmbot won? Bo will forever be remembered as the better ‘Idol’ in this season of AI. Maybe even in the entire history of AI. Dang, I wish I’m in the States right now so that I can watch the AI tour. I don’t think there’ll be too much torture just for the love of Bo, coz Mikalah will not be part of it. hehe

Oh, and Bo, if you need someone to ride with you in your car, call me. Just make sure you’re wearing that white top and leather pants ensemble. ‘Kay?

Totally random thought: I just realized that I’m currently in lurve with Bo and Bi. Sounds like a comedy duo. HAHAHAHA!

In other news… George Benson totally rocks. Scott and Nikko looked like complete amateurs there – which they really are, actually.


America, that’s your Idol??

Just finished watching the American Idol finale… ‘Farmbot’ (as in Farm Robot) Carrie Underwood won. UGH.

Bo Bice should have won!

Although in a way, it’s better that Carrie had won; 19Entertainment would just ‘poppify’ Bo.

Speaking of the AI finale, I like the “Idols meet their idols” number, except for that horrible Babyface-Mikalah Gordon-Lindsey Cardinale number. I wonder what horrible thing could Babyface have done to deserve being stuck in a number with Mikalah and Lindsey?

My favorite part would be George Benson with Nikko and Scottie the Body singing On Broadway. And of course, Bo and Lynyrd Skynrd doing Sweet Home Alabama totally rocked. Carrie’s number was good, but I simply hate Carrie, so…

Yesterday, Anwar Robinson looked like a cross between Lenny Kravitz and Shaggy. Today, his long dreads are back. Maybe someone told Anwar the Shaggy/Kravitz look is not for him.

Nadia Turner was robbed. ‘Nuff said.

Lastly: whoever thought of making that AI super-reject Leandra Jackson to reprise her horrible rendition of Star Spangled Banner should be shot. Really.



It’s friggin’ hot and humid, I’m sick, I travelled two+ hours to go to the office and it was locked so I ended up going back home for another gruelling two hours, I’m tired, my nose is clogged, and I just bought Pulp mag and saw something that made me see red… In short, this blog entry isn’t gonna be pretty, especially if you’re one of those ‘unconditional’ (read: ignorant) Dawn supporters.

(Disclaimer: I still love The Dawn, ok, it’s just that some people who just spew bullshit for the sake of spewing bullshit without even knowing the real score and just basing his so-called opinions on a magazine article really really piss me off.)

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I’m currently on dial-up using a borrowed laptop computer coz my desktop at home finally crashed (I still don’t understand why it always happens whenever I get a bonus from work. This explains why I don’t have any savings; whenever I get some extra cash, my computer conks out. And since I can’t live without it, I have no choice but to shell out some money on repairs and upgrades). So now, I’m trying to survive on prepaid dial-up which totally sucks coz I had to turn off image loading on my browser just to get a speedier download time. And to think I’m only browsing text-heavy sites. Haay…

I totally miss my DSL.


Warning: bitch-fest coming up.

Bitchfest No. 1: Still hasn’t seen the Change.

I just saw the last 10 seconds of Change is Breaking Us Apart video by The Dawn. Funny, up until now, all that I have seen of that video is the last 10 seconds – long enough for me to have a good look at Mon Legaspi’s outfit in the video and totally HATE it. Apologies to whoever styled it, but, really, asking Mon to wear a jacket – sloppily, I might add – with an untucked shirt that has a collar that’s waaay up there on his neck… isn’t it too ‘hot’ (not hot as in sexy hot, but HOT hot) for him to wear something like that? And knowing Mon, I bet he’s not comfortable wearing that, either. I don’t know why do they insist on asking him to wear something thick and heavy when he’s already thick and heavy-looking in the first place, plus he’s carrying a heavy instrument. A black muscle shirt and jeans would look perfect for Mon. Just my opinion, of course.

Also, I miss those days when Junboy Leonor would wear Nike apparel from head to foot. Just sayin’.

Bitchfest No. 2: There’s a reason why I watch Korean drama at the wee hours of the morning.

My sister, bless her soul, has this annoying habit of popping in to talk to me while I’m busy watching Korean DVDs. Since I’m no expert in Korean language, I depend heavily on subtitles to understand what I’m watching. And watching a subtitled movie/TV show means giving it your undivided attention. Regardless of whether my sister is talking about something important or not, it’s totally rude to talk to someone while your eyes are glued on the TV set. Ergo, I had to make a choice between ignoring her and continuing with watching my Korean drama, or pausing the DVD (which totally sucks especially if you’re watching a cliffhanger) and letting her talk.

So to avoid meaningless dilemmas like this, I watch my Korean DVDs when everyone else is asleep. That way, I get to enjoy it without anyone to disturb me. The downside to this, though, is that my insomnia just became worse than it had ever been.

Bitchfest No. 3: I still don’t get it.

Spongecola is said to be the hottest band in town. Girls are said to be going ga-ga over them. Even Marc the guitar god asked Yael for his autograph (which prompted some guy to say, “bat ka pa nagpapa-autograph dyan eh mas magaling ka naman dyan??” My sentiments, exactly).

With due apologies to Spongecola fanatics, but I have to say: I still don’t get it.

My friend Therese said it’s because Yael Yuson is cute. I’ve seen the guy, and I wouldn’t exactly call him cute (but then again, maybe he’s just not my type). Marvin Tad-y, there’s a cute guy. Louie Talan, now there’s a totally HOT guy. I’d even dare say Francis Reyes has a certain cuteness in him, coz otherwise, he won’t get all those pretty girls to fall for him. But Yael? Nah. (Again, maybe he’s just not my type.)

Marc gave me an interesting insight on why Spongecola is popular. #1, they’re Ateneans. According to him, Ateneans (and LaSallians) have this school spirit thing going on that they will support anyone of their kind. Thinking back: Parokya ni Edgar, Paolo Santos, Apo, Marc Abaya… I guess he’s right. #2, Spongecola songs are the kind that anyone who can pluck a decent guitar can play. “Pang-songhits”, ika nga. Given the popularity of Eraserheads and PNE, I guess he totally nailed that point. Therefore, I vowed to quit bitching about the fact that Spongecola is not even technically excellent. When PNE and E-heads started, they also kinda sucked in the technical sense. When E-heads got technical, their popularity dropped. Makes sense to me.


On a parting note, belated Birthday greetings to Atsushi Matsuura (who didn’t reply to my greeting…hmf!) and Louie Talan (and also to Bono and Vernon Go).