Bandstalker again. (duh.)

(Edited to add pics)

Ok, I know I already said I’m retiring as bandstalker and have officially become a Korean stalker. But since I finally got to see a gig last night, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting an aftermath, right? ;)

Sari-Sari Launch feat. The Dawn and Spongecola
August 4, 2005 – The Hole (formerly Peligro)

First off: If you’re here coz the name ‘Spongecola’ caught your attention, stop reading. You won’t read anything about them here coz I didn’t see them. I went home immediately after The Dawn played (nothing against Spongecola, I just really need to get home ASAP).

With that out of the way…

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Bandstalker no more.

Just had this thought: this site is called ‘’, but I barely tackle bands here. And the only band I’ve actually officially ‘stalked’, I’m not stalking anymore. I don’t even know what the hell they’re doing now. Last I read from someone else’s blog, today is the first day of their video shoot. (*rant mode*: Holy shoot, they’re shooting another video????? What the hell for??? Pay up some overdue royalties first, guys!!! */rant mode*)

That’s it. The Bandstalker had just retired.


This blog should really be renamed to ‘Koreanstalker Blog’.

I was downloading this KMTV feature on Rain’s HK trip and since I’ve been having connection problems with my crappy ADSL, it took me 25 years to finish. Now, there were several instances where I don’t download Rain’s interviews or news features coz it’s in Korean (or Chinese or Japanese) and I don’t understand a single damn word from it. But for some reason, I didn’t give up on downloading this one. Now I know why.

cap by bandstalker; vidclip from SexyBi clubbox

Woo-hoo! I finally have my Korean-related 0.5 seconds of fame!


It’s my blog and I’ll bitch if I want to…

Been visiting the Korean-entertainment forums these past few hours to get feedback re: Jessica Soho’s interview with Bi and Song Hye Kyo and found some interesting opinions that totally amused me. To wit:

(1) Bi and SHK seems to be really cold with each other… if they really are friends, they shouldn’t be THAT stiff. They look like enemies.

…so what do they want, for Bi and SHK to hug and kiss and make out in front of the cameras???

(2) They look too formal, especially SHK. She looks ‘masungit’ (grouchy).

Korea is a polite society. They really are formal when doing interviews and stuff. I watch Arirang Showbiz Extra every week and that’s what I noticed in their presscons. We cannot conclude that they are ‘masungit’ just because they are formal. Take note that when Jessica was having a photo op with the Full House stars, SHK tilted her head closer to Jessica. I think that was a really friendly thing to do.

(3) Jessica Soho’s questions are not good. She asked some frequently asked questions that their fans already know the answer to. She didn’t do research.

In my opinion, she asked some pretty good questions. Her aim is to introduce Bi and SHK to the general Filipino audience, those who only know them as Justin and Jessie from Full House. The people who complain are those who are always on the internet who are updated on what is happening with those two. Of course, we (including me) would find Ms. Soho’s questions as annoying, but those who have seen Bi and SHK for the first time as themselves and not as characters in a drama series will find the questions interesting and informative.

Also, let’s just be glad that she didn’t ask how different is Rain in real life from the character Lee Young Jae (tho’ it seems she asked SHK that question).

Re: Ms. Soho not doing research, I think she did. It’s just that some of the information she got were either outdated or simply wrong (like SHK saying she might be going back to doing movies. It’s wrong, she hasn’t done any movie yet. But since it was a translation from SHK’s own words, it might be the fault of the translator and not Ms. Soho).

(4) The interview is too short.

I think the actual interview isn’t too short, it’s just that they had to edit it due to time constraints. I hope they’d air snippets of that interview – particularly the edited out parts – in between episodes of Full House.

But then again, I also don’t think Ms. Soho got no more than 20 minutes time allocation for the interview. It’s the norm in press junkets like this.

(5) They shouldn’t have dubbed over Bi and SHK’s voices.