And you call these people ‘champions’???

Got a text from Therese who asked me to tune in to ASAP (Channel 2) to see Raymond Lauchengco perform. Now Raymond is a blast from the past for me. I’m an 80’s kid and Raymond, being a member of the Bagets cast, is a prominent part of that decade for most 80’s kids. So I immediately turned off my Media Player (which was, at the time, playing Rain’s live version of To You – my absolute fave Rain song) and launched my TV tuner to check it out. What did I see?

ASAP hosts – some of them aka. ‘champions’ daw coz they got discovered by winning their respective singing contests – singing Raymond’s songs… HORRIBLY. They didn’t know the lyrics (ey, people! Don’t you have those things called idiot boards??? Can’t you at least read??? Eh kayo ang nagpauso ng nagbabasa ng idiot board kahit sa concerts, noh!!!), they messed up the melody, they sang HORRIBLY, period. At ang pinakapanget pang kumanta, yung ‘champions’ daw. Eek.

I can’t believe I traded Rain for this. I’d rather watch a Japanese-dubbed, non-subtitled version of Taegugki than sit through this crap. Sorry, Raymond.


Bandstalker again. (duh.)

(Edited to add pics)

Ok, I know I already said I’m retiring as bandstalker and have officially become a Korean stalker. But since I finally got to see a gig last night, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting an aftermath, right? ;)

Sari-Sari Launch feat. The Dawn and Spongecola
August 4, 2005 – The Hole (formerly Peligro)

First off: If you’re here coz the name ‘Spongecola’ caught your attention, stop reading. You won’t read anything about them here coz I didn’t see them. I went home immediately after The Dawn played (nothing against Spongecola, I just really need to get home ASAP).

With that out of the way…

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Bandstalker no more.

Just had this thought: this site is called ‘’, but I barely tackle bands here. And the only band I’ve actually officially ‘stalked’, I’m not stalking anymore. I don’t even know what the hell they’re doing now. Last I read from someone else’s blog, today is the first day of their video shoot. (*rant mode*: Holy shoot, they’re shooting another video????? What the hell for??? Pay up some overdue royalties first, guys!!! */rant mode*)

That’s it. The Bandstalker had just retired.


This blog should really be renamed to ‘Koreanstalker Blog’.

I was downloading this KMTV feature on Rain’s HK trip and since I’ve been having connection problems with my crappy ADSL, it took me 25 years to finish. Now, there were several instances where I don’t download Rain’s interviews or news features coz it’s in Korean (or Chinese or Japanese) and I don’t understand a single damn word from it. But for some reason, I didn’t give up on downloading this one. Now I know why.

cap by bandstalker; vidclip from SexyBi clubbox

Woo-hoo! I finally have my Korean-related 0.5 seconds of fame!