Still searching for the Korean Holy Grail

The search for Rain’s HK concert tickets still continues! Rizza called up UM-HK, who told her that they don’t have any idea when the tickets will be released (and they were supposed to be the media partners, so… WTF???) and as of now, they are only selling to Clouds (uh, hello again! Selling to Clouds have been discontinued a week ago. Unless you meant HK-Cloud, which still doesn’t exist). Then, an announcement was posted at the forums saying ticket selling via the internet will start on September 8; it was then denied by other parties, saying that date is still tentative. Of course, there’s this post by someone who said someone informed her that it’s not true that tickets have been sold out.

Ano ba talaga, oppa???

Ah basta, ako me ticket na. Pera na lang papunta ng HK ang problema ko.

The Ricky Martin-Rain connection

Rizza has put it most aptly in her blog that there seem to be too many parallelisms between Rain and Ricky Martin, as far as we are concerned. The Hong Kong thing, the fact that they’re both sex symbols, both good performers, both sing songs in a language we do not understand… Last I heard, Rain is being offered to be a Pepsi endorser. When I read that, I was teleported back to HK, Oct 2000, when I was running around the streets of HK looking for that Pepsi can with Ricky’s face on it. Deja vu in the making??? Gwabe na itoh!!! Kulang na lang magtayo si Rizza ng Asian Friends of Rain in Manila (AFRM). hehehe. (oops, I better not give her ideas. ;) )

Aaand speaking of Ricky Martin… just got word – from Rizza, no less – that Ricky will be launching his new album on Friday, August 26, in Miami. He will not do a show; instead, he’ll be hosting a party for HIS FANS. Rizza basically got an invite from Ricky Martin’s management (whoever that may be) inviting her to go to the party, along with three other people (each guest is allowed a max of 4 invites). Hay naku. Pagkatapos nyo kaming isnab-isnabin dati, ngayon mag-iimbita kayo??? ‘Nlabo. (Though, seriously, if the event was not in a place which requires us to get visas, we’d probably fly there in a jiff.)

Which leads to this question that Rizza and I had been dreading: what if Ricky and Rain suddenly had a concert, say in Singapore or the Philippines, on the same dates? Ottoke???

Isn’t it ironic, don’tcha think??

My hands-down winner for the most idiotic, unhelpful and incompetent technical support group goes to…drumroll please… the idiots from DigitelOne ADSL/Moscom Internet! I am supposed to be on broadband internet connection. Unfortunately, it’s been out of whack for the past 3 months now, and no amount of phonecalls, visitation and non-stop complaints from me can solve it coz, well, they are idiots. I swear, if I had a choice, I’d junk this connection right away.

You know what’s ironic? The other day, I needed to send an urgent email. However, as usual, my DSL is down again (and I was supposed to be having unlimited internet connection!). So I ended up spending php28 bucks just to rent a computer so I can send a damn email. Ang saya, di ba?

Speaking of ‘Ironic’ (the song), I heard the re-mastered version yesterday and the line “it’s like meeting the man of my dreams, then I met his beautiful… husband” is gotta be the best line I’ve heard in years.


Two tributes are coming up in the last week of August.

1. IN MEMORIAM: The Dawn tribute to Teddy Diaz – Aug 26, 2005 – The Hole, Makati

According to their press release, this is the band’s tribute to founding member Teddy Diaz in commemoration of his 17th death anniversary on August 21. Songs which Teddy wrote shall be played and Leni Llapitan of Identity Crisis, who also was one of The Dawn’s session keyboardists, will be manning the keys again for this event.

This promises to be a night of nostalgia for the 80’s geeks and ‘old’ The Dawn fans. I’m just wondering what is the connection between the song Mr. Brightside by The Killers and the late Teddy D.

2. Tribute to Wolfgang – 31 Aug 2005, Premiere THX, Makati

Now this is another interesting show as surviving members Manuel Legarda (now with DRT and Razorback) and Mon Legaspi (now with The Dawn) will join forces with Brian Velasco (Razorback) and Francis Aquino (Monkeyspank, Loquy) on drums and the country’s top rock vocalists to wax nostalgic about this era in Pinoy metal that was dominated by the now legendary Wolfgang. Just the presence of the lovable Roy Brothers (Karl and Kevin – trust me, they ARE lovable) on the line-up should make this interesting. But the part I’m most looking forward to is Mishka Adam’s number(s). Wolfgang going lounge? This, I gotta see.

I’m just glad that this female vocalist who was mentioned before as part of this production was not included in the final list of featured artists. I am expecting this night to be awesome and her being there would most certainly ruin things kasi hindi naman bumibirit ng mala-diva si Basti and I bet bibirit ang babaeng ito pag turn na nya. I’m also not really fond of Jay Ortega as a vocalist but at least I can stand him. Yung girl na yun, ugh. Buti na lang na-scratch sya sa list.


According to news items from Korea and Hong Kong, Rain’s October concert is already sold out 10 minutes after its release. And no one even knew that it was released. So now, everyone is scrambling for tickets. Last I heard, there are some people who willingly bought from scalpers at a whooping price of HKD3,000, which is around Php22,000. We paid for our tickets for only Php4,750 (including charges for wiring the money to the person who made abono) – and our seats are on the first 5 rows. Yeah yeah, I’m gloating.

Seems to me someone is withholding information somewhere. I mean, if the concert is happening in my country and then the tickets got sold out when none of us in our country knew that it was already available, I’d definitely be pissed off. But none of the HK people are reacting. Isn’t that a bit… odd?

Trust me, as the concert date gets closer, more unsold tickets will resurface. Well, I don’t care, actually. I already have mine. harharhar. ;)

PS: Now they’re saying it’s not true that the concert is sold out (so, what, JYPE’s press release is a lie? Now that’s embarassing.). Another one says it’s the allocation for Cloud fan club members which are sold out [I know this one to be so not true. JYPE’s deadline for selling to Clouds was on Thursday; that doesn’t mean it’s already sold out. As far as I know, as of Thursday, Clouds were still able to buy tickets). As I’ve said in my post at Soompi forums, records may show that the tickets are sold out because of block/group buying. That doesn’t mean all the tickets are already gone. It’s out there somewhere, being held by greasy hands of scalpers (or… certain groups. hehe). All you have to do is look closely…


feat. Cambio, Silent Sanctuary, Imago, Twisted Halo, Sugar Free and Sandwich with the Manila Symphony Orchestra
19 August 2005 – Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas

photo by bandstalker

photo by bandstalker

I’m a classical fusion music junkie. My most precious item in my DVD/dibidi collection is my complete set of Pavarotti and Friends DVDs. I always look forward to the annual Philharmonic in Jeans series.

So imagine my excitement when I learned that the bands from Thirdline Productions are having this production called Rockestra with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. It was heavily hyped to be something different and exciting that I actually looked forward to it (even if I personally don’t like some of the bands in the line-up). However, the presence of a couple of bands I didn’t like made me feel like this show will not fulfill my expectations, hence, I didn’t bother scrambling for tickets. At the last minute, my friend Therese texted me asking if I’d want to watch, and I figured, what the hell, I’ll watch anyway. Who knows what I might miss.

Note to self: if your gut feel says don’t go, don’t go.

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Just got news that Rizza and I definitely have tickets to Rain’s HK concert on October 8-9… and the seats are gonna be somewhere in the first five rows! WHOOOOOAAAAA!!!

Now all I need is the moolah to actually get to HK in October and I’ll be fine.