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The Dawn at 70’s Bistro
03 September 2005

photo by bandstalker

photo by bandstalker

photo by bandstalker

photo by bandstalker

I was trying out my shutter speed settings before the gig and started shooting in the dark. This is what came out:

photo by bandstalker

70’s Bistro sure does look creepy in the dark, doesn’t it?


Wolfgang Tribute
31 August 2005 – Premiere THX

I’m not really in the mood to write long narratives, so I’ll just post pics from the show and try to follow it up with comments. NOTE: to those who are sooo picky with photoshop layouts, please pardon the crappy photoshop work. I’m not a designer, I’m an accountant who just happens to like taking photos. Also, I can’t bear the thought of uploading 70+ pics on this site and encoding them one by one on this blog entry, so I decided to collate them. (Apologies for being a bitch; today is not my day, no thanks to a bunch of idiotic tech support people and probably the slowest broadband connection in the entire universe and beyond.)


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‘Wolfgang Tribute’ Spoilers

I got the privilege of checking out the Wolfgang Tribute rehearsals last night at Pipeline Studios. Here are some of the songs they’re gonna play and who will sing ’em. Don’t read if you don’t wanna be spoiled

Jett Pangan will sing No Falter, Revolution Now, Cast of Clowns and Halik ni Hudas.

Jay Ortega will sing Atomica. He will be joined by Paolo Pacia on bass on another Wolfgang song the title of which escapes me now.

Karl Roy will be singing a laid-back Wolfgang song that I also don’t know the title. Sorry, I am not a Wolfgang fan so I only know the more popular ones.

Hmmm… these aren’t really spoilers after all.


Ricky, Rain… you’re starting to scare me.

The endless parallelisms between Ricky Martin and Rain continues! As if Rizza hasn’t listed enough, now these two guys decided to attend the same awards show: the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards in Miami. Rain, as a “representative from Asia”, whatever the heck that means (like, duh, we didn’t even see the tip of his sleeves anywhere within the show or on the pics on the internet), and Ricky as presentor for the Best Female Video award. Whadya know, the Latino guy still has clout, eh?

But the shocker of all shockers (this is so shocking, that Rizza made the mistake of checking her mail at the ungodly hour of 4:00am and saw the pic; she wasn’t able to go back to sleep after that and wrote a lengthy rant on her blog instead) was that Ricky, used to be Mr. Clean Guy, now looks like this!

Photo from Yahoo!

Who the hell is his hairstylist? He should be shot dead right now! And I mean NOW!!!

Now comes the weird part. T’was just last week when Rain had a pictorial for DOHC apparel and now he looks like this:

Photo from soompi

Apparently, both guys are now sporting scruffy looks. Coincidence? I don’t even wanna think about it.

(It should be noted, though, that Rain had already shaved off the facial hair when he went to Miami for the VMAs, but I expect to see the goatee back on his face once he starts filming his new drama sometime in September. His role is that of an ultimate fighting machine, thus, a tough-guy look is in order.)


Record store sales clerks… an entirely different species altogether.

If you wanna baffle yourself by talking to weird, bordering on idiotic people, try talking to sales clerks in record stores. So many tales have been told about them, from downright hilarious to downright annoying. Today, since I don’t have work and I’m bored, I decided to scout the record stores in SM Marilao just to check out Rain’s album. I already laid out my plan: (1) if they don’t have it on display, I’ll inquire about it and find out what they’re gonna say (I’ve been hearing stories from my fellow Bi’ers that whenever they look for Rain’s album ‘It’s Raining’ and the sales clerk don’t know shit about it, someone will butt in and say “album ni Justin sa Full House” and then the sales clerk will say, “ah, yun ba. Sorry ang meron lang kami yung ‘Justified'”. Which is by… Justin Timberlake. *boink*). (2) If the album is indeed on display, I will ask if it comes with a poster and postcards, as promised by MCA Universal.

So far, I’m happy to report that all 3 record stores I went to has the album displayed on their New Releases racks. Now here comes the weird/funny/odd/annoying part:

Me: Miss, me kasama bang poster at postcard ‘tong album na to?
Sales clerk (SC): (gets the CD from me and for some reason, tries to take a peek inside the vaccuum-packed CD jewel case.) Ay, wala eh. (as if kakasya ang poster at postcard sa jewel case!!!)
Me: I mean, nakahiwalay na poster at postcard…
SC: Ah yun ba. Wala eh.
Me: Sure ka? Kasi sabi sa Universal dapat me kasamang poster at postcard ‘to.
SC: Wala talaga eh.
Me: Oh sige, thank you na lang.

The baffling part is: it happened IN ALL THREE RECORD STORES I WENT TO. The one at Odyssey even went to the extent of opening the vaccuum pack just to show me that there is, indeed, no poster squeezed inside the friggin’ jewel case.

Is there a training school for record store sales clerks? I’m so interested to find out what they teach in there.


Oh lookie!!!

While I’m out on a Rain poster hunt, I saw this new release from Pinoy European superstar Billy Crawford. Apparently, the guy was on a tour (and from the looks of it, it was a success) and he released a live album from that tour. This is what Billy Joe looks like in his concert:

Photo from Billy Crawford fan site

Ey! Haven’t I seen this before?

Photo from soompi

Hehe… black or white? Take your pick!


I received this pic on my email the other day:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

They sold this at the tribute gig last Friday. Wala lang, I was just reminded of this pic from way back:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Which is actually the same shirt as this one:

photo by rizzaritz

The guy wearing it, Joel The Logoguy, was the one who printed that shirt.

Wala lang. Trip ko lang i-post. :)

PS: From The Dawn’s old website: The Dawn logo was customized by Dexter Ledesma (RIP) and enhanced by Jovan De Ocampo.