Dear Universe, you are so wicked.

I have just received news that Rain’s Chinese movie For Love Or Money (aka. Difficult Love) will be out in cinemas on the same date as Song Hye Kyo’s Chinese movie, The Queens (aka. I Am Queen).

Dear Universe,

Why do you have such a wicked sense of humor?

By the way, both of them are confirmed to appear at the 23rd Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival in China on the 24th of September 2014. In order to avoid inevitable heartbreak, I am expecting that they will appear at the red carpet one and a half hours apart again. :rolleyes:

Seriously, though. What’s with China? :think:



  1. That moment when I got so excited because OMG I’ll be in Korea on Nov 7! Then I remember that these movies are opening in CHINA. :slaphead:

  2. Another coincidence….on 25Sep at 3pm…both movies will have their press conf…at the SAME hotel … :hihihi: should be on the same floor too as I think all 5 movies will have their press conf at the hotel’s function rooms.

    At the same

    Ok, they can still manage not to bump into each other for sure.

  3. The universe will conspire so that they will not chance upon each other even if they’re in the same room at the same time. The universe hates us that way.

  4. Hoping for chance meetings is not shipping, dumbass. Why, are you scared of what might happen if they did see each other? :blink:

  5. What is the Universe really doing to SHK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First that Tax thing at the last moment of MPL……Now this…even in China…one obstacle after one……..
    Life is really testing SHK…………. :slaphead:

  6. We all know Kyo is well loved by China’s fans and filmmakers. Is Bi trying to grab part of that “love” to himself? Certainly, when KTH came into his life, officially, he ought to just let go of “BiKyo.” Sad reality.

  7. Kyo appears to have move on smoothly – The GrandMaster, TWTWB, The Crossing. In the Shanghai Film Fest., she was treated like a precious gem, escorted by John Woo and Jackie Chan. She was very beautiful and happy that night! Then, the tax “scandal”. Nevertheless, these past few days, Kyo’s fans continued to support her 100%, MPL. Even the TV mentioned her as the star (2nd) with the best “body parts”. Is there “envy” on the other side/couple ?

  8. To be quite honest, I don’t think the people outside of Korea care about Hye Kyo’s tax issues (I-netizens who have always been her haters, or do not watch her dramas/movies in the first place don’t count). Look at Park Si Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong, even Rain. They were able to continue with their activities overseas despite their somewhat hated images in Korea. Hye Kyo’s scandal is tame compared to theirs.

    I think some people here have misunderstood the point of my blog entry. :dizzy:

  9. Hey Agent P, since you’re sort of the sleuth, I would like an honest response from you. I know this may sound a little personal, but I just need your input regarding this matter. Since you are the moderator of your site yourself, I guess you have the right to answer or just pretend you did not read my message. ;) I became a fan of KYO just barely 3 months back via Full House, which I realized later on was a 2004 dramedy :slaphead: Anyway, I am curious about the real score behind her relationship with HBin going down the splitsville alley. BTW, got to know HB via KYO. I know it’s history, but I am just now digging up the grave and opening cans of worms here. So with your help, I will finally be able to put those nasty worms back in the cans and bury them for good! FYI, first and foremost, I am a Hye Kyo fan, so help me out, pls.! Thanks.

  10. Sienna: I’m the wrong person to ask. I belong to the “H2 (HB and SHK) is not real” school of thought.

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