Where art thou, Song Hye Kyo’s friends?

I don’t want to judge. They’re probably busy with their respective schedules. But it deeply saddens me that Song Hye Kyo is known to have many friends in the industry, but only one of them managed to show up at the most important premiere screening of her entire career. :sad: (Note: I don’t really count Won Bin because he is Kang Dong Won’s best friend. It is more probable that he attended the premiere for KDW and not Hye Kyo.)

It breaks my heart seeing Hye Kyo looking sad at the premiere. I think she looked sadder here than at the media screening last week when she made her public apology. Maybe she never fully felt the effects of the scandal until last night, when nearly none of her showbiz friends – pun definitely intended – had the guts to throw some public support for her.

I would have given it a little bit more benefit of the doubt if I didn’t read the interview that Hye Kyo gave Joongang Daily earlier in the day. When asked about the reaction of her friends to the tax issue, she said:

Many scolded me. No one had any warm words for me. Many people around me told me to take full responsibility right away about what happened, even though there were ways I could have avoided the issue or tried to hide from it. I also think the issue isn’t something that could have been resolved if I were to avoid it. It’s a mistake I made, so I need to take all the blame.

At first I thought, maybe her friends are just like me who says things that should be said, but that doesn’t mean that I am giving up on her. But seeing that only one showed up last night (although I read somewhere that Jung Woo Sung always shows up at VIP premieres in the first place), maybe there’s more to it than just simply them being brutally frank?

I really should stop over-analyzing this. For all I know, it’s Hye Kyo herself who told her friends not to show up.

But with that face? I seriously doubt it.



  1. It saddens me as well. Though I find it so hilarious that one insider on Soompi at SHK’s thread (jaeinmae) claims to have a confirmed list of VIPs to attend, including Ha Ji Won, Song Kang Ho, cast of Kundo, and etc, but most of the people on her ‘confirmed list’ failed to show up. Ironically, said person has been hinting over and over that KDW and SHK are in a relationship, only she knows it because she is acquainted with a UAA staff or something. :yuck:

  2. if its true that won bin was there i believe hes also there to support kyo, like when he visited the set of ww to support her, as for jws its his third time to attend kyos vip, maybe some of her friends didnt appear on the red carpet but already inside the cinema like wb? i hope i can see her radiant & happy smile again after the scandal her eyes looks really sad it show even to her press pictorial, i just hope for mpl box office success! the movie is receiving positive reviews

  3. If her friends were really inside the cinema…I don’t think she would have such an expression. Anyway, it may be a blessing in disguise, now she knows who are her real friends and can ditch the other.

  4. She should be much happier when she attend the stage greeting…as the really supportive (fans) will be there.

  5. Hope she learn from this incident, who is the trusted one. Those who scolded her earlier showed that they are not caring enough, knowing she has only her mother to turn to, they should console her, why so hard on her, especially it was history. Though in her line of work, she cannot avoid them completely, keeping further distance may help. I hate to bring this up, just maybe, it is the right time for her to find someone to lean on, not her mother. Should there be a next incident, it may come harder for her to handle, no one is perfect, she may fall. This is life.

  6. I had a feeling it was going to be like this. Now she knows who are the true friends that she can count. Dust them out and get on with the show. It is at your lowest point when you truly see them for what they are. She needs support and comfort. It is her fault, but not totally hers. I just hope for better days for her. #dontgive up.

  7. There’s a video in shk thread that shows her looking happier and smiling ( suspect its end of film cos she was receiving flowers) . She was also pointing to audience and having discussion with KDW … Maybe some of her friends sneaked in later?
    But I feel the pain as the show of support from friends at this crucial time is resoundingly absent. Poor girl, she looks so exhausted and wan in all her photos and appearance after the big reveal …compared to the first promo ( wearing pink) where she was so happy and cheerful :cry:

  8. Kim: of course he’s also there to support Kyo, but one couldn’t help but wonder if he will still show up if Kang Dong Won wasn’t in the movie. Also, if I remember correctly, he went to the WW set to visit the writer, not Kyo.

  9. the writer of twtwb was there, the director of I am cyborg was there. director Park praised Hyekyo,saying that it is the best performance of her since her debut :thumbup:

  10. The list Wloi posted last, names the names that “matter” in show biz – the writer, the director. If MPL goes beyond everyone’s expectation in box office, or even just does well, Kyo’s “friends” will no longer matter. KDW had carried on his part real well, esp. being “protective” and caring to Kyo. I am beginning to admire WonKyo.

  11. To echo a sentiment that was posted here a few days ago: I wish we could do away with anything resembling a “shipping” post since it’s the last thing that Kyo needs right now.

  12. “Where Art Thou, SHK’s friends?” ~ am not surprised at all if few or none was invited, by her. The “scandal” was paid/resolved 2012, and for that to resurface at this time, it was ‘choreographed’, to be perfect, if only to harm her and the result of MPL. Not a secret, Kyo’s career is the envy of many, not to mention her attitude. Overall, the past few days showed us her strength, her carefully sprang back personality. She is truly admirable ! Sorry, if I mentioned “him”, but in those dark moments, s smile here and there, helps.

  13. She looks sad… I’m really hoping it’s her telling her friends not to come.. but then if they are her true friends, they would have shown up anyway… :cry:

  14. By accidently, reading those old comments(2014). Always supporting Song Hye Kyo’s activities and couraging her: fighting!

  15. Seeing it said,….no more fanpage, but trying post a comment, it works then repost……
    Hopelly, Song Hye Kyo will have a :smile: in her next Premier of Descendant Of The Sun.
    Song Hye Kyo WAS shy girl(I say WAS). But A MESSAGE to Song Hye Kyo(34): Please ‘raise’ your head up and feel confidence about your successful journey(1998(?)-now) :scholar:

  16. It hurts me. Watching her sad face. Dont be sad and please keep smiling cz u are really suit tu smile than be sad 😊

  17. When first Kyo and Jung woo sung become friend? I’m so curious about that, because i can’t find any article or what of they are. But, on Instagram Kyo and Jung woo sung follow each other, any one can answer my question?

  18. Zahra: I don’t know exactly how it started, but they’ve been friends for a really long time. They belong to the same circle of friends as Song Seung Heon, Bae Yong Joon, Choi Ji Woo, etc.

  19. Ok thanks for your information and the answer. I’M so proud because when Kyo down after task scandal, any Jung woo sung as friend always give Kyo support. I hope someday they are have projects together. Really love them

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