I’ll never be hungry with Filipino food.

I’m currently at a point where I’m not happy at work, and I’m not happy with my diversion from work (read: fangirling), and I have near-zero social life. Basically, the only thing that makes me smile nowadays is FOOD.

Yeah, it’s sad, grim and pathetic, I know. :sad:

As I was staring at my dinner last Sunday (pictured above), I was wondering about that certain travel blog which basically declared that she’d rather go hungry than eat Filipino food (later revised to ‘street food’ after numerous comments basically telling her that the reason why she wasn’t able to find decent native food in the Philippines is because she was looking at all the wrong places in this country). I might not be an extensive traveler like them, but in those few instances that I was able to travel, I always make sure that I will sample food that is native in that place where I’m at. My taste buds tell me that Pinoy food isn’t nearly as bad as she made it appear to be. She was, as repeatedly pointed out to her, simply looking at all the wrong places when she was here. I mean, if she really wanted to eat at a place where most Filipinos usually eat, I have one word for her: JOLLIBEE.

I am even more puzzled at the declaration of some Pinoys that Filipino food really sucks. :err: I wonder if these Pinoys who said that Filipino food sucks lived and/or grew up in homes where no one can cook? :think: Because, as majority of those who reacted to the blog said, authentic, tasty, Filipino food can only be sampled at home and not in restaurants. Because, an ordinary Filipino doesn’t dine out on a regular basis; an ordinary Pinoy would eat at home because that’s where you can find the real, good stuff. Most of the people who follow me on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook can attest that I am living at a household who enjoys excellent local food on a daily basis. And no, don’t rebut my argument by saying that Pinoy food is unhealthy. We’re talking TASTE here, not nutritional value. If you’ve seen me, you know that healthy-eating is the last thing you should be discussing with me.

The bottomline for me is this: Food is a subjective matter. What may be yummy for others may not be yummy for me, and vice-versa. Speaking only for myself, I know that a lot of people swear by Thai food as one of the best. But personally, I’m not really a fan of it. I attribute this, though, to the fact that my first experience with Thai food wasn’t that good so the unfavorable impression kinda stuck. If I get another chance and got Thai food from the right places, maybe my opinion of it will change.

Another example: I eat a lot of Korean food now, but I’m still not fond of the representative food of Korea, ie., kimchi. I simply am not fond of the taste. But should that be taken against me?

One thing is certain: I don’t care if said blogger shunned Filipino food. I’ll just say that she doesn’t know what she’s missing. :naughty:



  1. For mangoes, I also agree that Filipino ones are the best in the world. I do not like those from Thailand, Taiwan nor Australia.

  2. you’re right. whoever that blog writer is, missed a lot :bop: . i also like eating korean food nowadays but if i were to make a choice, i’ll never give-up on filipino food. ang sarap kaya and its not expensive. i know i shouldn’t compare but i can’t help it. when we were in korea last year, i ordered spam on rice meal with a bit of pickled radish as side dish then a can of soda (lotte world), it cost me around 9000 won which is around 380 pesos. with that amount, i would already have a big meal in max’s. or that 16000 won two-two chicken (no rice included) good for four pax which is basically just spring chicken, which is around 600+ pesos which can buy me a jollibee bucket meal, 8pc chicken with rice, sides and drinks. anyway, i just want to point out, filipino food is not expensive. :razz:

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