Writing this post with eyes half closed…

I haven’t had sleep since last night and now, it’s 8:42pm, PH time and I’m  :sleep: . It seems Holy Week never fails to bring in summer, after all. Last week, I still have to wear a jacket whenever I go out. This week, it’s still cloudy but it’s humid as hell. Last night, the humidity level was probably at it’s peak; it was so uncomfortable that I wasn’t able to sleep at all. I just lied on my bed with eyes closed, trying to count sheep or whatever in my head, and sleep didn’t come. I got up at around 1:30am and played Magic Vines on my computer, but I got so frustrated at not being able to get past Madagascar that I ended up being more awake than asleep. So I turned on my nightlamp and re-read the first Harry Potter book that I was able to pull out of my book stack. I was able to finish almost half of the book and my eyes hurt, but I’m still awake. Finally, at 5:21am, I decided to rest my eyes and hoped that I would still be able to take a one-hour nap before I have to get up for work at 6:30. Finally, just as I was feeling drowsy and all, my cellphone’s alarm went off. Drats.  :bop:

So I went to work with heavy eyebags and all, feeling surprisingly alert that I was actually able to finish two Audit Observation Memoranda in one sitting. My brain really works better when my body is tired.

Then I went home, tuned in to American Idol, saw Ramiele Malubay’s performance and promptly felt sleepy.  :sleep: Ramiele, my dear, I know you’re a kababayan and I should be supportive, but if you keep dishing out boring performances like that, I’d rather that you get kicked out of this competition as early as now.

Oh no wait. Kristy Lee and her horrendous country version of 8 Days A Week should go first before Ramiele.

My top performances this week, in random order:

  • Brooke White, Let It Be – I just love this woman. She proves to everyone that you don’t have to hit big notes and melisma like crazy to be able to induce goosebumps on your audience. She sang that song the way it should be sang. Brilliant. :clap:
  • Jason Castro, If I Fell – I’ve always loved this guy. He’s like Bono to me if Bono was stoned and decided to be low key. :hihihi: That’s a complement, by the way. I don’t understand the comparisons with Jason Mraz or John Mayer. Just because this guy plays the guitar, it means he’s in the same league. Oh no he’s not. He needs to polish off his vocals more, though. But I love his style and the fact that he doesn’t stray away from it, just like Brooke.
  • Chikezie, She’s A Woman -Yup, surprise! I was surprised myself. I’m still not a fan, but he nailed this song tonight.
  • Carly Smithson, Come Together – I’ve always found Carly to be overrated, but not tonight. Her performance was both powerful and seductive, and very distinct from the original. She made it work.

The really bad, aside from Kristy’s:

  • David Archuleta, We Can Work It Out – When he’s good, he’s really good. When he’s bad, he’s awful. :ayaw: I’m not just talking about forgetting the lyrics and losing his grip when it happened (very unprofessional, for someone who’s been performing since he was a kid). To quote Simon, it was a mess.

The others are just ‘meh’.


On to Rain stuff: I just read this article posted at the forums. The title is “Rain Seeks to Make His Name In Hollywood”, by Lee Yong-Sung, published in the Korea Herald. One part of the article says:

Jung began his singing career after releasing his first solo album, “Bad Guy,” in 2002, a huge success that was followed by other popular albums. Since then, he has filled concert halls all over the globe, including those in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, China and the Philippines.

HUH?!?! :?:

I had to do a double take, just in case it was just my half-closed eyes playing tricks on me. But nooo, it really did say he filled concert halls in the Philippines.

I can only wish that this is a prophetic statement of sorts. Don’t jinx it.

Said article is laden with other mistakes, too. The most glaring of which is Rain starting his acting career via Full House. I know that for some of us, everything started with Full House, but no, that’s not really how things happened.

I would expect such obvious mistakes on articles written and printed in non-Korean publications, but the Korean Herald?? WTH??  :nono:

Speaking of Full House, Crazy Japanese Dude was gracious enough to translate the product description of The Making of Full House DVD that I posted here a few days ago. One part that caught my eyes is the ‘deleted scenes’ section. I wonder if these deleted scenes are never-before-seen scenes or just the ones which I have already seen numerous times on the Director’s Cut DVD?  :shrug:

Whatever. I’m still seriously thinking of buying one.



  1. Philippines…hahaha…how i wish..but even for a commercial promo, the Phils. can’t even afford him..what more for a concert.. :lmao:

    Pau – i think you should order then you can tell us and share to us if there are new stuff on the FH dvd… :cheer:

  2. Today news said that Ninja will only start shooting on 5May…and also disclose Rain’s talent fee for the movie…so does it mean that he just flew there to negotiate for the talent fee ? So the deal is done now…where will he be ? Somewhere fasting ? Rain,better go and have some fun then…may be come to HK for AFA, we will give you a warm welcome !! :cheer:

  3. Whoa… I told Ann last night that I *suspected* :phew: that Bi hasn’t started shooting yet because they’re still casting. It’s not like in Speed Racer where the cast was announced before he went to Berlin. Wow, I was right?? :shock:

  4. They cant be hiding their secrets forever, why cant they make it open and enjoy their lives together instead of playing hide and seek. It’s not like the end of the road for them if they declare it publicly and their relationship should not be a hindrance to their careers. People including the antis will have to accept them eventually if it’s their choice but pretty sure the majority already know that they are in love. Pressurising themselves and the public to wait and wait for good news is thickening our blood pressure high. There are so many rich and famous who arent afraid of publicity cos they feel proud to be known as an item. Well, unless they are not confident of themselves. Meanwhile have to wait long long!!

  5. There’s a *new* video greeting posted at rain-jihoon.com, but it was taken just as he was leaving Korea for Germany. Man, wasn’t that eons ago?? With the current technology we have, how difficult must it be to create and upload video greetings every now and then for the fans? People do that in YouTube and MySpace all the time.

    Is he hiding again? :think:

  6. Get some rest over there.

    I don’t know why they keep on saying that this is the best American Idol season yet. So far, most of the performances were boring.

  7. Is it true that SHK is going to be in that new drama where the PD from Full House is going to direct “The World Where They LIve”? Someone was talking about that in Soompi. Is that official?

  8. The lead actor starring alongside Song Hye-kyo is still being cast,A SUPERSTAR ??? (:pray: ) will work with her. Filming will start at the end of June or the beginning of July.
    should we trust the news …have to wait..

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