Alexander Fan Party in Manila, Part 2.

Alexander Fan Party In Manila
27 July 2013 – SM Megamall Cinema 4

I have a problem. That problem is called Writer’s Block. :wall:

The thing is, I MUST blog about Alexander’s Fan Party now because it’s almost a week ago. In Tagalog parlance, “mapapanis na ang istorya” (“the story would be stale”, just like spoiled food). (Interesting how I gave a food reference when I’m blogging about Alexander. Spoiled food, yes, but still food. Alexander and food always go together. I am filling this blog entry with nonsense. :boinkself: ) Should I just do some good ol’ photo captioning again? :razz:


This is the queue to enter SM Megamall Cinema 4. In all fairness, there was a torrential downpour that day but people still showed up. :thumbup:


When I saw the stage-set up, my immediate thought was: if Fangirl Asia only asked, we could have let them use Cloud Philippines’ pull-up banner stands for the tarps. (And this is why I never get invited to press conferences as a blogger. I always write blunt observations like this.)

I wrote on my blog about Alexander’s press conference that I wish his stylist was able to duplicate his hairstyle there. You know why?


This is Xander’s hair at the fan meet. To quote Agnes from Despicable Me: “He’s so FLUFFY!!!!” :wacky: The puffiness toned down a lil’ bit by the middle of the program but I still prefer his presscon hair. And his “normal” hair, too. ;)

Yeah, I could’ve been talking about how Xander has improved as a solo performer, or how witty he is, or how he could single-handedly host this fan meet himself, or how he demonstrated some pretty-good acting skills (I mean, MC Kring Elenzano remarked about how good his acting skills are. Kring is a producer, writer and TV director so her opinion holds so much weight), or how clever he answered the UKISS-related questions. Instead, I am commenting on his hair. Writer’s Block, remember?

And speaking of Kring, I personally think she’s the perfect person to host Alexander’s fan meet. Their wacky personalities matched so well. :clap: Any lesser MC would be drowned by Xander’s wit and eloquence. (Click on thumbnails to view their wackiness in full.)


I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this photo. Yes, Kring was doing exactly what she looked like doing here: she was telling the girls to distance themselves from Xander. :hihihi: I think she felt a Major Praying Mantis Moment coming. We at the audience – the ones who frown at Praying Mantis Antics of Overzealous aka. “Passionate” Fangirls, anyway – can sense it. As soon as each girl went up on stage, each of them were visibly concocting a plan in their heads on how to get a ‘moment’ with Xander (not necessarily by winning the contest). One of the losing contestants actually attempted to duplicate the airport incident; unfortunately for her, Xander and the organizers were more alert, this time. The 60 Seconds With Xander portion was a security nightmare waiting to happen, but I think the organizers were wise enough to brief the fans on the do’s-and-don’ts before they were allowed onstage with him. I seriously want to know exactly what they told those fans to make them behave properly.

And since this particular photo was during the Gwiyomi portion of the fan meet, here’s a slide show of Alexander demonstrating his Gwiyomi skills.


This 60-second one-on-one with Alexander is brilliant. :clap: The fans get a super-rare and super-special opportunity to get up-close and personal with their idol. At the same time, we got quite a number of brilliant questions and antics coming from fans. Of course, there were quite a number of awkward moments, too, but Xander handled them well.

And speaking of Xander handling the awkward moments well… apologies to any KissMe who might find the next few sentences as ‘off’, but hey, it’s not like I would care. Welcome to Agent P’s Headquarters! :evil:

I know that you miss Xander as part of UKISS but seriously, why would anyone who is already having a budding solo career would want to go back as a member of a group, more particularly a group who has already replaced him with another member? It doesn’t make sense any way you look at it, regardless of whether we’re talking about UKISS/Alexander-Kibum or not. And you know what? I wanted to applaud when Xander answered that question with, “I would want to COLLABORATE with them”, emphasis on the word COLLABORATE. (I would’ve applauded if I wasn’t seated beside a group of rabid Kevin Woo fans. :shutup: Nothing against Kevin; I’m just scared for my own safety.) Meaning, he doesn’t mind working with them again for a project, but to go back as a member? Na-ah. I like that he was so honest about that. I like that he openly listed down the things that he now enjoys as an independent solo artist: “no more rules!” “I don’t have to do cutesy stuff!” (I knew he was uncomfortable when he was asked to do the girl-groups parody at Intensity, it was very obvious from his body language), “no more eye shadow!” :hihihi: , “no roommate!” That was quite gutsy of him, really.


The Pass The Cupcake Train project, spearheaded by the Xanderettes with the participation of various fan groups (Alexander’s and UKISS’). Very creative. :clap: Nice to know that Alexander has quite a sizeable fanbase in Peru and Mexico.


That awkward moment when the non-Filipino was able to pronounce Filipino lyrics more correctly than the Filipino singer who originally sang it. Does anyone want proof? Here:

credits: juryiareiria

I was so impressed by this that I made it a point to tell Alexander himself during the autograph signing that he did so well singing that song. I could tell him on Twitter, but I wanted to relay it to him personally and there won’t be any chances for me other than the autograph signing. So while he was signing my poster, I told him my review. He was like, “oh no, don’t say that! His fans will kill me!” And I said, “that’s why I’m telling you now, because I can’t say it on Twitter, they will kill me, too!” :lol: Well, this isn’t Twitter, and I made it a point not to post the singer’s name here so that this entry won’t appear when his fans Google his name. I guess we’re safe. :err:

Anyway, Alexander? If you’re reading this (notice to newbies: the blogger is prone to random attacks of delusion), I just want you to know that you really did well on the song, and on the fan party, as a whole. There’s nothing to worry about. Take a bow!


Want to relive that special day with Alexander? Head on to my Photo Gallery for two – yes, TWO – albums-worth of Alexander goodies. If you happen to be caught by my camera during the contests, the photo op or the fan sign, you’re lucky because you have additional memorabilia from the event. (Album 1) (Album 2)

(For more of my Aftermath Reports related to Korean entertainment, please visit my K-pop Events Aftermath directory.)

End note: I think I overcame the Writer’s Block, after all. :grin:



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