Alexander Fan Party in Manila – Part 1.

(NOTE: Sorry for the slight delay in posting this. I was down with the flu – actually, I still am down with the flu – and didn’t have the energy to blog until now. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. :sad: )

I had the opportunity to attend the press conference for Alexander Lee Eusebio’s Fan Party in Manila as part of the privileges I got for paying for my ticket early. :razz: The press conference was held at K-Pub BBQ in Bonifacio Global City, and it was attended by various media, bloggers and a few fans. (Side note: it seems that nowadays anyone and their mother has a blog, and they get invited to pressers like this one. I wonder when will I get invited to a press con as a blogger? Seeing that I tend to be too honest with what I write on this blog, the answer is most probably, “never”.)

Since I’m not officially a part of the media, my seat was at the back with the other fans. But I had to go beyond the barricades to get closer to my subject (thank you, FangirlAsia for NOT stopping me ㅋㅋㅋ) because the lighting at the venue was SO. BAD. that we can’t even see Xander’s face clearly most of the time. :bop: There was a spotlight, but the vidiwall at the background was not turned off and it was stronger than the spotlight, thus it drowned the people on stage. And since I’m not a fan of flash photography, I had to make do with the poor lighting. The results weren’t as good as it should be.

Unfortunately, my struggle with constantly adjusting to the poor lighting and constantly adjusting to the fans who followed my lead and went beyond the barricades to get a closer fancam (and blocking other people’s cameras in the process… I mean, so many times was I aiming at my subject and just as I pressed the shutter, I get a photo of someone else’s camera filling the frame. :chair: Screw me for minding my manners by trying not to obstruct other people when other people don’t care. :hmf: ) led me to not remember most of what Xander said at the presscon. :wall: I just remember that, except for a few awkward moments, ie., someone asking Xander for a shoutout (the heck was that??), it was mostly a fun interview. I know this guy has a gift of gab based on what I witnessed at his fanmeet in Hong Kong 2 years ago, and it was in full force here. He was so witty with his answers and based on the photos I took, he was very animated, as well. It seems that the press enjoyed talking to him, too. We stayed on after the presscon because it was raining elephants and dinosaurs, and as we were waiting, I stood behind the curtain that was separating the VIP area to the main restaurant. Xander did his one-on-one interviews there. I heard laughter so many times during the interview, and those who came out after the interview looked happy and satisfied with the material they got. Xander even had a lengthy feature at the Manila Bulletin last Monday. If an article is that long, you just know that the writer got so much material that is worth publishing from the subject.


Things I noticed from Alexander:

1. He’s got more meat on his bones as compared to the last time I saw him in 2011 and especially compared to his last Manila visit in 2010. I do think he should gain a little bit more heft because he still looks too frail, but his build has improved a lot. And those arms…! :drool2: (Sorry. Agent P has just been possessed by a crazy fangirl who is salivating over nice-looking arms. Again.)


2. His hair looked really nice. He looked quite manly with that hair. Unfortunately, the style wasn’t duplicated the next day at his fanmeet. :ayaw:

3. I love how he dealt with the UKISS-related questions. He did not patronize nor antagonize anyone, but you can feel that his statements were honest and sincere. (More on this later when I blog about the fanmeet.)


4. My favorite statement from him was when he was asked about what to expect at the fanmeet the next day (rephrased, because I don’t remember his exact words): “You will see the real Alexander, because now there won’t be any rules!” :clap:

5. Another favorite statement from Xander: “Ay naku!” :lmao: And it was uttered randomly, too.

Here’s a slide show of some of the photos I took from the presscon.

Alexander Fan Party in Manila - press conference

More can be found at my Photo Gallery.

(For more of my Aftermath Reports related to Korean entertainment, please visit my K-pop Events Aftermath directory.)


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