Today’s topic: SHARING.

There is a lingering question I want to ask to each and every person who posts news, photos, videos, fan accounts, etc on the internet.

What is your purpose for posting?

The following are just some of the things that makes my eyebrows skyrocket into orbit whenever I browse the ‘net:

1. Websites that are oh-so-slow to load because of gazillions of scripts installed to ‘protect’ the contents from internet thieves (although after my recent experience, I kinda understand the need to do that).

I wonder if the webmaster realizes that most of the time, people get tired of waiting for the page to load that they just browse off to other, faster sites. So what does he want: his site to gain more visitors but placing the material he put on the site at risk from being leeched off, or his site to stay protected from internet thieves but nobody cares to go there because it’s damn slow to load?

2. When the right-click button on my mouse does not work whenever I try saving a photo. :bop:

The good news is, like all other keyboards, I have a PRINT-SCREEN button and I know how to use it. :naughty:

3. When I stumble upon a so-called ‘hidden post’ on a forum which requires people to reply to that post, or accumulate a certain number of posts, before their post can be viewed.

Now No. 3 can be understandable on some occassions, say, when the post contains a download link that expires, and the person who posted does not want his hard work to be leeched off by, er, leechers.  :boinkself: But it can be downright ridiculous at times, too. I know a certain message board of a certain Korean group in which you cannot even read an article until you accumulated a certain number of posts. I mean, HELLO!! :bop: The admin is probably just promoting activity on their forum and encouraging people to post, but duh, it’s not like said article cannot be leeched off from other sites, ya know. :phew:

Although it’s great to be shown appreciation by people for all the hard work, it’s also kind of tiring to read nothing but “thanks for sharing” messages on a forum instead of something more substantial like a discussion. And besides, isn’t it kinda off to sorta force people to thank you for doing something that you voluntarily did in the first place?

4. This line: “I know something! But it’s too private to share it here, so…:shutup:

:hihihi: Yeah, yeah, this blog is SO guilty of this a lot of times. Not to justify myself or anything, I just think it’s better to draw the line on certain topics rather than to inadvertently cause trouble for the people involved. I just included this here because I am aware that people do get annoyed when they read something like this in forums or even here in my blog (I was even told one time that she is not joining BKFN because she thinks we alienate BiKyoers because of all the restricted posts :phew:).

Right this moment, this is the subject of a debate in one of the forums I’m in. The ‘insiders’ shared too much private info about a certain pair of celebs on their fan thread which ended up in their idols being the subject of a malicious blind item. After that, the ‘insiders’ started dropping that line (“I know something, but it’s too personal/private, so I cannot share it”), which naturally irked the rest of the group. If you can’t share, then shut your mouth and don’t excite us for nothing!

I ain’t taking any sides on their issue. But if I did, I’ll probably say, “if you guys had just exercised extreme caution on what and what not to post on an open forum from the very beginning, then this argument will never have happened in the first place.”

So anyway, what’s the point of this blog entry? My point is, why are we posting things on the internet in the first place? Is it really to share? The main point of sharing is something that is given voluntarily, something that doesn’t discriminate. If you put a restriction, then that’s not sharing. Am I right?


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