KBS Music Bank is the best place to take a nap!

Oh wait. This isn’t Trip Advisor.


It was raining pretty hard the entire day on 12 July so we’re glad that our itinerary consisted of indoor activities. After our brief stint at the Lee Soon Shin set, we moved to KBS Hall for the live broadcast of KBS Music Bank. We got there a lil’ bit too early for the 4:50pm call time so we lingered outside KBS Hall with the other fans. Thankfully, the waiting area has a roof overhead so we’re all protected from the rain.

I shudder at the thought of doing this at SBS Inkigayo where fans have to wait outdoors, with nothing to protect them from the elements. :nailbite:

Sookyoung 이모 was able to score four MuBank tickets and since we’re only three, she told us to call anyone who might want to join us so that the extra ticket won’t be wasted. It’s very difficult to get one, after all. Unfortunately, I don’t have any idea where any of my friends who were in Korea at that time were, and it’s already too late to contact them. 이모 told us to just give it to anyone who wants it. At the gate, there were these two Korean teenagers – a girl and a boy – who seemed to be looking for MuBank tickets. The boy saw me holding the tickets and asked me where I got those. He asked in Korean, but I sorta understood what he meant. I told him in the simplest English as possible that a friend gave it to me. I said, “do you want one? This one – extra. I’ll give it to you.” He looked confused at first, then when it dawned to him that I’m actually giving him a MuBank ticket, his face brightened and he muttered his ‘kamsahamnida’. Then he gestured and asked me if I’m just giving one, since I still have three in my hand and he still has a ticket-less friend with him. :kilay: I told – more like, “talked using hand gestures” to – him that the three tickets I’m holding belongs to me, Tita Ruby and Tita Cheeh. His face looked like, “huh? These three ahjummas are watching MuBank???” but he just smiled and thanked us again.

So we finally got inside KBS Hall at exactly 4:50pm (ahead of the fan clubs, if I may add). Our seats were on the second row, just behind the control booth and the camera crane. Which means we barely saw the whole stage, but it doesn’t matter because most people don’t even get the chance to enter the studio, you know? The sucky part is, the one ticket I gave away? Had better seats than what we had because it’s more at the center of the row. :bop: And you know what? When the boy I gave the ticket to came in, he didn’t even look at us. :kilay: WTH is up with these Korean kids and their deteriorating manners? :nono:

And speaking of deteriorating manners: we were told last year and again, this year, that the use of cameras are strictly prohibited once you’re inside the studio. I think it still depends on the artist (they really enforce it on SM artists) and it’s ok during pre-recording but it’s a definite no-no during the live broadcast. I tried sneaking in a few shots during pre-recording but I realized that acting like a paparazzi using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is simply not the way to go. That big screen is a dead giveaway. :bop: Needless to say, don’t ever try taking a photo secretly using a tablet. :chair:

Camera 360

Anyway, Tita Ruby let me borrow her camera so I was able to take a nice shot of the MuBank MCs: Park Se Young whom we have already seen at the A Tale of Two Sisters set and who still hardly smiled and stared into nothingness in between takes, just like how we saw her at the drama set (wait, I think I said I’m going to withhold that person’s identity, didn’t I? :boinkself: ); and 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon who was always all-smiles and waved at anyone who screams, “Jin Woon oppa!!!”.


However, a burly security guy who felt so familiar to me because he has a striking resemblance to B1 and B2 of Rain-in-Manila fame (it could be the same guy for all I know) stood right in front of me almost the whole time, and several MuBank staff were seated right beside me. I don’t want to be thrown out of the studio for taking pics so I just stowed the camera away and concentrated on watching the show.

Meanwhile, more and more teenaged fans of a certain boy group came in. I saw a young girl of about 14 or 15 holding a DSLR with paparazzi zoom lens and I’m like, girl, you’re in a small studio and on 2nd row, and you’re using super-zoom that’s even longer than the one I’m using whenever I have Mt. Everest seats?? I’m jealous! :lol: But no, not really. By the middle of the show, I saw Mr. Security Guy dragging that same camera by the strap. It seems he has confiscated the camera from the girl. :hopeless: Event security in Korea usually don’t confiscate recording equipment. They just call the person’s attention, give warnings, and/or ask for the footage to be deleted right on the spot. The fact that he confiscated the camera means that the girl just won’t stop recording even after numerous warnings. :nono:

And so, with the camera stowed away and we’re just waiting for the live broadcast to start, I felt a bit woozy and started to yawn one after another. I looked at the two people beside me (Tita Cheeh and Tita Ruby) and guess what? They’re both sleeping. :sleep: I think I heard someone snore, too. :hihihi: I tried to keep awake but the studio was so cold and I think the rainy weather was a factor, as well. My eyes started to droop uncontrollably and I couldn’t keep it open even if the live broadcast has started and fans have started cheering for their idols. It became worse when Park Sae Byul sang because her song is best heard when you want to relax and de-stress. :sleep: I think the only time we perked up was when BTS aka. Bangtan Boys came on stage.

cr: taehyung biased at YouTube

Mystery of the universe: why is BTS not as popular as they should be? Although it may be a little too early to tell as they have just officially debuted a couple of months ago. But I think these boys should make it big. Their song No More Dream is catchy and powerful and the boys are awesome performers. And they’re hella cute. :drool: My niece calls them “GD-TOP with many members”, though, but I think that’s why I like them. :oops:

Other random thoughts:

1. Battle of the Superstar-K alumni: John Park vs. Roy Kim

I’ve known John Park since his American Idol Season 9 stint (he’s probably earning so much more now than any of the Top 10 in that season :hihihi: ) and I was really surprised at how much better he has become as a performer. He can command the stage now. :thumbup: And he is much cuter in person than in photos/video. (That seems to be a recurring theme among Korean celebrities.) BUT… between him and Roy Kim? Roy Kim wins hands down. OMG, that man is just so DREAMY. :dream:

Camera 360

2. Stellar, Dal Shabet, SunnyHill, etc.

I can’t tell one from the other. Seriously.

3. Jewelry

When I saw them, one thought came to mind: “Them again???” It felt like I’ve been seeing them for the past 10 years. :stretcher: Also, is it just me or the one they sang at MuBank on 12 July 2013 is practically the same song that I saw them sing at MuBank in October 2012? Don’t get me wrong, they’re good. I think I just overdosed on Look At Me last year.

4. EXO

…I don’t get it. :shrug: Sorry. Super Junior, I kinda understood after some time. Them? Not so much.

Also, I think the KBS Mubank stage is too small for them.

5. Ailee

Beyonce called. She wants “Crazy In Love” back.

6. APink

I was looking forward to seeing this group because I really liked Jung Eunji after seeing her on Reply 1997 and That Winter, The Wind Blows. Thankfully, she did not disappoint. :thumbup:

Camera 360

Eunji is so pretty in person, especially when she smiles. She’s also the best singer and performer in her group. She has that certain quality in her that stands out. She seems to be nice, too, or at least she gives out fan service. She automatically smiles and waves towards anyone who calls her name.

7. Girl’s Day

Girl’s Day Minah and APink Eunji could pass as sisters with those crescent moon eyes of theirs. :D

8. 4Minute

Hyuna felt so out-of-place in 4Minute. She looked and acted much more mature than her co-members. And she didn’t look human to me. :shutup:

9. Dynamic Duo

This duo knows how to work the crowd even before they started performing. Their song is good, too. They deserve to be No. 1 for that week. :thumbup:


HYORIN. My god, what an awesome performer. :arrow: The fluid motions that she does while dancing is such a delight to watch. She never missed a beat. She’s always all-smiles while on stage, too, which is a stark contrast to the issues surrounding her at the moment. I also noticed the teamwork among SISTAR members. They still practice certain portions of their choreography together while waiting for their turn. And they don’t mind that the public sees them doing that. These women really work hard at perfecting their craft.


So that ends the ‘celebrity sighting’ portion of my Korea 2013 trip. The misadventures are not over, though.

(For more of my Aftermath Reports related to Korean entertainment, please visit my K-pop Events Aftermath directory.)



  1. Among all those you have named, I only have an idea who is John Park and Eunji…….just because they have worked with Hyekyo.

  2. Wow lucky you! Did your friend get the tickets from calling kbs hotline? If yes, do you know if we have to know how to speak korea to call?

  3. Nabilah: no, my friend used to work for KBS. She got tickets through her former colleagues. I heard it’s not easy even for her who is Korean and has contacts inside, so I think it’s even more difficult for foreigners.

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