You’re the best, Son Tae Young.

I mentioned in my entry about our visit to the set of A Tale of Two Sisters that there was some sort of confusion when we thought that we’re visiting the filming of You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin. Sookyoung 이모 knows that we want to go there, too, so she arranged another studio visit for us (thank you so much, 이모 :hug: ). Unfortunately, the schedule was on Friday (12 July) and we already had tickets to KBS Music Bank on the same day. It takes a lot, and I mean A LOT of effort to get those tickets, so foregoing it is definitely not an option. Filming usually starts at 2:30pm, so the deal was that we were to meet at KBS Annex at 2:20pm for Lee Soon Shin taping, then proceed to KBS Hall for Music Bank at about 4:30.

Unfortunately, there were delays in the filming schedule and it eventually started at 4:00pm. We only had about 30 minutes to observe the shooting and possibly meet some of the cast before we absolutely have to be at KBS MuBank at 4:50. Also, we were told that IU and Yoo In Na were not scheduled to film that day :sad: but Jo Jung Suk and Son Tae Young will be there.

While waiting for filming to start, we were allowed to go around the sets and take photos:

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360


I heard 이모 talking to one of the staff and I suddenly I was handed a copy of the script for that day. :whoa: I think it’s for Episode 40?


Unfortunately for me – and fortunately for them – I don’t understand a single thing on that script so no fear of spoilers getting leaked.

And since I have the script, why not play with it, right? :grin:

Camera 360

You know how certain actors would post photos of them “seriously studying the script” on their social media pages? From now on, I would seriously doubt that they are really “seriously studying the script” and not just simply, “posing with my script and pretending I’m studying it so that people who follow me on [insert name of social media website] will believe that I am serious with my craft” because as you can see, I am not an actress but I can pose with a script and pretend that I am studying it even if I have no idea what is written in there. :naughty:

Ang guess what? Tita Ruby has an “I am seriously studying my script” photo, too. :hihihi:

Camera 360

After playing with the script, we were told that the lead actor was ready to meet us at the dressing room before they start filming. 이모 asked me for the name of the lead actor. As usual, Agent P With Memory Gap forgot his name. :wall: For some reason, the name that was constantly in my head was Lee Jong Suk, and I know that’s Han Tae Sun from Secret Garden and not the guy from Lee Soon Shin. Someone said it’s Jo Jung Suk and I’m like, “oh yeah. I knew there’s a Jong Suk in there somewhere.” :lol: :boinkself:

So we took a peek from outside the dressing room. There’s another guy there who seems to be an actor (because he’s in costume and has make-up on) but none of us knew who he was and we didn’t come for him, so no one paid attention to him. :razz: Suddenly, out came the smiling Jo Jung Suk. He gave us a small bow and allowed us to take individual photos with him. He even placed his hand on my shoulder. It was just a light touch, unlike Yoo Gun who really pressed his hand at the small of my back and pulled me in, but it’s still a nice and totally unexpected gesture from him.


Kinda funny that I was the one holding a script instead of the real actor from the drama. :lmao:

We didn’t chat with him because he was on a meeting and he basically just took a few seconds off just to meet us (how nice! I could never get used to things like this when it comes to Korean stars :shutup: ), not to mention that he probably doesn’t speak English. But he gave us another respectful bow and smile before he returned to the dressing room. After that, 이모 told us that we cannot meet Son Tae Young because she has just received news that her father passed away. :sad: Of course, we totally understand.

We went back to the studio to watch the filming for a few minutes before we leave for MuBank. The scene was set at a hospital, and there was already an actor there. A child actor came in next, and then… Son Tae Young. Who gave us a small bow of acknowledgment and a (sad) smile before heading on to the set. :shock:

As I was watching her sitting there beside the hospital bed with her sad, puffy eyes and sometimes just staring into nothingness before forcing herself to go back and pay attention to the task at hand, I couldn’t help but admire this woman. Other actors who are not even as popular as she is just pass by without even looking at the people around them. Actually, they are not obliged to acknowledge our presence but it’s a plus point for them if they do. I mean, it’s just basic good manners. Knowing what Son Tae Young was going through at the time, such a gesture was not even expected from her. But she did it, anyway. The entertainment world needs more people with good manners like Son Tae Young. :clap: :arrow:

It’s also quite admirable that she was able to shoot her scenes despite her father’s passing. According to 이모, Son Tae Young still had to finish filming her scenes because the episode will be aired that Saturday (as in the next day). Fortunately for her, her scenes that day required her to be sad, anyway.

The same cannot be said for the other actor who prohibited anyone to take photos while he’s on set, even if the one taking the photo happened to be a (former) PD of the network he’s currently working at. :bop: This actor is not even popular. I checked his filmography and I am not familiar with any of his other dramas and movies.

It was a short visit but it’s still very memorable. Continually meeting celebrities who break my “Korean stars are Class A snobs when there are no cameras around” impression is always worth my time. :smile:

Photo gallery: Filming of You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin (credits, as tagged)

KBS - Filming of You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin

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  1. Nice to know that STY is nice. Happy for KSW.

    I had to google who is JJS because I thought he was Prosecutor from City Hunter… :boinkself:

  2. King 2 Hearts hasn’t been shown here right? That could be the reason why JJS is not popular here. I would love to have a picture with him. :drool: I love his character in You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin. Inggit much! :smile:

  3. So what happens in EP. 40? I’m just in episode 30 in KBSWorld. I started this show , dropped it and now restarting to watch it again. Sunshin’s real MAMA is a piece of work. :slaphead:

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