Welcome back, Ra……

Korea 2013, official Day 1 (because yesterday was supposed to be Day 1, but we arrived at night and was not able to do much).

Agent P’s coverage of Rain’s discharge from military service can be summed up with this Filipino expression: “ANYAREH?!?!” :?: (translation: what the heck just happened??)

As soon as we had internet access upon arrival in Korea, we received news that a number of Clouds have already camped out of West Gate to get dibs at the best position to see Rain once he comes out of the Ministry of Defense building. Rizza asked us if we wanted to spend the night there. My immediate response: “no, thanks.” Actually, my real response was, “hell. no.” I still consider myself as a Rain fan (whether anyone likes it or not) but I’m not in the mood to be THAT persistent. I didn’t sleep much last night because I tend to have difficulty sleeping when I know that I have to get up at a certain time early in the morning, but at least I’m in the comforts of home. Well, home in Korea, that is.

Still, we opted to go to the Ministry of Defense building as early as we can. We arrived there at around 6:30am and already we can see a crowd of about 200 or so people (fans and media) gathered in front of West Gate.


Honestly, I felt so bad when I saw that those who camped out the entire night had to be placed behind the media. So much effort for naught. :hopeless:


We went around looking for whatever space we could salvage to get at least a glimpse of Rain. We saw a lot of familiar faces, fans from way back and some whom we’ve met when Rain was in Manila in 2010. It was like a reunion of sorts. Reporters were interviewing fans, particularly those who came from overseas. Do you think that the fact that we stood beside the Malaysian Clouds whom were always interviewed because they came in uniform and all that means that we will be spared from it? Hell no! The MBC crew saw us, asked where we were from, and before we knew it, I was being filmed because my two companions Tita Ruby and Tita Cheeh casually distanced themselves. :bop: So yeah, if you see me at MBC’s news programs saying stuff like, “welcome back, Rain! We hope to see you again! *mpgmfhhpf* you!” (the last part because the other two decided to say “we love you” and I just can’t get myself to blurt out those words for him), please, no judgment. Our country has to be represented, you know. Sorry, CloudPH, for having the bitchy one to represent you. It’s not like you have a choice. Nyahahah!

This is the makeshift Cloud Philippines ‘banner’ that Tita Cheeh made on the spot. We’re sorry that it looked cheap, but better this than nothing.

Ok, so we waited. And waited. Around 8:10am, the Cloud coordinators asked all of us to sit down. I had not wanted to sit down because I have problems with my knees and I know that once Rain comes out, everything will be chaotic and I won’t be able to stand up fast enough to get away from the stampeding hoard, but the fans behind me were like, “if you don’t sit down, go to the back and stay there!” in Korean. (Seriously! I’m sorry but do they really have to be a total bitch about it? :hmf: This is exactly why I hate being a fangirl sometimes.) So I sat down. I’ve only been sitting for about 10 seconds when we suddenly heard screams coming from the gate. Rain has come out of the gate, said a few words for the media, then quickly got on his Land Rover and got the hell out of there.



No bow. Not even a wave. His window was rolled down a little bit but only enough to see the top of his hat, if at all. There was chaos all over. Fans were screaming, media were shouting. Practically no one was able to get a decent footage. Even reporters scrambled to get some material from fans who were lucky enough to get some. We were able to catch a glimpse of some of the fancams. What I saw was a gaunt-faced Rain. He looked good in some of the media photos that came out but he still looked like he was fighting back tears, and seemed to have lost a lot of weight. Tita Cheeh managed to catch a glimpse of him but everything was so fast, she wasn’t even sure if it was really Rain that she saw. Me? I didn’t see anything. Why? Because some fans berated me for not sitting down. :bop:

After the chaos has died down, reporters started interviewing fans again. I was asked this question: “How do you feel now?” I was dumbfounded. How do I feel? At that point, all I can think of is that Filipino expression which means, “what the heck just happened?” I really don’t know what, or how should I feel. I do feel that I wish he hasn’t released himself from prison, er, military yet. That has been my stand from the beginning, and it’s still my stand until now.

As I was analyzing what I felt about this morning’s events, I concluded that:

1. It was hilarious. If my luck is any indication, my face will come out on TV again and I will come out saying, “Rain, hwaiting!” Thankfully, I wore make-up today. :lmao:

2. Personally, I felt bad. Not for myself for not seeing Rain, but for the fans who stayed out all night but might not have even seen him because the reporters blocked their view. And the longest that Rain was able to spare for the people who showed support for him on this very difficult time was a mere 5 chaotic seconds. I am trying to understand, trying to justify it with security reasons or whatever. But I just can’t.

To be honest, I had expected that this is exactly what would happen: Rain would go straight to his personal vehicle and get out of there as fast as he can in order to avoid being interviewed by the media. I had a small glimmer of hope when Cube Entertainment released a statement yesterday saying that Rain will spend a few moments to thank the fans. Well, he did, but it didn’t felt enough. Or maybe, it’s because I was wishing he would do something more? For one thing, he spoke entirely in Korean when about 75% of his welcoming crowd are not Korean. :neutral: I’m sure, though, that the other fans are happy enough that he’s back. How I wish I’m still like them instead of this witch who is writing this report now.

PS: The silver lining to this chaotic morning that we had? My eyes were feasting on this super-cute cameraman from TvN who could pass for CNBLUE Jungshin’s older brother. :hihihi:




My cousin informed me via Facebook that I was on primetime news today via GMA 7’s 24 Oras. He said I should wait for it. We streamed the newscast here in Seoul, because it’ll such a waste not to use the world’s fastest internet to stream TV news from back home. I didn’t see my face on the actual news segment about Rain, though. I needled my cousin about it, but he insisted that he saw my face on the part where Rain’s segment was introduced before commercial break. Thankfully, there are downloadable links for broadcast replays. That’s where I saw that my cousin was not kidding.

Behold, the evidence of my 1.5 seconds of fame. :hihihi:


…and here’s another one, an international news clip, this time. We will appear at 0:36 and 0:54. :grin:

credits: The Showbiz 411 (thanks to evenstar for the alert!)


(For more of my Aftermath Reports related to Korean entertainment, please visit my K-pop Events Aftermath directory.)



  1. AJA…good job Agent P. i just love the last part of your blog heheh…ang cute nung cameraman… :nyenye2:

    seriously, i am happy that our Mr. Jung is back in the real world and hopefully be given good projects worthy of his talent… :whee!:

    enjoy the rest of your visit…ingats and thanks a lot for the updates… :thumbup:

  2. hmmm… this reminds me when he was in Jakarta a few years ago for the Legend of Rainism concert. He was staying at the Ritz, some fans decided to come to the hotel including myself the morning before the concert. There were only about 20+ of us, his bodyguard Mr.Pink Tie Ahjusshi made us all line up at the lobby and pretty much warned us to NOT take a picture. If anybody held a camera up he threatened to throw us out of the hotel. So with all that commotion, in our wishful thinking mind, we thought hmmm maybe Rain would be nice enough to acknowledge us. Lo and behold a minute later.. Rain dashed out of the lobby right in front of us with his crew and didn’t even wave. He dashed out of there faster than road runner. None of the fans had a chance to scream or even pick up a camera :D It was so fast that all of us just stood there in shocked and was like whoaaa what the hell just happened? :shock:

    Anyways, welcome back Mr.Jung.

  3. Yikes..can’t help but compare to Hyun Bin discharge and he greeted the fans. Oh well, Rain is antisocial… :slaphead:

    Welcome back Mr. Jung!

  4. Kim: I felt so bad, but I couldn’t help but compare this one to that one. What’s worse is that I have first-hand info about Wannabe’s discharge (Charity, et al were there) so I also know exactly what happened there.

  5. Welcome back Ji Hoon! Now get your act together!!!!!!

    Feel bad for the fans there for sure….

  6. Well, his military service is nothing glorious to boast about so better off not to greet the public and make a show of it. Antis will hate him even more if he does. Smart to go off as quiet as possible.

  7. I think Rain is currently in a position where whatever he does, he will still be criticized. Anyway, it’s water under the bridge now. Let’s just see if history has taught him anything in his life.

  8. I was more excited after seeing u guys on the video rather than the feature on Rain☺…. Anyway, i also hope after MS there would be more positive things for Rain… Coz his MS stint totally suck! 😄

  9. Off Topic
    Last night, after watching epi 19 & 20 of OJO (first time watching), I felt it was an extract from Dongyi, the story line, be the actors, actresses to the costumes, to me, it look like a cheaper version and poorly executed production.
    I hope the Korean drama, movies even the writers should try avoid a remake if the latter fails to deliver a better version.
    Though it is only my view only.

  10. In relate to the earlier on my off-topic, I meant Jang Ok-Jung, Living by Love, sorry for the mix up.. clearly not fully aware after all, Monday blue. Sorry & TQ for bearing with me mistake.

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