Again, Lee Min Ho.

Aftermath: Lee Min Ho “My Everything” Global Tour 2013
06 July 2013 – Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines


Lee Min Ho’s My Everything concert in Manila, in a nutshell:

1. Seven songs from Lee Min Ho.
2. Two songs from guest performers MONSTERS (aka. Lee Min Ho’s back-up dancers who are also a hip-hop group).
3. One and a half hours of filler.

I don’t understand. They said it’s a ‘concert’. Apparently, under Korean entertainment terms, it falls under the ‘concert’ category instead of just a ‘show’ because Lee Min Ho was on stage for two hours. However, my personal definition of a ‘concert’ is a musical performance for about 75% of the show’s running time. I did not see that here. I think the more proper term should be what it really is: a fanmeet. It’s just like what those top Korean actors do whenever they do big arena shows in Japan. Sing a few songs and do cutesy stuff. That’s it.



So how was Lee Min Ho as a singer?

Well… he’s a good actor. He’s very handsome. And he’s GREAT at fan service. :thumbup:


For more Lee Min Ho goodies, please check out the Photo Gallery.

I do think that his fans enjoyed it, though. It’s really for them and not for people like me who love to spend good money just to put something on a blog, after all.

PS: I have to say that I am very glad that there were no Praying Mantis moments in this event. The lucky fans who won in the raffle and were able to meet Lee Min Ho on stage were all very well-behaved. :clap:

PPS: Given that the first Lee Min Ho event in Manila was a humongous success, the turnout for this ‘concert’ was quite disappointing, to say the least. I guess most Pinoys who like Lee Min Ho were not really ready to shell out that kind of money for him, after all.

PPPS: While Lee Min Ho was demonstrating his impeccable fan service (I gotta say, if my idol stares at me right in the eye the way Lee Min Ho does, I’d probably die right there), a friend sent me a text saying that she is considering switching loyalties. (You would understand if I tell you that I met this friend through my main fandom.) I didn’t reply, but if I did, this would be my reply: “Nope. His talent is not enough to make me switch.”

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  1. I knew you would not be able to resist writing a blog about LMH’s so-called concert, that’s why I didn’t bother to reply to your twitter FB post ^_^ It would have been a total waste of money if you didn’t at least get a blog entry out of it.

  2. LMH is such a gorgeous guy but he really does nothing for me. Yes, he’s good looking and gorgeous… yes, he can act… but so far, not I’m crazy about him.

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