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CNBLUE in Manila, Part 3

One of the highlights of the Blue Moon concert last June 15th – and for me, the part that cemented my love for CNBLUE – is their use of English and Filipino in their spiels. Most Korean entertainers who went here for a public appearance – with the exception, of course, of those who have English as their native language – would speak in Korean and would depend on translators to get their message across. In some *notable* cases, they spoke entirely in Korean without a translator and just hope that the audience understood what they’re saying. :rolleyes: (And by “they”, I meant “he”. :shutup: ) Unfortunately, CNBLUE’s Filipino fanbase was just so LOUD that we barely understood what they said in their spiels, if at all. Thanks to the magic of technology and lenient event promoters, we have so many fancams where we could re-live the experience and finally make out what they said.

Here’s a transcript of some parts of the concert where CNBLUE spoke in Filipino. Credits go to Bamn (06251804) for the fancams and to Rizza for the transcript. Do take note that it was transcribed as it was said by the members so if you see some *incorrect* stuff in there, it’s not meant to poke fun at them. Instead, we appreciate the fact that they made the effort in speaking Filipino and English even if it’s not their native language.

MINHYUK: Alam niyo (*ninyo)? Wag niyong (*ninyong) sabihin ang pangalan. Wag niyong (*ninyong) sabihin ang pangalan. Okay? (Do you know? Don’t say his name. Don’t say his name. Ok?)

JUNGSHIN: Hindi niya alam kung ano yun sinasabi namin. Kantahin (*kantahan) natin siya? Kantahin (*kantahan) natin siya. (He doesn’t know what we are saying. Let’s sing for him? Let’s sing for him.)

JONGHYUN: Kantahin natin yun…yung sabi kanina. sabay sabay na. (Let’s sing that song. The one we said a while ago. All together.)

JUNGSHIN: Sabay sabay! (All together)

JONGHYUN: Sabay sabay na. (All together now) 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4.

ALL: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday happy birthday. Happy birthday Yonghwa.

YONGHWA: Thank you!

And Yonghwa started singing ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ to himself :))

YONGHWA: What’s the meaning of… *started pointing*

Jungshin started translating to Korean. (There was also a written Korean translation below their Tagalog script on the paper)

MINHYUK: Guys, ngayong Sabado ay espesyal na araw para sa isang member namin. Alam niyo di ba? (Guys, this Saturday is a special day to one of our member. You know, right?)

Then he started reading in Korean. He then said something in Korean with the word “pabo” and I heard Yonghwa’s name, so I’m thinking maybe he said something like Yonghwa hyung looks like a fool because he doesn’t know what we’re saying.

YONGHWA: I surfrised. Thank you very much.

Started singing ‘Happy birthday to me…’

FANS: Happy birthday happy birthday. Happy birthday Yonghwa.

YONGHWA: Thank you. Wow.

(Transcriber’s note: there are missing words because it was really hard to understand because of all the screams)

JS: Are you guys having fun? Masaya na ba kayo? (Are you happy now?) Really?

Fans: Yes!

JS: Really?

Fans: Yeah!

JS: Me too. So… !_______ Manila. Tonight is a fantastic tonight. Okay? Tonight is rocking.

MH: Yah~ Are you enjoying the concert?________ Yah. Thank you very much. Ah, it’s our first concert in Philippine. I am happy to visit here. Salamat! (Thank you) I really lobe (love) it here, there are many reasons why. First, it is lechon (a local way of cooking a whole roasted pig – of course they were only given a portion and not the whole thing). Oh yeah lechon. !________the best. I did like lechon. Lechon. Lechon. Very delicious. Nagugutom na ko. (I’m already hungry) Lechon. Lechon.

JS: Nagugutom na ko. (I’m already hungry)

MH: Other one. When I arrived in Philippine I saw the jeepney. Jeepney?

JS: Jeepney. I love the jeepney.

MH: It was cool and like fresh car. I love jeepney too. Jeepneys also. Thank you.

Yonghwa: Wow! Thank you. Anyway, from now on we gonna sing our slow love song. You are like love light.



This part is my most favorite among their spiels: Jungshin teaching us the concept of left and right, and getting frustrated in the process. :lmao:

Credits: Krizia Gonzales on YT


I had mentioned in my concert recap/review that I had an impression that CNBLUE were speaking in English and Filipino without the aid of idiot boards. Looking at this group selca from CNBLUE’s Line account, it’s confirmed that they read their spiels from computer screens that acted as idiot boards. :sad:


Not that it minimized my appreciation and admiration of the boys. Heck, even our local artists read their lines from idiot boards and they were speaking their native language. The effort alone is commendable, so kudos to CNBLUE for that. :arrow:


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  1. They did a great job adding the local culture to their performance! Make fans more appreciate of them for sure!!! Really sound like a great concert! Look forward to attending one of their live performance one day!

  2. I never had any dull or boring moment during the Bluemoon Manila concert maybe because im too focused with each of the member :whee!: and i love all their songs plus their overly cute interactions with the audience. It’s really commendable how they exerted effort in talking in English and Tagalog which I believe they did it more here than any countries they held their concert. :thumbup: they really are one of a kind.

  3. Plus the left and right thing with yonghwa and Jungshin was priceless.. i was guilty not getting what they meant until Jungshin made some actions what they were trying to say.. like what Jungshin said “Philippines daebak”

  4. off topic
    Does anyone curious as who provide the RR transportation for SHK to the red carpet?Though it is grand. Just that it Does not match her concept of Simplicity. and also Ms Park is not around too.

  5. burboy: If I remember correctly from the Dispatch article, it was provided by Rolls Royce itself, as a festival sponsor.

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