2PM in Manila, Part 2.

Let me tell you as early as now: there will be a Part 3. I’m still not done selecting, re-sizing and tagging my photos. :cry:

Just some random stuff before I go to the actual concert review/aftermath report:

1. I think it’s common knowledge by now that the audience turn-out left so much more to be desired. The Arena was about 50-60% full (however… I will talk more about that audience later when I write about the concert). There were reports that tickets were given away (I saw this first on my niece’s Facebook wall), which I kinda doubt a bit. Yes, my friends saw that a group of people were secretly signaled to proceed to the gates and were given tickets, but I think these people were not random people loitering around the venue but more like, people who knew people who are connected to the organizers. :phew: Me and Lou (and, apparently, several of our K-pop friends, as well) went there without a ticket. We were hoping to go the Tropang Manong way, but even the Manongs can’t help us as they can’t find tickets, themselves. The ticketing agent firmly stated that they won’t be giving any last-minute discounts. Pray tell me, if the organizers were that desperate to fill up the venue, why did we end up buying regular-priced tickets at the last minute for the simple reason that we can’t find anyone who can spare us with discounted, much more ‘free’, tix?

To be quite honest, this is not the first time I witnessed something like this. I won’t mention which K-pop event this was, but I personally witnessed someone calling people up and distributing tickets by stealth to people he invited over. We were loitering around the venue waiting for some last minute deals, and when we saw this happening, we asked him if he can spare us some. Unfortunately, he won’t budge. He gave it out exclusively to people he knew (yes, that includes these people’s drivers, yaya, etc). I think it’s the same case here.

2. Just like in Big Bang, I missed the first 10-15 minutes of the show. However, the situation was not the same. The concert was on the same night as the Pyro Olympics, and when we saw that the first contestant has started, Lou and I ended up watching the awesome fireworks display instead of hustling up to the venue to catch the concert.


After the fireworks, we should’ve ran, or at least walked faster, but no, we just casually walked as if we’re not late to the concert. :hihihi: We learned from friends who were already inside The Arena that there was some sort of chaos as the seats were upgraded and ticket holders were asked to proceed to the lower levels. We didn’t want to be caught up in that chaos. We also ended up missing the show’s opening, but we didn’t mind at all. We’re not really fans even if we like some of the members, so missing a few portions won’t really hurt us much.

Fortunately, we didn’t miss any of the numbers we have anticipated, so all is good.

2.a And the best news is, GD-TOP was allowed in the venue! :cheer: I also ended up over-snapping, thus amassing more than 800 photos. Now comes the dreadful part: selecting, resizing and tagging them. :aargh: (Side note: it’s kinda amusing how professional cameras were allowed, but long lightsticks and posters were not. The organizers basically screwed up the local fan club’s lightstick project because of this rule.)

3. During Taecyon’s solo stage, his video montage started with the letters ‘TY‘. I saw it, and I screamed… “TAEYANG!!!:boinkself: Oops, wrong group…

4. I am so curious as to who came up with this bright idea of asking the group to sing the classic Filipino children’s song, Tong Tong Tong Pakitong-kitong.

credits: alesiaustria08 at YouTube

I mean, Leron Leron Sinta would’ve been simpler, and Tong Tong Tong is super-random, I’m very sure no one saw it coming. :clap: Kudos to Wooyoung for doing a great job with the lyrics that he was able to muster. I mentioned in Part 1 that I think Wooyoung is the one who has the talent when it comes to learning another language. This just cements that theory. He also tried to speak in English (with his co-members looking at him like, “let’s see if he can pull this off…” :bop: ) and I think he will be awesome like Jun.K if he really puts his mind and energy into it.

PS: Thanks to Wooyoung, my entire family has been singing Tong Tong Tong the entire day today. And now, it’s going to be stuck in my head until hell knows when as I searched for the best version that was uploaded on YouTube. :wall:

5. Mad props to JYPE, too (aaaand I can’t believe I just said that; quick, someone screencap this before I change my mind and delete it!) for (1) including Tagalog subtitles to 2PM’s spiels, even if there is no need for that whenever Taecyeon, Nichkhun or Junsu were talking; and (2) including a Tagalog note at their ‘love letter to fans’ video montage. :clap: Fans easily appreciate these kind of things even if it’s very simple, but most artists/producers tend to overlook it. (And I am going to literally stop myself from talking about this topic any further before Agent P in Nimbus Cloud Mode kicks in.)

6. Whoever is the owner of that Polaroid camera should be very wary of fangirls who are thinking of stealing it. He got 5 out of 6 members to selca with it.



I’ll try to upload the photos + post a review/aftermath report of the concert later tonight, if I still have the energy to do so.


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