Who sez I can’t be nice?

Ladies and gents, I have just posted my list of Suggestions For A Better Rain-JiHoon.com at – where else? – rain-jihoon.com.  :scholar:  :razz:

I know it probably will just be buried under numerous messages of love for “Rain my love/honey/prince/oppa/baby/insert-term-of-endearment-here”, but at least I’ve made my contribution. I just don’t know if his ‘people’ would bother reading it, seeing as it’s in English and it’s long… :phew:

Of course, I didn’t dare copy-paste what I wrote on my blog and post it there. For once, I have to be nice. So I peppered the rain-jihoon.com version with “please”. :hihihi: See? I could be nice if necessary.  :angel:


However… if I read one more statement blaming Rain for the cancellation of the New York concert, forget about being nice.  :ampotah:



  1. too nice in fact.. every single sentence practically starts with a PLEASE. i can imagine you gritting your teeth as you type those words… :hihihi:

    someone has to stand up sometimes even it means to be the bad guy.. *I salute you* let’s just hope they can understand english or take time to read your post… :bop: :shutup:

  2. His company is named as “J. Tune Entertainment”…i like it…much much better than Rainy Entertainment… :D

  3. :offtopic: Just reading throught 50Q&A from latest K-BOOM (Japanese magazine). When asked how many children he would like to have, this time is 2 boys and 2 girls.
    Guy, you need at least 6 years to bear 4 children, so you better hurry. :hihihi:

  4. wloi, is that magazine you read translate it to eng or chinese? if it is english may I know where can i read it? thanks.

  5. piggy2..my friend has just translated it to Chinese … I think someone has translated it to Hanguel…so may be the English version will be available soon.

  6. today mnet interview….Rain said that now he wants to have love and he knows that whenever he takes a photo with a girl, there will be love rumors floating around. He also said the biggest problem he has encountered in US is the race problem.

    During yesterday performance, he has been asked about his ideal girl again.
    Answer is still the same: good at cooking, good looking when wearing t-shirt and jeans.
    Nothing new…. Mr Jung, when will you take action then ? We have been waiting for 3 years already. :bop:

  7. Ok, I will try to do the Chinese to English translation of K-BOOM 50 Q&A. The Japanese to Chinese translation was done by anchan of bikyofamily.
    :nono: Please do not re-post, it is purely for sharing with bikyo-ers :razz:
    Q1: What will you do when you are feeling down or stressed ?
    A1: eat something good
    Q2: Something that you will feel uneasy if you have forgotten to bring ?
    A2: ipod
    Q3: Average sleeping time ?
    A3: 4-5 hours
    Q4: Can wake up on time every morning ?
    A4: No, it is Appa or manager who wake me up.
    Q5: What will you do when you cannot sleep ?
    A5: do some thinking
    Q6: What do you wear to sleep ?
    A6: Just what I can get first.
    Q7: Which part of the body are you proud of ?
    A7: my eyes
    Q8: Have you put up your own poster or photo in your bedroom ?
    A8: It is not me who put them, they are just there when I return home one day
    Q9: When will you start to work ?
    A9: When I arrive at the workplace as usually I am still sleeping when I leave home.
    Q10: Do you believe in your instinct ?
    A10: as compared to instinct, I prefer to listen to people who are more experienced than me.
    Q11: What do you usually dream of ?
    A11: I am not the type who dream while sleeping.
    Q12: What do you think you are in your previous life ?
    A12: Entertainer for the royalities
    Q13: If the world will end tomorrow, who do you want to see and what do you want to eat ?
    A13: my family and kimchi soup
    Q14: Where do you want to go if you become invisible ?
    A14: onsen
    Q15: If there is a time machine, where do you want to go ?
    A15: to the time when my mother is still alive
    Q16: Animal you like best ?
    A16: dog
    Q17: What animal will you use to describe yourself ?
    A17: owl
    Q18: What do you hate most ?
    A18: give up before even having tried
    Q19: What do you fear most ?
    A19: the feeling of fear
    Q20: What is your ringtone ?
    A20: the tones that are already with the phone

  8. Q21: Will you stop yourself from laughing or crying when watching drama or movie ?
    Q22:will you say what you think or will you stop yourself ?
    A22: just say what come into my mind
    Q23: How much money do you bring in your wallet ?
    A23: 200,000 Won
    Q24: What eating out, are you the one to pay or vice versa ?
    A24: used to be the one to eat,but now I am the one to pay.
    Q25: if you have an appointment, will you arrive early or late ?
    A25: late
    Q26: when you are old, do you prefer to be bald or fat ?
    A26: fat
    Q27: any particular liquor that you like ?
    A27: no
    Q28: are you analog or digital ?
    A28: heart is digital, body is analog
    Q29: what kind of treasure do you collect when you are young ?
    A29: anything that can be exchanged for money…hahaha
    Q30: What are your best and worst subjects in school ?
    A30: best are music and art, worst is math
    Q31: What is the occasion that you have cried recently ?
    A31: when my concert was cancelled
    Q32: something embarrassed that has happened recently.
    A32: no comment
    Q33: What do you want your same sex friend to tell you ? What do you want your female friend say to you ?
    A33: same sex: ‘go and have a beer !’ I am very happy already if there is female friend with me.
    Q34: where will you stand in group photo ?
    A34: centre
    Q35: where will you stand when you are with a female ?
    A35: on the right side.
    Q36: If you can live again, which sex will you choose ?
    A36: male
    Q37: favorite western food ?
    A37: hamburger
    Q38: the first idioms you could think of now ?
    A38: do not know this one
    Q39: What do you want most now ?
    A39: English capability
    Q40: what type of girls you hated most ?
    A40: over dress up even if it is not suitable for her
    Q41: when you want to tell her that you love her, you will a) meet her b) call her c)send her a SMS
    A41: A
    Q42: if you and your best friend both love the same girl, what will you do ?
    A42: will give up
    Q43: like red or white rose ?
    A43: red rose
    Q44: what gesture or words that a girl do will make you wanting to hug her ?
    A44: I love you
    Q45: how many boys and girls do you want after you married ?
    A45: 2 boys and 2 girls
    Q46: will you cook often ? which dish are you good at cooking ?
    A46: once in a while, fried spicy rice cake.
    Q47: after you get married, what do you want your wife to cook for you ?
    A47: kimchi soup
    Q48: which Japanese phrase that you still remember or like best ?
    A48: i love you
    Q49: will read japanese comic or surf Japanese web site ?
    A49: will read the translated version.
    Q50: last, do you still love your fans ?
    A50: sure ! ….

  9. :rotflmao: Thanks for the post winnie! :whee!: Gosh, we have lots of answers in common.. :err: :shutup:

    Hey, so I read that the new company is named “J.Tune Entertainment” :think: Much better than “Entertainment Rainy” of Appa :soju: So okay. scratch Entertainment Rainy… and say hello to J.Tune…

    Ann… :arrow:

  10. Gals, look out for tomorrow Korean news as this guy said in today interview that he wants to be in love. :hihihi:
    Actually nothing new as he always say he wants to be in love. :bop:
    He said he knows that his fans love ‘I do’ and ‘with u’ most. Is he talking about bikyo-ers ? As these are our favorites. :glee:

  11. :offtopic: During Lotte concert, this guy said that he has no girlfriend and all the fans booed him :hihihi: and he booed them back. :hihihi:
    No one believe in him now :rotflmao:

  12. wloi, you are the best. :clap: thanks for your translation. can’t wait for him to confess his love. bikyo fighting fighting

  13. Winnie, I think he was even trying to escape from Answering (Whether he has a girlfriend)… :D

    The first question was whether he has a girlfriend and follow up with the type of girl he likes. He actually answer the 2nd question first and only answer the 1st question when prompted… :hihihi:

  14. Karen, it’s because our guy does not want to lie..but no one believes in his answer anyway :hihihi:
    As for his ideal girl, he also said that she needs to eat with him, not just cook for him. So we should be expecting to see chubby Mr and Mrs CEO. :glee:

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