Second salvo for 2013.

This is what happens when I play too much Android games, fall asleep just before the sun comes up, and then wake up really late:

AllKpop: [BREAKING] Rain and Kim Tae Hee dating?


Well, if it’s any consolation to this blog’s psychic, she did mention this ‘giving love a chance’ thing, but she never mentioned the identity of the woman. (And she didn’t say it’s going to happen this early in the year!) It’s just me hoping just a tad bit too much.

Howell… Happy New Year! :razz:


I’m not going to deny that I felt a little disappointed, but why am I surprisingly too calm about this? Have I become jaded towards my original ship?


Now that I’m fully awake, I’m starting to notice a few small things. Such as, why is Rain looking straight at the camera in one of the paparazzi pics, and he didn’t bother hiding his face?

If this is the Rain I know, I would find it really odd that he seems to know that he got caught – this guy, despite having small eyes, is a major sleuth; he can spot cameras from 10 feet away – yet he not only didn’t bother to hide, he’s now keeping silent about it unlike the JJH scandal where he issued a denial right away. Then again, maybe it’s because it’s New Year’s Day and everyone in Korea is on holiday, hence, we might not be getting any official statements about it until tomorrow.

I’m not rationalizing or anything. I just find it odd and so un-Rain. Sorry, I meant so un-Jeong Ji Hoon, because whenever Rain does something like this (allowing paparazzi and fans to take private photos of him), it’s usually because he wanted the attention. :neutral:



  1. soompi forum states that Rain texted/called Tae Hee and went through all sorts of trouble together w/her to be away from the public’s eyes until dispatch caught them on several dates. n he is said to have spent XMAS with her during his 3-5 days break.

    i was hoping BiKyo confirm their relationship after H2 broke up but it’s all wishful thinking

  2. Everyone a happy new year 2013.
    After reading the breaking news, can the Aries women match with Cancer men??

  3. Netizens said that Dispatch has already given hints to their readers that they have something explosive to announce today. So, it is it.

  4. Yes, one of my friends said that Dispatch has been saying these past few days that they will be releasing something big on January 1.

    My bet is that he will keep mum about it. :neutral: If he admits to it, that’s it. Game over.

  5. To be honest with you, after this, I will never believe a single word he says on his radio show, or anywhere. How could anyone have the nerve to advise future enlistees to break up with their girlfriends before enlistment because it’ll be difficult to maintain a relationship while in MS when he, himself, managed to snag one while at MS? That’s a load of crap. You’re one big I-don’t-know-what, Jeong Ji Hoon.

  6. KTH’s agency admitted that they have been dating for 1 month. Last time, LMH when caught is also dating for 1 month, is it ? H2 when caught is also dating for 1 month. What a good ‘1 month’.

  7. Maybe ‘1 month’ is the period of time for which the press can conclude that a couple is really dating. :hihihi:

  8. Happy New Year,
    He spook in his program of radio, which would take to itself very well with Chris Brown (Rihana┬┤s boyfriend) for the fact that the landlady to two women. He is immature.

  9. Does anyone know the reaction of Korean fans regarding this pairing? Never mind us from overseas, they never care about what we think.

  10. I already give up BiKyo.. But i still support Hye Kyo all the way. not with rain. He breaks my heart about the news… I think when he gets out from the army he will get married for sure.. that’s what i think.. or maybe he already secretly married with that lady. S**t thinking about it makes me cry. I m really depressed right now! Iris and Maldives and the Tutti Fiori shirt all the clues are there.. Ugh, i feel so down right head is aching.. i even drink some med to clam my self. i m serious i m really depressed.. i try to let my self think of some other stuff or else i will end up in the mental hospital.. for having a mental shut down… ughhhhhhhhh…. this CAN’T be happening!!! WHY WHY WHY??? :aargh: :cry: :aargh: :cry:

  11. I think the reason why he needs to make big news for his come back… it’s because PSY is terrorizing the world right now. PSY achieved way to much than rain. That’s what i think. hehehe its okay if you guys don’t agree. :dizzy:

  12. Well 1983, I do agree with u, rain must be wanting to outshine Psy in ‘some ways’. Maybe I am subjective, I do not think too highly of KTH in beauty or her achievement, for me, KTH does not hv the X factor to stand out, simply ‘ plain’, just my view, excuse me.. but at the end of this whole hooha… I think they should end up marrying each other, so we can see what is the end result..for an aries to a cancer.. Afterall, it is their choice.. Let us just move on..I am just wondering what Agent P intends to do next..without Bikyo… I simple love reading her blog..hope Agent P will continue to support Kyo.. Keep up the good work, Agent P..hope u hv a good 2013.

  13. Geez, after all these years of waiting for “that” news that Rain would finally marry SHK, this is what we get… still hoping for BiKyo… well, not until a wedding is announced, would I give up! maybe it’s one of those “relationship” rumors that they need to promote something?! Shocked beyond words! :err:

  14. I have no question about the other pics because it’s evident that the girl is Kim Tae Hee. But I’m having doubts on this one:

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