I know there will be much better pics and I’m sure many more will come out, but how’s this for a preview of the CK Jeans photo spread?  :stretcher:

credits:  benamoo

credits: benamoo/angelordevil @ soompi

Now let’s see how those who had complained about this concept before will control themselves from drooling. :phew:

As for me, well… it’s 80’s glam rock and I am from the 80’s + man, those jeans are dangerously low… do you think I hate it?  :rolleyes:

I like how the tattoo was not at prison-level. :hihihi: Very simple, subtle, and yes, sexy.   :drool2: Of course, his upper body is covered on this pic, so we don’t know yet if he has an eagle drawn across his back or somethin’.



  1. is that a ring i see on his left hand? may just be part of the ad outfit but one can still speculate :naughty: anyway he seems to be into these chunky type accessories of late

  2. Yup, that’s a ring. Probably just an accessory, though.

    This ad looks a lot like the first Giordano ads from last year, except his torso is bared here and he has a teeny-weeny tattoo on his hand. So I don’t understand how people could still say, “bring back the old JiHoon”? What exactly IS the “old JiHoon”? The guy wearing the flowery satin blouse singing Nappun Namja? Eeks. :ayaw:

  3. I hope they made the jeans lower. :shutup: yep, looks like giordano. But still, this is better than CF ad :ehh: This is just for Asia right? :think:

  4. yeah first time i saw it it looks like giordano.. hope tonight there will be more pics!!! waaa!! love it!! esp the tatoo and low jeans! kekek..

  5. he looks like a girl…. hope there are better pics soon…

    I measured from my navel to my little flower and it’s like a hand apart :shutup: . And if it’s true for Jihoon as well, imagine if his jeans were a few more millimeters lower, then it would be feast for our eyes!!! :!: :!: :!: :stretcher: I mean, the waistband is almost a hand lower than the navel!!!!! :naughty:

  6. I’m gonna have to be put on IV if I keep staring at that pic! He’s lookin’ fiiine…and very..young? Anyways read in soompi that Jihoon is on a 3 week vacation. Catching up with loved ones? :glee:

  7. Does anyone know why, when I try to go to SHK’s soompi forum there is an IPS Driver Error message? Can anyone help?

  8. Thank you UTKIM. But that did not work for me. I am a computer illiterate and am so frustrated that I cannot read the latest on our SHK. I can access Bi’s forum and everyone else but SHK. Are you having that problem or is it only me?

  9. :offtopic:
    tianared: Try doing this:

    1. Close your browser.
    2. Go to CONTROL PANEL, then select INTERNET OPTIONS
    3. Around the middle of the Internet Options window, you will see the TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES portion. Select DELETE FILES. This will clear your stored/cached files from browsing the internet.
    4. Press OK.
    5. Re-open your browser and try loading the page again.

    Hope this works.

  10. :offtopic: Nice one Pau. You are becoming an online tech support now huh? :tounge:

    I hope the pants is lower like the on in Road For Rain :shutup:

  11. Wow, talk about an in your face kind of ads. If I see this on a windows display as I’m walking, I’ll be stopped in my track. He looks great, look like a photos right out of the rolling stones… :drool:

  12. ja, you’re “experiment” with your hand made me go :hihihi: :lmao: …. then i tried it on myself… :shutup:

    i wonder when and where they took the pictures…. what is he up to nowadays anyway? just “resting?” :naughty:

  13. Three things he brings for travel….mp3player….PHOTO OF THE PERSON I LOVE, cup of noodles….

    I am more curious with No. 2…..

  14. Lolz i was expecting the tatoo to be somewhere around his chest and to a lot bigger than that one but the tatto turns out ok lolz hehe aight latez


    sorry i’m so sleepy. to be a lot bigger is what it’s supposed to be lolz sowee

  15. :rotflmao: i cant control my self drooling!!! hahaha.. i know ate pau u said earlier to me too control myself.. hahaha..
    and TOTALLY agree with ate pre!!! LOWER THE PANTS!!!!! nyahahahaha!!! i can “leagally” say that words!! nyahahaha :hihihi:

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