Officially 30.

In the tradition of me posting a photo of Rain in prayer on his birthday…


You’re officially 30 years old (biological age). I remember you’ve always said that you want to spend your 30s raising your own family. I wish that wish of yours will finally come true.



    (He is sick. Rest…sending you my TLC)

  2. Busy for the day preparing my mail for Jihoon.
    Sent you mail, darling.
    Just saw Korean Cloud Notice at memo.rain.
    I would really agree that Jihoon had a really grueling schedule.
    It was too much.
    He was performing almost every other day!
    And yesterday, I still saw pic of him standing in line with 2 other soldiers
    when his eyes were drooping and he seemed ready to drop.
    My heart just went out to him.
    I was thinking who would subject anyone
    to stand in line when his condition was that!
    Someone so heartless, I guess.
    Cheer up, Jihoon!
    Love you.

  3. Err… I think we are forgetting that Jihoon is in the military? :neutral: He IS supposed to undergo grueling tasks. Sorry, I wouldn’t call performing one or two songs every other day as “grueling”, and besides, there were times in the past when he would hop from one country to another performing whole concerts while having the flu.

  4. Happy Birthday! Time to get marry Ji Hoon as you are not getting much younger!! Time is slipping so use the time you have in MS to make up your darn mind!

  5. I’ve just read both Cloud notices. While I do agree that Jihoon has become too exposed to the point that it feels like he’s more of a regular entertainer than a PR soldier, I disagree with some of the points. The first being, why should we ask for a full disclosure of his schedule? How is that going to help alleviate Rain’s situation?

    I do know that knowing the schedule beforehand will help alleviate the situation of some fans who want to follow him wherever he goes. :neutral:

    No. 2: If Rain is not among the current roster of PR soldiers, would the Cloud react the same way?

    I do believe that all soldiers (except those on desk jobs because of health reasons) undergo the same grueling tasks. It’s just that the activities of celebrity soldiers like Rain and Hyun Bin are often publicized because they also act as PR Ambassadors for the military. Hence, there is that impression that they work harder than the others. But for me, it would be an insult to all regular soldiers on active duty who actually risk their lives in the field to consider that these celebrity soldiers are being abused. :neutral: I’m sorry, but taking photo ops with local officials is not nearly as grueling as those assigned at the NoKor-SoKor borders whose lives are at risk every single minute.

    We are forgetting this: RAIN IS CURRENTLY A SOLDIER. He shouldn’t be babied.

    I’m sure I will be getting an impression that I don’t care about Jihoon’s health. I do. I just think that the Clouds should re-think the reasoning behind that entire notice before asking people to go up in arms against the Korean Military. Right now, it all just sounds so shallow.

  6. Pau, this time, I think, he’s really sick.
    He really looked bad yesterday.
    He may have greater stamina during those times,
    but sometimes our bodies just give way.

  7. I’m not questioning his being sick. The thing is, I seem to recall that Rain himself abused his body by accepting schedules left and right when he was an ordinary citizen. Some of his famous quotes include, “If I cough blood, catch a cold, or keel over and die, I’ll do it on stage” and “sleep is only for the dead”. Why should today be any different, and why should the blame be pinned on the military alone?

    If he’s really sick, he could always take a few days off. He is entitled to that. But he’s still working, isn’t he? That’s the way Rain does it (and one of the things I want to :bop: him for).

    Well, if we think about it, if the only way we could get this guy to slow down and rest is through a military order, then so be it. File those complaints!

  8. By the way, the Cloud is asking overseas fans to participate. Isn’t that some sort of breach of diplomatic protocol? People who are not from Korea shouldn’t be meddling with the affairs of the Korean government. Again, are we forgetting that Rain is a civil servant now?

  9. Happy Birthday Rain :whee!: my gosh.. can’t believe he’s 30 years old.. I first laid my eyes on Nappun Namja MV when I was 17 now I’m 27 I too feel quite old :P

    As for his over exposure… I had mixed feelings from day 1… I see his pictures all the time that it gets to the point that I feel he never left like he’s just away doing a military movie or something :ehh:

  10. really curious what he is wishing for …. fame, money, health, career or love relationship ? :think:

  11. Yeah, that’s Jihoon he works & works…
    He was younger then when he said those quotes.
    But I do hope he is taking some rest.
    I remembered 2010, during his birthday he was also sick.
    Well… at the end of this day,
    I’d like to wish him again…
    Still sending you my TLC.
    Wish I could be there.
    Love you.
    Rest…take meds…lots of water.

  12. belated Happy Birthday Jihoon..i just wish you get married and have a family soon..just do it! you only need to announce it publicly, i’m sure more fans will support u ! aja! :whee!: :thumbup:

  13. I’m still concerned about Jihoon today.
    Only he can get me to post at this time.
    How are you, Jihoon?
    You must be feeling really terrible yesterday.
    How about today?
    A flu runs its course in about 5-7 days.
    I hope you continue to rest…take meds…lots of water.
    Still sending you my TLC.
    Still wish I could be there.
    Love you. Prayed for you.

  14. I really admire the dedication and perseverance of BiKyo shippers. It’s been 8 years but your faith in BiKyo are still going strong. I hope to hear good news from BiKyo soon. It’s about time Rain settles down with his own family with Song Hye Kyo.

  15. Was tired last night,
    but so surprised to see Jihoon’s perf
    Thought he was on vacation
    Are you already okay, Jihoon?
    Still thinking of you…& your condition
    Do find time to have proper rest…
    Don’t like petition of clouds
    May not work in your favor
    Don’t be pressured
    Just do your job

  16. Glad mail was received.
    Jihun’s priority right now is
    to obey military commands.
    Don’t be pressured, Jihun.
    Thinking of your welfare first.

  17. Happy you sound better, Jihun.
    Was listening to Friends.
    Though can’t understand…love songs.
    Still take care of yourself.
    Nap after this…sleep.
    Will sleep too.
    Love you. Will listen again tomorrow.

  18. Hope you rested, Jihun.
    I hope you’re feeling better.
    Me just tired this week.
    Went over some songs you played today.
    Love it. Love you.
    Still don’t like petition.
    Handle this w/ much prayer, prudence & wisdom
    & with due respect to the authorities over you.
    Will be praying for you.
    Have a good night’s sleep.
    Will listen again to you tomorrow.

  19. Sorry Pau,didn’t see your post slept early.
    There were several songs quite fast.
    Just scanned over them yesterday.
    But love them.
    Might go over them later again.
    Will tell you.
    It’s a beautiful day today…lazy Sunday morning.
    Waiting for Friends.
    Waiting for you, Jihun.

  20. OMG! I just don’t know where to start.
    Tears are falling from my eyes & my keyboard.
    Jihoon just sang “live” at Friends!
    With a very beautiful voice.
    I was crying, Jihun. I am crying now typing this.
    It’s said the title of the song is “Fortunate” by Lee Juk.
    He ended Friends with Cassiopea & another song also saying
    “I Don’t Wanna Let You Go”
    I Don’t Want To Let You Go too, Jihun.
    I’m missing you now!
    I’m sort of in a panicky state now.
    I don’t know what to do!
    I love you, Jihun…falling more in love with you.
    The first song was “Let Me” by Sergio Mendez.
    Oh…so romantic!
    Yes, Jihun you can hold my hand and walk with me in the beach
    You can hold “my heart” too…crying.
    Ah, Pau, you see this…will tell you about other songs later.
    Have to prepare for church & family going out to dinner later
    How can I go…Jihun, you’ll not only be in my thoughts but in my heart too
    Will be thinking of you & praying for.
    Have a nice Sunday
    I Love you…much, much, much…infinite…

  21. Rachel, I’m linking your latest comment at the latest blog entry. It’s more appropriate there. Thanks!

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