Guess who’s having an anniversary today?

No, not Rain. :glee: It’s Now on its 7th year, folks! :cheer:

This blog has evolved a lot from being a blog about rock bands – hence, the domain ‘bandstalker’ – to becoming Agent P’s Headquarters, a place where I rant and rave a lot about things – mostly about Rain and anything/anyone connected to him – and people either love it, hate it or totally miss the point. And frankly, I don’t care, as long as you’re giving me more material to blog about and a lot of site traffic. Hahaha! :naughty:

For this seven-year roller-coaster ride, I’d like to thank the following for providing me ample material to blog about:

– Rain, his entertainment agencies (JYPE, J Tune, JT Camp, Rainy Entertainment), The Cloud, all his fans (be it the blind, the butthurt, the open-minded and the bitter ones) and haters;

– Song Hye Kyo, BiKyo believers, BiKyo antis, AgentP/BKFN antis and every person or entity connected to them;

– Korean drama, movies, K-pop, the South Korean entertainment scene, in general;

– K-pop fans, particularly the weird, wild and crazy ones;

– My travel and eating buddies;

– American Idol, Glee, The Voice and all US TV shows I’ve been watching;

– My resident psychic Ann for filling up the Restricted (and not-so-Restricted) Area;

– All the famous people who have dropped by to check what I’ve been writing: Hello! ;) ;

– All my lovable “puppies”, and the not-so-lovable pack of wolves (hey, they contribute to site traffic, too);

– My webhost, for being my blogging partner for the past 7 years;

– To everyone I’ve met and become friends/enemies with through this blog…

Here’s to all of us! :soju:

(If I forgot anyone, I’m terribly sorry. :sad: )


I knew I forgot something. I just want to add this because it’s very important:

– I’d also want to thank all those who contribute to this blog through updates and comments. Special mention to Winnie (wloi) who has been very generous in giving us updates and tidbits about Rain and Song Hye Kyo, most of which are things that we don’t usually see in other fan sites. I owe the life of this blog to her and BiKyo Family. :smile:



  1. Congratulations , 7th good years! Hope there’s more to come! Love love love to all including the ones we don’t like hahaha. :soju: :rakenrol:

  2. Congrats Agent P!! :soju:

    Looking forward to more Rain entries (not the rainbow and ponies stuff) to make me laugh. :hihihi:

  3. Congratulations! on your Blog’s 7th Anniversary, Pau : )
    May God bless you for more fruitful years to come.
    Much love & many blessings!
    (aka Uncle A^^) :angel:

  4. Happy, happy anniversary Pau. :soju:

    And I get to post next to Daddy-O :nyenye2:

    Anyway…more blogging years to come and
    interesting events to write of.

  5. Congrats on the birth of this blog, looking forward everyday for yr new post..just like having our daily breakfast..more to come please..Thanks.

  6. whoa…7 years…! happy anniversary AGENT P! keep on blogging.. :thumbup: .i have been a follower of this blog for 5 years more or less and it’s always a treat to read news about BIKYO from your blog! aja aja! :whee!:

  7. Happy Anniversary, Pau!
    Yes…heat these days terrible.
    Aircons can’t seem to beat the heat
    Having headaches since Monday.
    Too hot!

  8. Congratulations to your 7th year of blogging AGENT P! happy anniversary! :party: May your blog continue to share joy, thrill and excitement to you and all of us! :whee!:

  9. Wishing you many more blog entries for years to come that keep us informed and entertained. Thank you for the dedication despite the haters/trolls out there. Best…!

  10. :offtopic: I’m kind of excited for this weekend.
    I miss you, Jihoon.
    So, so glad to see his pic with Gangnam mayor.
    But didn’t quite understand it.
    Where did she give the plaque?
    Is Jihoon in Gyeonggido again?
    Can anyone explain?
    But love the smile that’s beginning to reach the eyes.
    But pic posted by Rainy Ent looks sad. Why?

  11. Happy 7th anniversary to this blog! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: and congrats Pau! Great job you have here. ;)

    I can’t believe this has been my source of “Rain news” for the past 6 years or so. Funny, you even found my comments way, way back when we were not yet friends. My comments were so… *don’t wanna talk about it* :hihihi: :hihihi: :hihihi:

  12. Sorry, Pau.

    Was planning to greet Jihoon Happy Anniversary again at midnight,

    but I fell asleep :hihihi:

    And sleep :sleep: I did. Woke up very late this morning.

    So was not able to greet Jihoon yet

    Though I’ve greeted him last 24th too.

    Yes, I know that Gangnam is one of the Gu’s in Seoul.

    Just didn’t understand the write-up.

    But, I think, I get it now.

    Thanks, anyway.

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