My opinion on tonight’s Idol results…

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One word: RATINGS.


Sometimes I wonder if those who keep on posting “PROUD TO BE FILIPINO!!!” to annoying levels at Idol sites and on YouTube are actually Jessica-haters posing as fans. :think:


After watching this on a much bigger screen, I have a few things to say.

I have a new appreciation toward Philip Philips and Elise Testone. One of the ingredients to a successful career anywhere is this thing called ATTITUDE. Yes, this is a competition, and having Jessica saved by the judges with all those rave reviews to boot basically means the other contestants are screwed. But you know, in front of the cameras and on stage, you grit your teeth and bear it, no matter how bad you feel. Colton was basically just there, employing the classic ‘dedma’ tactic. Elise and especially Philip were visibly sad for Jessica, and then when the save was announced, their faces immediately changed to reflect happiness for her. They were the first two to approach her. This shows that they take this competition seriously but not to the point that they’d step on their competitor’s shoes, especially when they’ve been telling the public that they’re like a family. :rolleyes: The other three ‘divas’ had very visible bitch faces, although Joshua was able recover quickly. I’m sorry, I used to like Hollie even if she’s been dishing out disappointing performances every week, but after that bitch face, I just want her out of this competition immediately. At least with Skylar, I’ve been annoyed by her since the beginning, anyway, so I don’t really care about her.

And no, this observation has nothing to do with the fact that Jessica is of Filipino lineage. I’m not even rooting for Jessica here. My bias for this season has always been Heejun and only Heejun.



  1. Not having much luck watching this video from work. Need to watch it tonight. I only saw photos and the one bitch face that stand out was Skyler. Never a fan of her so I’m looking for her to get booted out. As for Hollie..not a fan of her either so doesn’t matter if she get booted either.. good riddance! :chair:

    Really like Phil and Elise reaction though! :hug:

  2. Based on this and this, Hollie has already ‘recovered’ when she saw Jessica’s mom on stage, but Skylar… :nono:

    I’m officially on the ‘like’ train with Phil. It helps that he’s BFFs with Heejun. :D

    I’ve read another interview with Elise re: the bad reviews Hollie got from the judges. I think she’s (Elise) simply someone who has a good head over her shoulders over this entire thing, and I like that. I’m officially on the Elise ‘like’ train, too.

  3. All I can say is.. .Hollie is a fake and Skyler…. she really need to “learn” how to fake it or she won’t make it in the industry. Her face was obviously PO that the judges used the save on Jessica…

    I’m with you.. I’m on the “like” train with Phil..! :hug:

  4. They are probably PO because next week two will get the boot and one of them might be it. hahaha. :clap: So Jessica better be on her toes, those two are probably saying things behind her back . SO we need to vote vote vote. next week.

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