Look who’s back. Sort of.

It didn’t take so long before we see this man wearing make-up again. :hopeless:

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Of course, my point is really not about him wearing make-up, but the fact that it’s like he just took a short vacation from being an entertainer and now he’s back again. I think we waited longer when he was filming Speed Racer.

I know I sound like the odd Cloud out again (nothing new), but I really prefer the normal soldier Jeong Ji Hoon than this showbiz soldier guy.



  1. This is the decision he made after he spent time in the army, like he said before, his time in the army will give him time to think matters. So, let’s wait n see what other surprises that follow….just like Kyo’s, u never know What’s Next.
    I thought Kyo needs to report for her drama in China, wonder when?

  2. Happy to see him really! Is he wearing makeup there? Doesn’t seem like it as his eyes still has a lot of dark circle. ekekkekek :phew:

  3. Six months is a pretty quick time to think things over. :razz:

    I dunno if I’m just biased or what, but he looked more radiant when he was still in 5th Division.

  4. You’re really so funny, Pau.

    I could hardly get up this morning, so was not intending to post,
    but can’t miss this. Can’t help but laugh at what you’ve written. :lol:

    I was kinda of getting use to seeing very little of Jihoon since last October.
    I really thought the 2 pics last Monday would be the last we’ll see him for
    maybe another month or so.

    And suddenly today, there are so many pics…
    a “rain” after a “dry spell.” ( why & where did it all come from?)

    As I’ve said, I love Jihoon being a true soldier,
    but if it’s like this I kind of like seeing him more often too.

    Counting, it’s just his third day on the job,
    and what an accomplishment!

    Jihoon has his reasons.

    I’d like to trust him.

    I don’t think it’s really the vacations.

    Let’s see what he’s gonna do.

    I hope there’s gonna be an English translation.
    I want to know what he’s saying.

  5. Oh! I forgot. It’s “White Day” in Korea today!

    Maybe, the pics are Jihoon’s way of giving back to his fans.

    I don’t really know. Sounds really outrageous. :hihihi:

    Saw the dark circles too, but saw Jihoon smile a different smile too. :smile:

  6. Just want to redeem myself.

    I can be outrageously dummy sometimes.

    Nah, that’s not the reason for the pics.

    Happy “White Day”, Jihoon!

  7. @burboy, yesterday Hyekyo was seen on the road in front of KBS. The info is from the tweets of sangchu (from musical group), who saw her himself.

  8. I’ve just realized… isn’t the KBS studios in Yeouido? Near Yongsan? Where someone is currently stationed…? :ehh:

    Edit: ok, so maybe not THAT near. It’s about 4kms away. :hihihi:

  9. Thanks for the info, wloi.
    I have to admit that Kyo has done us proud in her singing, I wonder prior to her duet with JP, has someone actually been coaching her, she seemed so at ease.
    We, too need to stay ‘close in contact’ here to see the next development, lol.

  10. Hikkseuuu… I prefer his as Ultra Warrior :cry:

    “ Rain is going to Vietnam with the Army bands, Mar17-23 “

    Please Do Not Come To Indonesia
    I don’t want to watch Rain perf with army uniform :lol:

  11. Just saw English translation of Rain’s interview.

    And Rain is going to Vietnam tomorrow as a cultural diplomat.

    Now, I’m also wondering when is the anniversary of Phil-Korea diplomatic relations?

  12. There seems to be 2 versions of the English translation of Rain’s interview.
    The first one said, Rain was being interviewed for the position on the 23rd of February. This assumes that he was still in camp. The other one said, “This is your 5th day at PRS.” So, when did Rain really leave camp and transferred to PRS? Was it last week?

    Anyway, Rain mentioned several things in this interview. One of the reasons he became an “ultra warrior” was to get a reward vacation just like anyone else. He sounded really cute. So that’s his reason and his vacation was really hard-earned. I know that there’s no place like home when you’re far away from that home and in the barracks too.

    But what’s really admirable was the 100km march with his fellow soldiers in that weather.

    And Rain was awake 1-2 hours after everyone at night, and awake 1 hour ahead of
    everyone in the morning because he was studying. Had a feeling he was awake very early in the morning, but didn’t know he was studying.

    Last, he wanted to give joy and that everyone be proud of him.

    He’s leaving for Vietnam tomorrow with the rest. I’m smiling as I’m typing this coz I’m wondering what he will be singing, and will he be singing in his uniform?

    Anyway, I think he’ll do good. He always does and he wants everyone to be proud of him.

    Good Luck, Jihoon! Have a safe travel.

  13. Remembered “White Day” yesterday.

    Was waiting for it.

    Wondering how Jihoon spent his “White Day” yesterday.

    I miss Jung Jihoon, soldier or not. :hug:

  14. Pau i tried to rebook but seems cannot because the sponsors got us promo tickets. nagtipid baga!! am really sore for this missed opportunity. :aargh:

  15. Of the so many post about Rain today, one stood out. :whoa:

    It’s Rain w/friends. :lol:

    I’m so glad to know Rain has “other” friends. :cheer:

  16. Here’s a bit of research too.

    The Philippines and Korea will have 63 years of diplomatic relations this year.

    It started in 1949.

    During the Korean War, we sent 7,500 young Filipino soldiers to help them fight the war.

    We figured mainly in the Battle of Yultong & the Battle of Hill Eerie.

    The Battle of Yultong was fought north of Yeoncheon by the Filipino 10th Battalion Combat Team.

    Rain, if I’m not mistaken was also assigned at Yeoncheon.

    Battle of Hill Eerie, it’s recapture was led by 2nd Lieutenant Fidel V. Ramos who was a 1950 graduate of the West Point United States Military Academy and became one of our Presidents.

    Rain should really say thank you to us and give us free performance. :blink:

  17. “Hyun Bin & Rain to participate in 2012 Seoul Peace Concert on March 26th“

    LOL ing at the title “PEACE CONCERT?“ :lmao:

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