Torturing, er, relaxing myself.

It’s Hell Period at work now because it’s audit season, hence I’ve been holed up in the office way beyond the usual work hours. But since I’m not the type who would immerse myself with work for 8 straight hours because I’d go insane if I do so, I sneak in some posts at Twitter and/or Facebook if there’s something worth Tweeting/Facebooking about. Or, in the case of today, I’d click random links on my blog and read the old entries.

I’m in Changsha mode now because I need some excitement in my life :hihihi: – pathetic, I know – so I decided to read the posts and comments from that period. Two things that caught my eye from those posts:

1. This animated GIF, which I fondly call, THE LOOK:


I remember watching the clip where this GIF was taken from and had the fit of the giggles when everyone literally held their breath for a second when Rain gave SHK that look. :hihihi: Well, the fit of the giggles + OMIGAD!!! :shock: because a few days before this fateful event – to be exact, on February 6, 2007 when the Changsha trip has not even been confirmed by Rain’s camp yet – this blog’s resident psychic told us to watch out for Rain’s “come and stop me look” in China. Of course you wouldn’t know this unless you’re one of those who had access to her readings at the time. Which brings me to…

2. This exact reading from Ann, which she herself posted at the Restricted Area on February 8, 2007:

there’s one (don’t take it literally!) of you here that would have a close encounter with rain. when i say close encounter, i mean, just a few steps from him. one would be lucky enough to be invited or have the chance to be in his interview.

Is it safe to conclude that the subject ‘resident’ of the Restricted Area is none other than… me? :ehh:



  1. Rain looking cute with Hye Kyo. Did he spend Valentine’s with her?

    Got this funny feeling Rain is somewhere not in camp spending a belated Valentine’s?

    This time maybe not only an overnight news?

    On the other hand, want to relax too.

    Maybe, I’ll be spending belated Valentine’s too :hihihi:

  2. Oh, that was the day I found your blog, dear Pau! :whee!: SInce that day, I have visited your blog daily as an essential part of my life.
    Thanks for all your updates, it is considered as my vitamin each day.
    Pls keep updating anything about our beloved couple and waiting for the happy day! :cheer:
    Thanks so much! :hug:

  3. Still not feeling good…just want to relax a bit, but surprise to know that my feelings were a bit correct. So Rain is out of camp. He was spotted last night at Sinsha dong.
    So there was a ceremony last Thursday?

  4. It’s Sunday morning! Does anyone know when was the promotion ceremony of Rain? Was it Thursday morning or Thursday afternoon? Were his father & sister there?

    I also miss Jihoon tweeting. Can he not send a twit anymore? Does he still read the twits sent to him? There are still so many missing him.

  5. Sometimes, Sunday afternoons after lunch when it is so quite can be depressing and lonely. The silence is deafening.

  6. Heard Bi is on 10 days vacation starting 16th Feb….hope he enjoyed his well deserved hollies!!!
    And off course enjoying e belated celebration!!

  7. Trying to write still. Also feeling bad coz finally was able to send gift to Jihoon. It’s a bit late, but spent a lot for it to be delivered fast coz it’s late. It’s already there. It will just be delivered. But Jihoon is not in camp anymore. Well… feeling really bad about it.

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